'Bloody Valentine'

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Summary: [AU [Dei/Ino/Chou Jealousy. A sign of love and affection, a motivator, a killer. Yet for two men who love the same woman, it's a battle. Hands bloody, rain falling, car lights flashing, a telephone rings - the battle over... Who shall emerge victorious?

Disclaimer: Naruto is own and copyrighted by Kishimoto. The song is Owned by Good Charlotte.


Un... From the day I saw her I just knew she was the one I wanted to be with.

The bad part?

She's taken.

Of course right? The most beautiful woman I've ever seen is dating some other man. She's perfect, flawless, beautiful, funny, she even likes sports. How perfect is she now?!

She's an angel on Earth, and I swear it.

I remember when I met her. I was watching her dance, in fact I met her at a club with her friends. She was dancing with the one with pink hair, nothing that would lead the other on, they were just standing side by side, dancing and singing along with the music.

- Flashback -

"Come on Sakura!" Ino begged, pulling her by the arm out onto the dance floor. She let her go as a new song started and she started to sway side to side, moving her arms and spinning around, grabbing Sakura's arms and helping her dance.

The pink haired one called Sakura, seemed to be timid and didn't know much about clubbing or how to dance.

"I don't know Ino..." Sakura said, seeming confused and put off by this new experience. "I think I'll just sit down." She said, trying to pull away.

"Nope." Ino said, spinning her away and swinging her around. She started to dance beside her and then whispered in her ear. "I heard Sasuke likes girls that can dance." She said, pulling her head away from her ear and went back to dancing beside her.

Sakura's green eyes lit up. "Ok then! Teach me!" She said, touching Ino's shoulders.

Ino laughed and started to teach her how to dance. She yawned and then let her go to it herself and she started to swing her thin frame around as she moved her hips and torso with the music, making her look like a dancing queen.

I admired her for what seemed like forever. I finally got up and walked over to her. I took her hand and started to dance behind her, smirking slightly. When she finally noticed she pulled away from me and blushed as her deep blue eyes met my blue green ones. I chuckled to myself and bent down to be face level with her.

"Don't be embarrassed." I told her as I took her hand. "My name is Deidara." I told her, kissing her hand in an old fashion way. What could I say, I liked her that much. She made me want to do anything for her. She blushed slightly and then pulled her hand away.

"No it's not that.. I thought you were my boyfriend." She said, her blush darkening slightly from the kiss on her hand.

My heart felt like it had been stabbed by thousands of sharp swords all at the same time. I felt stupid and looked it even more.

"Oh... I apologize I didn't know that you were.. Taken." I said, feeling discouraged. I felt like such an idiot. I started to walk away and then she grabbed my hand suddenly.

"No no... It's ok. He hates dancing and clubbing. You can stay here if you want to. I could use someone to dance with." she said smiling at me.

All I could do as smile. I was so happy. All the lights turned off, sirens started to play, lights flashed faster and faster. It was the loudest part of the night, signaling that it was around two am or so. I smiled and watched her for a few seconds.

The lights beat down on them, showing her beautiful skin, long blonde hair, long legs, long eyelashes, even her gorgeous blue eyes.

I moved closer to her and rested my hands on her waist from behind her and started to dance with her. The 'raid' sounded more as other sounds like police sirens went off and drugs were passed around. I laughed and kissed her cheek from behind.

She was even the perfect size. She was around 5'4 and I myself was 5'9. I loved being taller than her. It was perfect. A five inch difference between us. My favorite number was five, and it fit us so perfectly. I knew her name, an estimate on her height, and soon I'd know everything else about her.

Once the raid was over I yawned slightly. The pink haired girl seemed annoyed that Ino had ditched her for me, but what could I saw? I was one hundred times better. I wrapped an arm around her and walked over to the bar with her. "Let me buy you a drink." I said, smiling. "The least I can do?" I added.

She nodded. "Yeah sure." She said, holding my hand. She was hot and was sweating slightly. I was too, probably more than her, but I didn't care. Dancing with her was so much fun, it was worth death. And her boyfriend hated dancing? How and the hell could you hate dancing with this... angel? Goddess? This.. This Beautiful woman. I would die for her to be mine.

I looked over at the bartender, which I knew. His name was Tobi. He live din my building. He was my best friend. I yawned and then closed my eyes and leaned against the bar. "Whatever she wants. You know what I want." I told him and he nodded.

Ino looked up at the flavored drinks behind Tobi. "Um.. I've never tried a strawberry margarita on the rocks." She said, looking over at me and smiled. I looked at her and then laughed. Seems she was more sweet then rough. I liked that. I'd had margarita's before. They were really sweet, too sweet for me personally. But her? She wasn't too sweet, she was perfect.

I leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear. "He has to be crazy not to want to dance with you."

She blushed as she looked up at me and I laughed. "You're so cute." I said as Sakura dragged her away.

Sakura pushed her into a wall. "Ino! You have a boyfriend, why are you flirting with this guy? Stop! Leading! Him! On!" She demanded, not knowing I could hear them.

Ino pushed her away and glared at her blossom haired friend. "Look, Sakura, I know you're my friend, but I like Deidara... And CHouji can blame himself for not wanting to come with us! I can do what I want when I want! If I want to dance with him I will!"

They continued to bicker and a blonde haired girls hook her head. She was standing next to a black haired girl; her hair divided into two buns.

"They need to grow up." The blonde one said, which caught my attention. "I think I need another drink, what about you?" She asked the black haired one.

She nodded. "Yeah too bad Neji and Shikamaru didn't come." She said, sighing. "Hey Temari, you think they'll ever stop fighting."

Temari, the blonde one, laughed. "Never." She said smirking.

"Hey wait." I said, walking toward them. "Ino. I want her number." I said, knowing they were friends with her. "Please?"

The black haired one sighed. "I'll give it to you if and only if you tell me your name."

"Deidara." I said, smirking at her. "Why does it matter?"

Tenten took my phone and programed Ino's number into it. I looked at it and smirked. It wasn't the break-up hotline. I had that number memorized. "Thanks hun." I said, going to walk away.

"My name is Tenten, not hun..." She said flatly, watching me walk away.

I walked over to Ino and pulled her away from the pink haired girl, putting my phone back into it's clip as I walked back onto the dance floor with her as another song started. I put my hands on her waist and we started to dance once more. We danced on and on, song after song, had drink after drink, and it lasted for hours. It only had to end when the club closed at seven the next morning. I smiled at her and gave her my number and showed her the one Tenten had given me, and she confirmed it was hers. I smiled and hugged her. "I'll talk to you later." I said as she walked away into the bright morning light.

- End Flashback -

I wanted her then.

I want her now... All to myself, in my arms, her lips against mine, my hands touching her back. My skin in contact with her own. That's what I want. I want her close to me. I want her up against me as I hold her close.

If she was sad, I would want her to cry on my shoulder. I would want to comfort her, make her feel better, make everything in her life perfect; make all her fears and troubles disappear. I want her in my bed beside me. I want her with me and only me...

I need her.

And I WILL have her.

End Prologue:

I run back into my apartment and run into my bathroom, shedding cloths as I went, I had a smile planted on my face. I had done it. I had gotten rid of her boyfriend and she was as good as mine. I had gotten her number from one of her friends, I believe her name started with a T or something like that. She had black hair and wore it in two buns.

I get into the shower and start to wash off my body. Blood mixes with the water and goes don the drain never to be seen again. I couldn't help but be happy. She was mine. ALL mine now.

I could hear the rain beating down on the pavement and the side of my cement building outside. I closed my eyes as the hot water rinsed over my body. This was it. The time for me to get what I had always wanted.

I got out of the shower, wrapped a white towel around my hips as I started to drip dry. I got a bottle of bleach and dumped it down the drain to get rid of any traces of his blood. I got up and took off into my living room, finding my pants that I had discarded earlier in my rush to clean the blood off of my own body.

Bending down, I picked up my black jeans and pulled the clip of my cell phone off of one of my unused belt loops. I flipped open the phone and click three, the speed dial for her number. I would have made it one, but that one had been taken by one of my friends.

I bit my lip waiting for her to pick up her cell. "Oh my love... Please don't cry." I whispered into the darkness of my apartment as her phone rang. I know she wouldn't hear me.

"H-hello?" Came her shaky voice. I heard the fear and sadness in her voice. She had been crying and was now trying to hide it. "Who is it?"

"Ino?" I asked. "It's Deidara..." I told her, smiling to myself. I didn't want her to cry, but I knew she would after losing her so called boyfriend. I was happy myself. This meant I could have her and she would love me.

He wasn't worth her anyway. He was annoying. He wasn't like me. He wasn't perfect. I was perfect. I'd do anything for her. She didn't have to date that fat poor excuse for a man anymore. I had taken care of it, taken care of her.

She smiled into the phone and her voice changed to mild happiness and regret. "Dei-Deidara..." She said, closing her eyes and laying down on her bed. "Chouji... Someone killed Chouji in his hou-house... In his bedroom."

I faked a gasp. "Ino do you need me to come over and be with you?" I asked, knowing that she hated spending the night alone. I knew how much she loved having someone hold her. She talked about it once with her pink haired friend. I knew everything about her. Her favorite food, her favorite t.v. show, band, music, book, poem, romantic story, sleeping position, you name it, I knew it. And I knew that her other boyfriend didn't know anything about her.

She had been on a team with him.. He admired her, and finally got up the nerve to tell her. But I could see through it. He didn't love her like I did. He loved her for her body. Something no man should ever do. I loved her for her. Her smile, her perfection, her love, her laugh, her everything.

"Yes, could you please? I really need someone to talk to." She said, bursting into tears once more. "I need to talk to someone, and none of my other friends are by the phone." She said, sniffling slightly. "Please Deidara." She said, hanging up.

I nodded and hung up my own phone. I ran into my room, finished drying off, got dressed, and then ran out the door, picking up my car keys as I went.

I drove down to her apartment and went inside with her. I had recently foudn otu that she was only 18, and wasn't able to drink. I didn't really care though. She was more mature than any girl I had ever met. She was so beautiful, so mature, so perfect in my eyes, and that's why I had to do it. That's why I had to get rid of him.

I got to her house and knocked on her door. She opened it and wrapped her arms around me, crying. "Chouji!" She exclaimed, her warm tears dripping down her face. "The police told me that he was dead..." She said, her tears falling harder than before. "I nee dyou to drive me to the morgue. They need someone to identify his body..." She said, wiping her eyes and looking up at me.

I nodded. She'd mourn his death for a while, but after that, it would be nothing. She'd mourn his death one last time before falling in love with me.

I had to admit to myself it was cunning to kill him on February 13, one day before Valentine's Day. Although... it was three in the morning, so it technically was Valentine's day. I laughed to myself silently. She was mine now!

I walked over and got her jacket, holding it for her to put her arms into. I kissed her forehead and then took her hand and walked off with her. I opened the passenger seat door for her, waited for her to get in and then closed the door and smiled. "It will all be ok, Ino." I told her, trying to make her feel a bit better. "I'm here with you now, right?"

She nodded and wiped her eyes. "Yes... You're probably the only person that I can trust right now." She said, smiling at me slightly.

I smiled back at her and then kissed her forehead and then sighed and started the car and drove towards the coroner's office. When we arrived I held her close to me. I knew the condition of his body, but I didn't care. She was mine.

I held her close as they showed it to her on a t.v. screen. He was too beat up and bloody for her to see his body. She fell to her knees and then held onto me, crying hysterically. I rubbed her back and closed my eyes. I felt bad, in a way, but she was mine now, and that's all I wanted.

The best part was. No one would ever find his heart. I ripped it out. That's how I killed him after I stabbed his neck and ripped out his troat. Normally, bombs were my style, but this was so much easier. I liked knives now. An interesting way to put things.

How did I kill him you ask? Well that was an easy one...

He dropped Ino off outside her house and drove home. I followed him in my car and then followed him into his building. He didn't have a doorman so it was simple. I hid in the shadows as he walked. I found which apartment was his and then went outside, climbed up the fire escape to the tenth floor, and then I opened his window and went inside. And stood over him, I moved th knife. His eyes opened suddenly and filled with fear. He begged and pleaded me not to kill him, but I knew.

I knew I had to do it. I knew it because I'm so in love with you.

Oh my love...

Please don't cry

I washed my bloody hands

and we'll start a new life.

I don't know much at all

I don't know wrong from right

All I know is that I love you



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