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I've decided it was time to tie up lose ends with Silver and Blaze, then finish Sonic and Amy's story, and finish out with a bang of Rouge and Shadow. Here we go!

Warning: The following story contains Sonic the Hedgehog 06 (since I finally got my hands on it) spoilers

Ch. 6, Blaze


I turned off my computer minutes after leaving the chat room. The beach was a new experience for me. As long as I can remember, I've never really been there. Because of this, I don't have any bathing suits ether.

I never had this dilemma in the future. At that time, my only mission was to stop Iblis from appearing. Being a cat does not help ether. Then there's being a pyrokinetic. So many problems could be seen. But Silver was going, so I was going to be dragged along anyways.

Our mission seemed so long ago. Princess Elise, me and Silver coming here to the past, and the Iblis Trigger. When those events were erased from time, only Sonic and the others remember. I did too, yes, but there was one thing I didn't know that would come back and bite me in the butt.


"Come on!" I shouted at Silver, Iblis' flames becoming one with my soul. "Make it quick. Use your Chaos Control… to stop time. Then, seal us into another dimension."

"N-No! I can't do that to you." Silver pleaded. He looked on the verge of crying. He didn't want to lose me, it seems.

"Didn't we already go through this?" I said sternly. "We agreed to save this world at any price!" I know I sounded like a jerk, but it was the only way Silver would listen to me. It looked like it worked.

Silver gripped his hand into a fist, and looked at me. Grunting and struggling, and with a lot of effort he threw his hand backwards. He then shook his head violently. It didn't work…

"I-I can't. I wouldn't know what to do with out you!" He said, clearly fighting back tears. "You fought along side me to save the world…You're my friend… Right!?"

Closing my eyes, and now fighting off my own mess of tears, I said the only thing that came to mind. "You're still so naïve…but…" I began. I couldn't stop myself now. "I… I've always liked that about you…" I finally said. His eyes now resembled dinner plates. Now, all of Iblis' flames were inside me, and I began to… disappear. I dropped the two Chaos Emeralds I had in my hands, and began to float into an endless abyss. Where was I going, I don't know. But before I left, the last thing I shouted was "Good luck Silver!"

End Flashback

Though I didn't tell him my true feelings for him, they were incredibly close.

Sure, the events that had happened were erased from time, but everyone but Princess Elise seems to remember everything. But why had Silver stayed in the present (well, my past.) Why had I come back, and Iblis' flames no longer inside me? Why am I even still alive?

It was all so confusing, but I knew only one thing for sure: Tomorrow, is going to be embarrassing for me. Not only am I going to have to buy a bathing suit at night, I'm also going to be forced to wear it, discarding my cape, which I rarely ever do. The fire-like markings on my back will be revealed… but then, I remembered what Silver had said to me.

"Come on Blaze, they're not gonna make fun of you! You there friend, and even Shadow has a heart. Besides, if any of them do insult you, burn 'em to a crisp, or I'll give them a well deserved wedgie with my powers!"

I laughed at Silver's over-confidence. It did make me feel better knowing everyone there was my friend.

Or were they? They were more of Silver's, if anyone's. I suppose it didn't matter, so I left immediately after thinking through all of this, to find myself a bathing suit for tomorrow.

I entered the store, a good amount of money in my pocket that I luckily found, as the store clerk stared at me. Feeling uneasy, I ran to the women's bathing suits department, and picked out one I liked.

It was a simple, red with white polka dotted two piece. Before I went into the changing room, I noticed a slightly familiar face. There he was; Silver, picking out his own bathing suit. Had he realized I was there? I suppose it wasn't really important, but I felt the sudden urge to leave the place immediately.

The next day, I met up with Silver before I began to walk to the beach. Our only topic was my only 'fear'.


"Come on, Blaze, it can't be that hard." Silver told me, an over-confident grin on his face.

"You're still being naïve."

"And you like that about me, right?" He said, nudging me slyly with his elbow.

"It doesn't matter. I'm sure you'll be able to swim because you're only a hedgehog." I said, trying hard to change the subject.

"So, you're a cat. Cats can swim."

"Cat's are afraid of water, Silver. I'm also a pyrokinetic."

"Oh, right, there's that too… How do you even swim?"

"I'm sure someone there will tell you. Knuckles and Tails both seem to be excellent swimmers."

"True… but, how do you see people swim."

"The 'breast stroke' as Amy calls it."

"Hmm… I think you your arms and legs like a jellyfish or frog when you swim. I heard it was one of the quicker way to swim."

"Though it may be the quickest, it also makes you look like a complete fool. I believe, that you simply kick your feet, while your arms go in a circle." I said simply, as I began to create a small circle around my head.

"Yeah, well, we'll just ask the professionals, seeing as you've never been in the water…" Silver smiled. I guess he realized he had lost. I nodded my head in agreement, and began to walk towards the beach again, Silver still by my side.

"Yo, Blaze, Silver, good to see ya!" Sonic shouted when he saw us. "Whoa, Blaze, you ditched the cape, huh?" Sonic said, winking. I blushed a little.

I finally decided that Silver was right, and that I was around friends.

Shadow and Rouge walked up minutes later, Shadow not talking as always. Rouge let out a large wave to the group. Together, we all began to walk towards the beach, me at the back. Though I did manage to catch some of the conversations, Shadow and Silver began to taunt Sonic about his new goggles, Knuckles and Tails were talking about what they have been doing during the summer, and Rouge and Amy began whispering and giggling. Over what, I don't know.

As we approached the water, I stopped 6 feet before everyone else at the sight of the water. Silently, and slowly, I approached the rest of the group. The group immediately dispersed. Silver began to drag Sonic into the water, as Shadow, Amy and Rouge quickly ran in with their boards. Tails sat down and began to play in the sand, as Knuckles calmly walked up to me. "Hey, Blaze, I was just about to teach Silver and the 'blue baby' how to swim. You wanna join us."

Learn to swim? Now? In front of Silver… no, I couldn't. Knuckles must have noticed me struggling, as he began to pat my shoulder. "It's okay, I know what's going on. But, if you change your mind, I'm looking for people to show up Sonic" He said, pointing at the now crying Sonic. He then walked off. All that was left was me and the small fox boy.

" No! NO! I don't want to die! AMY! Get him! Tails, please, come on little buddy! Shadow! Shoot him, shoot him! Rouge! Come on, we've had some… never mind… Blaze, come on, set him on fire or something… SILVER! PLEASE MAN, DON'T LET HIM DO IT"

I quickly looked over to see Knuckles now carrying Sonic into the water over his shoulder. I couldn't help but giggle. And these people rely on him?

I then drew my attention to the young fox boy. He seemed frustrated, trying to create a sand castle. He was doing well for having no bucket.

"No, Tails, you have to mix a bit of wet sand in there too." I told him, scooping up some of the wetter sand, and smoothing it onto Tails' mess of a sandcastle.

"Whoa, that looks much better." Tails said, hyped with newly found energy. "Maybe we should…" He began, sticking his finger into the top of the small mound of sand. I saw what he was getting at. He was trying to make it look like the old castles. Siege towers, I believe they were called.

I was a bit nostalgic creating the castle, remembering my old home. It was an old castle that was the only landmark protected by Iblis' flames, because of my mother's spell, and the Sol Emeralds powers. Most people, who were poor and hungry, were let in. Some were foolish enough to ignore the offer, and regretted it later.

Now, remembering the old castle as if I had a mental picture of it lodged into my brain, Tails and I managed to make a mini-replica of my old home. I then remembered my mothers spell had also been powered by strange jewels, that resembled the seashells scattered along the beach. Well, not quite. After I cut away some unnecessary parts, the shells looked more like jewels. As I stuck them on the castle, Tails mouth almost hit the sand.

"Wow, Blaze, this is amazing!"

"It is quite good looking isn't it. Good job Tails."

"You did good too. How did you manage to get the shells in this shape?"

"Flames come in handy when you know how to use it."

I stepped back to admire our work, and was amazed. It was rather good looking, even if I did have little experience with the sand.

"Not trying to be rude Tails, but, what else is there to do."

"Well, nothing, unless you wanna try and go swimming…?" He replied, and fear filled my face.


"Yeah, you know, you go in the water, splash around, kick your feet, you know what Shadow's doing." Tails said pointing at Shadow, who for one reason or another, was on his stomach, floating in the water. Amy and Rouge were giggling at him too, so he clearly wasn't dead.

"I don't know Tails. I'm a cat, and never really needed to have any contact with water besides drinking it."

"Then why are you always so clean?" Tails asked, his face turning into one of disgust.

"We cats groom ourselves daily. It's our way of taking a shower, with less water."

"And more saliva."

"Well, when you put it that way is just soun-"

"Yeah, but, come on. The water won't do anything to you" Tails said, taking off his brown sandals, and walking into the water, knee deep. I walked closer to the water, so that the small green waves managed to brush against my feet. The water was clear with a few patches of seaweed, and empty besides Shadow, Amy, and Rouge. It looks like Sonic, Silver and Knuckles have given up on their swimming lessons. Tails, who was now changing from waist deep to chest deep almost instantly after every wave, egged me on, to try and come into the water. Seeing that I was fighting a losing battle, I slipped out of my own sandals, and walked into the water, slowly. I found myself wincing every time I got deeper and deeper into the water, until a familiar hand grabbed my shoulder. Hoping it was Tails, I looked up.

Oh no…

"Hey, Blaze, you managed to come into the water. I always knew you were a bit smarter than Sonic." Silver laughed, as my face blushed a deeper red. "Well, I finally learned how to swim, and then everyone gets out of the water." Silver pointed out. I guess it took a lot longer to get in the water than I thought, as Shadow and Sonic were skim boarding, and Knuckles, Amy, and Rouge seemed to be sleeping.

"O-Oh, I, I hadn't noticed."

"Yeah, so, can I join you two? I can try and help you swim, Blaze."

"Sure thing Silver!" Tails shouted happily. Did I get a say in this? It's not that I minded Silver, but I was nervous enough. If I messed up in front of him, there goes my confidence… as if I had any.

"First's things first, get in the water." Silver said, almost commanding me.

"I am in the water." I said impatiently.

"Yeah, at your waist." He said, pointing out the obvious again. "Get lower." He said, lowering himself as well, so that he sat on the seafloor. "Get at least over your chest." He said. Doing as he said, I descended into the water, my eyes closed the entire time, as the ocean engulfed me. Tails, being so little, kneeled down.

"This isn't really swimming Silver." Tails pointed out.

"Yeah, I know, but if she's gonna go into the water, she's gonna have to get used to it, right?"

Though it lacked in common sense, as I would never get used to the water's coolness, it did help a little. Soon, Silver managed to teach me the breaststroke, and back stroke, while Tails simply told me to swim freely.

So, that was that. The second we were done, I jetted out of the water, and dried myself off with a towel, and occasionally licking myself when no one was looking. After, I laid my towel down next to Rouge and Amy, who were watching Sonic and Shadow go at it. Again.

"They been on they're skim boards this whole time?" I asked Amy, leaning over so I could talk to her. Tails had come to my side now, with his own blanket. He sleeps so cute, the way he uses his tail as a pillow.

"Yeah, Sonic's so tempted to beat Shadow, and Shadow is so tempted to beat Sonic."

"It's the Yin and Yang of this world Blaze. You best get used to it." Rouge laughed, ting off her sunglasses. "The men will always fight to see who's best, well, most of them." Rouge said, tilting her head towards Knuckles, who was relaxing a few feet from her.

"I heard that bat-girl"

"Don't get so mad Knuckles."

I turned to Tails again to see that Silver had also fallen asleep.

"So, Blaze, spill."

"Spill what?" I asked, knowing full well where this conversation was going.

"Has anything happened between you and Silver yet?" Amy asked, leaning closer to me. I shock my head no. "Aww, that's too bad. Don't worry though, we'll leave you two alone tonight." She giggled, and returned her attention back to Sonic, who was now yelling at Shadow.

"You can't use your air shoes! And didn't you take those damn things off…?"

I decided I needed to think about the whole, Silver situation. A quick nap always helps, and I fell asleep on the spot, curling up into a ball.

"Blaze?" A voice asked, which felt like seconds later. "Blaze." It cooed, rocking me back and forth. "Wake up kitty kitty." The voice said, now joking. My eyes still closed, I grunted. "Oh Shadow, whatever happened to that dark scary figure of yours?"

"He dies today and gets reincarnated tomorrow, now wake up and get to the party." He said quickly. Witty witty, Shadow. I slowly rose, and after a quick look at myself, walked to the party.

Sonic and Knuckles were trying to see who was stronger with their own arm wrestling game, Knuckles winning of course. I walked over to Rouge and Amy though. They seemed to be scheming.

"Oh, good, Blaze, it's you." Rouge said, almost giggling with excitement. "We need your help, it's about Shadow, and me of course."

She quickly explained that she wanted Shadow all to herself, and how she was gonna do it.

"First, I'll make Shadow bring Tails home, and when he gets back, Knucklehead over there will tell him that I'm in 'danger'. He'll come running, and Amy will tell him she has no idea where I am, but you do."

"I do?"

"You do. Tell him I'm by the diving rock over there." Rouge continued, pointing to a giant rock, a good ways away from the party. "Can you do that for me?"

"Of course." I said. Rouge nodded her head, and started to walk off towards Shadow.

"And after that." Amy said. "Me and Sonic are gonna hang out a little. So romantic. I hope we walk along the beach. We'll leave you and Silver alone too Blaze."

"What about Knuckles?"

"No plan is perfect." Amy said, winking, a drinking her last sip of kool-aid.

"I thought you said this was an alcoholic party."

"Oh, Rouge told me to drink normal things until Tails went home, you know?"

"Isn't Tails going home now though…?" I asked, and Amy's eyes wandered over to Rouge, who was now talking to Shadow, pointing at the young kitsune.

"Oh hell yeah! You want some Blaze, you can have first sip." Amy said, in a somewhat sing song voice. I shock my head, and walked closer to the water.

It was peaceful now. The soft roar of the waves seemed to calm me, even with Amy's whooping in the background. So, she was gonna try and leave me and Silver alone? I don't think it's gonna work. But, that's okay. For now I just watched the waves, the crashing easing me. I must have spaced slightly, as the next thing I heard was the sound of slow, padded down running. Shadow has found out Rouge is missing.

"Blaze…" He said quietly between pants. "Rouge… lost… you know… where?"

I nodded my head, and looked over to her hiding spot, pointing. "She's over by the diving rock, Shadow."

No sooner had I said that then Shadow had nearly kicked sand in my face, racing off to find the bat girl. I turned around, to look at a small brawl… brawl, more like a sissy fight. Sonic managed to hit Knuckles in the jaw, and then quickly started freaking, claiming to have "killed Knucklehead." I quietly laughed to myself, and stood up, walking over to the now abandoned Silver. (Amy and Sonic decided to put Knuckles to bed.)

"Looks like we're the only ones left." Silver said quietly, not knowing I was behind him.

"I suppose so. That party was rather short lived." I said. Silver jumped, as his eyes widened. I ignored the reaction, and Silver laughed it off, like a joke.

"Well, Sonic told me these parties always go this way. Everyone splits up with their respective… uhh…"

"Boy friend and girl friend?" I asked, slightly blushing. Silvers face went a deep red too. I was giving Silver a hint but…


"You know what I mean, Silver." I said. I sensed some nervousness in both of our voices. Maybe this was a bad idea? Though instantly, I said; "…Amy and Rouge, not only left on their own missions, they were assisting me with my own." I moved closer to the nervous hedgehog. There was no turning back now… "You see, I've had a small crush on you for awhile now"

"R-really?" He said, smiling nervously. I looked away for a second, thinking of a way to explain myself, and I swear I saw him kick himself, muttering.

Placing a hand on his shoulder, I asked in the most concerned voice I could, "Are you okay, Silver?" When failed to respond, I stood and walked closer to the ocean, listening to the crashing waves again. I barely heard him call back to me.

"H-how long have you liked me?"

"Awhile now, I think." I said, my back now facing the sea. Sadly, thinking he was about to just walk away, I gave myself a small hug. "You probably think I'm insane, huh?"

"N-no! Not at all, I-" He started. Cutting himself off, he simply stared blankly into space, fighting with himself, as he muttered. He began having a one-sided conversation, quietly admitting something to someone that wasn't there.


Finally, he said in a small voice. "I do like you…" He said, finally picking his head up from the sand. I felt my ears, jolt up like a fox's.

We started talking for what felt like hours on end, revealing long kept secrets, and our history together. As we talked and talked, I felt like I've known Silver for years, maybe more. If I was forced to be tied up to one friend for a full day, I'd hope for it to be him.

When the talking suddenly stopped, Silver and I looked at the sky.

"Wow. It's a full moon tonight." Silver said. Though I thought the moon wasn't fully circular, it seemed to bounce off the water's reflection with amazing force, sparkling.

"It's so pretty." I said, and looked back at Silver. A small smile had found it's way to his face. Quickly, he grabbed my hand and we began to race off. "Where are you taking me!?" I finally managed to shout. Had this date gone wrong? I was reassured when Silver started laughing.

"Just trust me!"

We found our way to a good sized, rocky hill. It reminded me of small mountains. Slowly, me and Silver managed to scale our way to the top. As Silver lifted me to the final platform, I felt my jaw drop. The moon looked bigger, and more beautiful than ever.

"Silver… this is…"

"Heh, pretty cool, huh?" Silver finished for me, wiping his finger under his nose, reminding me of Sonic. When he had finished mimicking the blue blur, Silver sat on the edge, his feet hanging off. He pat a spot next to him. Naturally, I sat next to him. We sat for a few minutes, before I gently placed my head onto my heroes' chest, snuggling into his fur. Seconds later, I felt a hand placed on my shoulder.

Whether I was half asleep, or thought I was in a dream, I'll never know, but what came out next, shocked me.

"Silver…" I said, my body shaking.

"Yeah?" He said calmly.

"I love you…" I said quietly, before awakening from my dream. Had I just…? Silver must think I'm insane now. Or so I thought…

"I love you too." My heart jumped, and I'm positive his did as well. Playfully, as if I were a kitten again, I tackled Silver and embraced him. He did so back, and there we were; A cat and a hedgehog, simply laying on a rock in the middle of nowhere. I let go of him, but felt it wasn't enough, so I leaned in. Closer and closer, until our lips meet.

Never before had I made out with a boy. Never before had I kissed anyone other then my parents, but almost instantly I could tell; this is love at it's greatest.

It's difficult to describe what was going on during my head, or what exactly had happened. I'm sad to say though, this great feeling… lasted only seconds.

"RAPE! Oh my god, r-a-p-e, RA- Oh, never mind Blaze is on top." An all to familiar voice called. Silver and my eyes shot open. I quickly retreated from Silver, who's face turned a bright scarlet. I felt my face burn with embarrassment as well. I knew one thing though; it was worth it.

"Sonic, I-, hee hee, funny story is, umm…" It was funny, watching Silver try to defend himself. He looked to me for advice, but I looked away, twiddling my thumbs. Amy giggled, and grabbed my arm. Obediently, I followed her. The last I heard from the two hedgehogs, was Silver's cry:

"Why man!? Why!?"

Amy and I began to giggle, as we approached a tall oak tree. Amy, finally letting go, faced me. "Soooooooooo?"

"What?" I said, trying to get my cool back.

"You and Silver a pair yet, or are you just practicing?" Amy giggled, before beginning to walk off. I followed her.

"Very funny. You and Sonic just had to ruin a wonderful moment though, didn't you?" I asked, my ears dropping.

"Oh, don't blame me Blaze. Sonic wanted to take me to Makeout Rock, and you just happened to be there."

"You couldn't keep him quiet though, could you?"

"Hmmm… Nope!" Amy said, beginning to giggle again. I sighed. "But you enjoyed it, I hope. The first kiss is always the best."

"I just wished it lasted a bit longer."

"Aww, I'm sorry Blaze. Tell you what, I got a deal for you."

"What kind of deal?"

"Simply this. I got us two rooms in the hotel."

"Yeah, one for the boys, the other for us."

"That was my original plan, but…" She began. I raised an eyebrow, and egged her to go on. "Well, there are two bedrooms per room. Knuckles is taking up one for himself, lazy oaf, so that leaves us 5."

"3 Amy…"

"3!" She shouted jubilantly, pretending to throw a grenade. She went on after whipping a small tear from her eye.

"Okay, so… that means the boys get one, me and Rouge get another, and you get one to yourself… or you and Rouge… or me and you?"

"Umm, no." Amy said, apparently just becoming aware of these options.

"… I do suppose Rouge and Shadow are old enough to…" I mumbled the last words… "Well, then Sonic and Silver get the other room, and we share one."

"Ohhhhh, you're so close!"

"Okay, ummm… Rouge and Shadow." I said, holding up one finger. Amy nodded. "You and… Sonic?" I asked, raising a brow, and another finger. Amy nodded. "Then… me and Silver!?"

"Yay, give this kitty a price! Do you accept cat-nip?"

"Amy, I'm 14" I said. Quickly, before Amy could say anything, I added "And I have morals." Amy lowered her questioning hand, and began to laugh.

"Oh, you really think I'm going to go that far with Sonic. No way, I'm far to young! Why do people always think you have to have sex to, quote, 'sleep with someone'… unquote."

"Isn't that what you refer to it as?"

"Didn't your parents every simply sleep in the same bed. It doesn't automatically mean they were getting it on!"

"Don't say it like that…" I said, my ears lowering, showing a bit of disgust of the thought of my mother and father… ugh…

"Well, that's what I'm getting it. It's more of a trust thing then it is of sexual tensions."

"…I hope you know that that didn't make any sense…"

"Uh-huh!" She cheered. "So, you gonna?"

"Wha- I dunno, it's just so."

"Oh come on, me and Sonic are. I'm sure Shadow and Rouge are too."

"Rouge and Shadow are more mature then we are, and you and Sonic haven't been going out for only a day…"

"You're no fun. Come on, I dare you!"

"Don't pressure me!" I shouted, and stomped off. I didn't want to leave Amy alone in the middle of the dark forest, but I'm sure she deserved it. She didn't even run after me, leaving me a few minutes to clear my head. Had I gone to far with Silver for just one night? And is it really trust, or a reason for Amy to call me a slut, or whore… did I just use those words?

It didn't matter. If Silver never mentioned it, I would never have to worry about it. Maybe Amy will forget the entire thing. Almost sulking, I walked back to the beach, past the party area, and towards a lighthouse. The house was at the end of a long connection of rocks. Trusting my cat instincts, and my nine lives, I jumped from rock to rock quickly reaching the lighthouse. I was easily able to make it, and sat in front of the house, looking towards the water. I stared into it, the moon now higher above me. It was around 11, according to the moon's position. I argued with myself for what felt like hours, worrying, what had happened between Sonic and Silver. Had Sonic brought up the insane idea as well? Maybe if I just hung out here, where no one could see me… or so I thought.

"No one can reach us here, I'm sure Rouge."

"Well, all except Blaze. I'm sure she could jump that."

"The hedgehogs can use Chaos Control too…"

"Knuckles can glide…"

"Amy can jump rather far… Okay, so everyone can reach us, I'm sure no one wi- Who's there." He said suddenly. I knew he was talking to me, but I did not respond, afraid my voice would come out as nothing more than a small squeak. "Answer me!"

"Shadow, calm down. If it were someone dangerous, it would have struck…" Rouge said calmly. I heard her heels clink as she began walking towards me. "Ah, told you. It's only Blaze."

"I thought Bats were blind in the darkness?" Shadow asked. I noticed I was in the shade. "What are you doing out here, Blaze?" He asked suddenly, also walking towards me. "And in the feedle position none-the-less."

"I've been thinking." I managed to say.

"About what honey?" Rouge asked, sitting down next to me, putting her arm around me.

"It's just… Silver… and…"

"I'll go get him." Shadow said, turning around.

"No! That's what I'm trying to avoid!" I shouted, stopping the hedgehog in his tracks. He turned around, and simply nodded.

"I-I can't explain… S-Shadow… would you mind leaving for a second… I wish to talk to Rouge." I asked, looking over at him. He gave a mocking bow, not unlike one a House-Elf from Harry Potter would give. As soon as he picked himself up, he crossed his arms, looked up in the air, and disappeared.

"So, Blaze, what's up?"

"I'm sorry, but… is it normally… to sleep with someone… even though…"

"Oh, is this about Amy's silly dare?" She asked, and I looked at her, curiously. "I know what you're talking about, don't worry. And to be honest, I agree, and then I don't. You see… well, when a mommy and daddy kitty love each other very mu-"

"Not like that!"

"Oh, should have specified. Now, that's simple…"

Quickly, clearly wanting to get back to her ebony hedgehog, Rouge told me that it depended on the person. With mine and Silver's case, it depended on me, and me alone. Silver was to good of a person to force me to sleep with him. I knew that. And, Rouge said, if Silver tried getting perverted, all I had to do was tell him forcefully to stop, and he probably will.

"Oh, but don't say 'don't', and 'stop' in the same sentence, it confuses them." Rouge said, as a last piece of advice. I nodded, thanking her, and jumping back to shore, I started my search for Silver.

Easy enough, Silver was on the beach, alone, looking quite sad. I walked over, and sat down beside him.

"Amy told you her 'dare' I suspect?" He asked, looking serious. I gave him a strange look. He pressed on. Sonic told me… said Amy was daring you, so he dared me… I just want to let you know, I'm not doing anything that you disapprove of." He said, looking back at the ocean. I smiled, and like before, tackled him to the ground, and rubbed my head against his chest. "B-Blaze!"

"You're so sweet." I said, embracing him tightly.


"I think we need not wait, Silver. I'm ready."


"It's only sleeping in the same bed. Nothing severe. I'm sure Sonic and Amy are doing it."


"I suppose it's a test…" I said quietly, barely allowing Silver to hear.

"Fine, Blaze, I'll do it… but we're gonna need a key to the room."

And that was that. Problem solved. The bed was good sized, enough for me and Silver, and great. It was the best sleep I had, snuggled against his warm body. I heard the door creak open early in the morning. I watched the man who opened the door through my eyelashes. It was Knuckles.

"Opps." He said quietly to himself. "I better let those two sleep," and he closed the door.


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