Sheik and Capt. Quint watch the moon and wonder of the potential of the rebels.

Deep in the forest our heroes are all asleep in huts given by the Pokemon leader for the night. But Link couldn't get any sleep so arose and walked out of the hut and almost stepped on a sleeping Ratacate. He avoided it and saw all the other Pokemon also sleeping outside ranging from the Nidoqueen cuddling her young to Sandslashes shaking in terror from the nightmares of the battles fought against the empire.

Link kept walking and spotted Mewtwo's silhouette on the moonlight standing on a hill over the trees. He climbed the hill and stood next to Mewtwo, but his eyes were closed. When Link came in for the inspection he heard a voice in his head saying "Why do you trouble me?". Link jumps back in surprise as Mewtwo opens his eyes and tells Link that he was watching the battle at the castle between Snake and the Koopas telepathically. He tells Link that Snake was successful and he is on his way back with his prize.

Link sits on a stone next to Mewtwo indian style and looks up to large bright moon. "You and your army... you've fought the empire a lot haven't you?"

Mewtwo, "Far too many times... Our numbers used to be greater, you know... But over the years Mario and his underlings have decimated us. We our now but a third of Mario's army... We don't stand a chance straight on against them."

Link, "What about you? Stories talk about your awesome psychic powers. My uncle used to tell me that you once brought down a Cornelian airship right out of the sky and that you took on an entire fleet and walked away unharmed."

Mewtwo laughs in good remembrance, "Ah yes, the battle for Kanto. Mario sent his Star Fox dogs out to take what was mine. I rounded up a band of my best flying team and we took out the entire fleet and sent Fox away with his tail between his legs. I saved many Pokemon that day... Mario took over Kanto 4 years later..."

Link stayed silent for a moment. Seeing that Mewtwo was reliving that moment in his head.

Mewtwo looked over, "Link... would you do what is necessary to defeat the empire?"

Link didn't respond. Instead he looked away and took off his hat and folded it in his hands.

Mewtwo, "Link you are the heir of the Hero of Time. You survived the massacre and if the legends hold true you are the only one who can destroy the evil and bring balance once again." He sees that Link is unwilling to face his fate, "I see that you are troubled but you will soon realize that it is your strength and courage that will bring the light back to the lands."

Link thinks about what Mewtwo told him and as he looked up to respond he saw that he had already teleported away.

Link got up off the ground put on his hat and looked up into the sky as he noticed something strange. He saw a shooting star as it jet by and hid behind the moon. Then he saw that something white and bright was floating down from the sky. Almost as if melting off the milky white moon. Link was mesmerized as he saw that it was a glowing white orb that took form of a human being.

Link stepped back and grasped the hilt of his sword awaiting for anything.

The glowing body then sprouted open two massive and beautiful white wings and the figure came down and levitated inches off the hill in front of Link. Link let out a yell and jumped toward the glowing figure with his swiping sword at hand. The figure raised its arm and let the sword hit the gauntlet and Link saw as his weapon chattered into a dozen pieces and scattered all over the ground. Link somersaulted back and raised his fists.

"Do not fear Hero, for I am not foe but friend." Said the light in a soothing echoing voice.

"Who are you?" Shouted Link with aggression.

Then the glowing light dimmed and became nothing but a soft aura around what appeared to be an angel covered in white garb and golden shins and gauntlets. The angel had soft flowing brown hair with a golden headband lost in it. His wingspan beyond even his body in length. On a golden belt around his waist were pouches and two blades on each side of the same gold. He appeared young, but gave off a presence that he was wiser than he appeared.

The angel dimmed his blinding light and said, "My name is Pit, Kid Icarus of Angeland and I was sent here by Palutena, Goddess of the Tri-Force, to aid you on your quest."

Link seemed confused, "What... By Palu... The Tri-Force?"

Pit, "Young Hero, I've been aiding you and your companions for some time now. The events that have transpired in the Mushroom Kingdom have now threatened Angeland. Palutena has urged me to aid you on a more personal level."

Link, "Why does your Palutena seek me?"

Pit, "Because you are to become the Hero of time, Link. It is in ancient legend that you are the one who is suppose to bring balance to all lands. But this time the evil is much more sinister. Mario has clouded Palutena of her visions and now the future is in your hands... But we need to complete your connection to your past. It is time to go to the point of no return and pull the great Master Sword out of the pedestal."

Pit then extended his hand and a bright white shield appeared with a mirror on it. In the mirror was an image of a legendary sword impaled into a pedestal with a tri-force symbol on it. "If you are ready, it is time to become one with who you really are."

Link stared into the mirror feeling captivated by the sword. Feeling drawn to it. When he looked up to see Pit he realized that the surrounding has suddenly changed and he was transported to the ancient ruins surrounding the sword in the forest without him even noticing.

Link, "But I thought I already had the Master Sword. I owned it ever since my days in the mountains."

Pit, "That was nothing more than an illusion. Produced by me to motivate you... I have helped you in many occasions and if you didn't believe you had the power of the sword at the time you surely would have died. But this is the truth. This is the sword that has been used to defeat evil over and over again over the centuries. Your father used it and your ancestors used it and now it is your turn. Prove to yourself your courage and restore the good in Mushroom Kingdom."

Link understood what had to be done now. He stepped onto the pedestal and looked down upon the legendary sword. He grasped the hilt with a firm grip with both hands and poised his legs into position. Link then jerked back and pull on the sword. It didn't budge. He pulled and pulled and pulled again. It didn't budge. Finally Link grabbed hold with a firmer grip and let out a loud yell as he pulled with all his might. The pedestal then glowed brightly and a blinding light filled the forest...

Then next morning in the village the Pokemon were up and busy going about they're day. The group however were wondering where Link has gone. At this point Solid Snake already arrived back riding the mecha war machine Metal Gear REX. Mewtwo called for a meeting between the last remainding leaders to be arranged at his lair. Marth was invited to the meeting because of his royal background. The Goron King himself came from the mountains accompanied by two bulky goron. And finally an old friend of Mewtwo's. A giant terrorfying pterodactyl like creature swooped down from the sky and landed on Mewtwo's hut. He greeted Mewtwo as they haven't seen each other in a long time as he introduced him to Marth as Ridley, leader of the Space Pirates. They enter the lair to begin their meeting.

Ike, Roy and DK were at the fighting Dojo doing some training. Ike and Roy were using their swords to get through the armor of a Golem, all the while Roy is trying to out perform Ike. Donkey Kong gets in the ring and wrestles with a Machoke. He beats it, but then it's older brother gets in to teach him a lesson. DK realizes that its a Machamp and he has four arms; the match begins. BowserJr is sitting next to Snake at the REX cockpit fiddling with the buttons as Snake teaches him like a child. Meta-Knight finds himself watching over Kirby in a treetop as Kirby is talking to the cute Jigglypuff.

Suddenly all the Pokemon in the village stir up and get excited when they see Link come in through the woods along with Pit. Marth comes out and sees him and sees that Link looks... different.

Link now has the Master Sword and its presences alone brings back the hope to the Pokemon in the village.

As the introductions commence between the group and Pit; BowserJr was ecstatic to hear that it was in Pit who stirred up the thunderstorm to help them escape the camp.

After the introductions, Mewtwo floated into the air and announced to everyone that "Now is the time"

(Author's Note: Wow, its been brought to my attention that its almost been a year. Well I want to thank the fans that still follow this epic story and I thank all the readers. We are now done with the Birth of a Hero (original title) so from here on the story is gonna hit the third act.)