Bloody Valentine

Chapter: 3

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Summary: [AU [Dei/Ino/Chou Jealousy. A sign of love and affection, a motivator, a killer. Yet for two men who love the same woman, it's a battle. Hands bloody, rain falling, car lights flashing, a telephone rings - the battle over... Who shall emerge victorious?

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Chapter 1:

Sakura bit her lip. What could she say to Ino now? She didn't tell her and she didn't want to. She smiled and then remembered what it said on they news. "Oh my god! Ino!" She said, grabbing her arms.

"The news said that the police know who killed Chouji..." She told her, watching Ino's eyes light up.

"Who was it?!" Ino demanded.

End Chapter 1:

"They..." Sakura started, unsure of how to put this exactly. "Think it was you." She said, biting her lip slightly.

"I mean.. I understand that you didn't, you were with me all night, but... They found a blonde hair in his room." She finished and then started to play with her nails.

"So what if it is my hair?" Ino asked. "I mean I've slept there, I almost lived there. He was my boyfriend. They'll probably find his hair here." She said, wondering why Sakura looked so nervous about it.

"Sakura.. I loved him more than anything, why would I kill him!?" She asked, realizing what her best friend was accusing her of.

"Sakura, you know full well that we spent the dat together shopping and then I went home to take a shower and go see a movie with Tenten and you went to Sasuke's house to..." She trailed off.

"You ditched me because you had a study date with Sasuke!?" She yelled, about to cry. "That's why you ignored me and almost made me kill myself because I had lost Chouji!?" She yelled, slapping her.

"You evil little bitch! If I was with Chouji and you called I wouldn't have ignored you!"

Sakura held onto the side of her face. She didn't want to flip out on Ino because she knew she was upset, and she knew this because Sasuke's father was the chief of police and he had told her on the down low to warn Ino and to help her in anyway if she was guilty. He had seen battered wives defend their husbands, and abused kids defend their parents, but he had never seen a girl kill her boyfriend out of cold blood, so she knew there would be a reason behind her doing it if she in fact did murder Chouji.

Deidara didn't seem uncomfortable, but in his head he was cursing himself out for leaving his hair there. He was in such a rush to get out it must have gotten caught one something when he ran. Not to mention to average male loses about 100 hairs a day, so the chances of him losing one in a struggle where greater to begin with. He sighed slightly and then shook his head. Well this sucked, and they thought that beautiful Ino had hurt him. Why would she, not that he would blame her if she did. She was beautiful, flawless, a goddess, and deserved far better then the fat fuck.

Flames appeared in Deidara's eyes. And then he realized his bad temper was flaring. He was glad that he had killed Chouji now. He had hurt Ino. His Ino. He smiled and wrapped his arms around Ino and held her close to him.

"I think Ino went through the shock of her life, and because I helped her through it, I think I have more standing in how she feels then you, ne Sakura-chan?" He asked, adding a suffix just to annoy the pink haired kunoichi before him.

But, even in his time of confusion, he felt no guilt. He smirked to himself and then took Ino's hand.

"Ino, don't listen to her, she's probably just telling you this to make you nervous because she'd rather spend time with Sasuke." He said hatefully. He hated Sasuke with a passion. He didn't care if he was almost ten years older then Ino. All that mattered was she was his prize. He had gotten the right to be with her when he killed the fat lard that didn't deserve the respect to be called a name.

"Me?!" Sakura asked, stepping towards Deidara. "Ino and I have been best friends since preschool! I was warning her out of concern and wanted to know if she did and if he hurt her!" She yelled, trying to get into Deidara's face but was too short to do so.

How dare he! Sakura thought to herself. Just go and think he had the right to tell her such a thing!

Ino took Sakura's hands. "Sakura... listen to me, Chouji loved me and he was always good to me. He never once hurt me, I swear. You can exam me if you don't believe me!" She said.

Both herself and Sakura were nursing and were trying to become doctors. Ino had never thought about being a doctor or a nurse, but after she saw how much of a difference Sakura was making, she switched her college major to Medical Science.

Sakura smiled and then hugged her. "Ino I really am sorry I didn't pick up the phone, but I was with Sasuke!" She tried to explain herself.

"He was being so sweet, so perfect, I just... I lost my head. I didn't know Chouji got hurt... I swear I–"

Ino shook her head and stopped her from talking. "Sakura... really, it's ok. I wasn't alone. Deidara was with me and I feel much better now. I love you, you're my best friend, just forget about it ok? It's alright. I remember when I liked Sasuke. Congratulations..." She said, smiling weakly, realizing she was single again and had lost her one of her two best friends.

Sakura sighed. "Ino you're making me feel bad!" She yelled, about to smack her. "I know you loved Chouji and all, but you need to talk to the police and a councelor, they can help you a lot, I know I've worked with them. We both have, in the hospital as part of our internship, remember?"

Ino nodded. "I don't want a shrink Sakura, I can deal with this on my own..."

"And even if she couldn't..." Deidara spoke up finally. "I'm here for her."

Sakura glared at Deidara. She didn't like him; she never did. And most importantly, she didn't trust him alone with Ino. She had a weird feeling, but she blew it off like it was nothing. He would never do that right? I mean he was obsessive about Ino, but he'd never drive him to kill someone right?

She sighed. "I told Sasuke I'd bring you to the police station." She said, taking Ino's hand. "Please Ino... You need to talk to them and then give your stattement of where you were, and all that otehr stuff, you know how this stuff works."

Ino sighed. She looked up at Deidara. "Fine, but I want Deidara to come with me. I need someone to help me through this, and even if he can't come into the room with me, I don't want to be alone if you're suctioned to Sasuke's face." Ino told her coldly.

Sakura glared at her. "Don't be like this Ino!" She pleaded. "I love you, you're my best friend, but your putting a guy over our friendship!"

"Like you did last night with Sasuke?!" Ino screamed, starting to cry again. "I needed you Sakura, I called you 18 times, but no, I wasn't important enough was I!? My boyfriend died and you weren't there for me!"

Sakura opened her mouth, but was unable oto come up with a response. She sighed and then looked at the ground.

"I'm so sorry Ino.." Sakura said, smiling at her weakly. "I promise... I'll do whatever I can to make it up to you. Come on, I'll drive." She said, taking her hand and pulling her towards the door, giving a slight glare towards Deidara as if Ino's outburst was his fault.

Ino smiled and then walked off and started to get dressed. Once she was done, she walked off and then went with Sakura down to the police station. They asked her hundreds of questions, millions of things, dozens of possible possibilities, drove her into hysterical tears, and then left her alone as she signed her statement. They then brought her to the hospital to get an examination on her. The found no abuse, no semen inside of her, no vaginal injuries, but the doctor did find something interesting.

Dr. Lipawitz walked back into the room and took Ino's hand and told her the harsh reality that she was going to have to deal with, even though Chouji had now left her, he left something behind.

Ino walked to Chouji's parents house alone. She told Deidara it would be best if he didn't go with her. She walked inside, without knocking. She didn't need to. She never had when she was small. She had known Chouji all her life, she saw her parents and Shikamaru's parents there, but her eyes just watered. She ran over to her father and wrapped her arms around him and her knees went weak. He picked her up and then held her.

"Shh.." he muttered to her. "I know it hurts Ino." He told her as his hands rubbed her back. "I know it hurts that he's gone..." he said, closing his eyes as he held her. He hated to see her cry. She was his baby girl, his only child and daughter, he wanted to see her smile, but one of his best friends son's had just died, along with the love of Ino's life.

"Daddy..." She muttered into his chest. "I..." She stammered. "I..."

"What is it baby?" he questioned as he stroked her back. "Tell me everything..." He said, as he held her.

Shikamaru walked over to Ino and pulled her into him, closing his eyes and starting to cry with. Ino lost his lover, Chouji had lost his best friend, and whereas he didn't known about Deidara, or his love for Ino, he knew in his heart he'd murder whoever killed his best friend. If it cost him his life, or sent him to prison for the remainder of it.

Ino went back to her apartment later that day. She was so tired, so sick. So... desperate... She wanted someone to be there with her, but she knew Sakura was too bust with Sasuke at the moment, so she called up Deidara instead.

He told her he'd be over in ten minutes, even though he lived twenty minutes away.

Deidara was glad she had called, and broke every traffic law known to man knid to get there in the time he promised her it would take. He got her something to eat on the way there, once again, something with a bag of cherry tomatoes and then ran up the stairs to her apartment and kncocke don the door.

Ino opened it in her pyjamas, smileda t him and then let him in. He handed her the bag of cherry tomatoes and then walked into her living room and put the pizza down on the table.

"I ordered it before you called me, it seemed a waste to just leave it at home." He lied. He had ordered it for her; he knew she would have called.

Ino smiled at him and took the bag of tomatoes and sat down on the couch, watching him sit beside her. She laid down, leaning her head on the side of the couch and then sighed.

"Thanks Deidara, but I'm really not hungry." She said, smiling at him. "Sorry..."

Deidara took out a slice of pizza and sat on the floor in front of her. "NO problem Ino... just... Get comfortable and I'll make you some tea ok?" He asked, getting up and walking into the other room, starting to make her some warm tea to calm her down and hopefully help her sleep.

Deidara brought it to her in a small cup and then smiled. He kissed her forehead and then handedd the cup to her. She took as sip and then put it on the coffe table.

"Deidara.. Did you like Chouji?" She asked.

Deidara sighed. He knew his had been coming. "I didn't know him Ino. Sorry..."

Ino sighed. "Oh yeah.. I forgot." She said, closing her eyes and crying harder.

Deidara got up and wrapped his arms around her. "Ino.. If it makes up for anything at all. He got you and You're a goddess, a beautiful, special, and completely unique person. For you to love him he must have been an amazing person..." Deidara said painfully. He didn't expect it to hurt her this much. He expected her to stop missing him when she fell in love with him.

Ino looked up at Deidara and smiled. She loved CHouji more then anything, but what was this feeling in her heart that she was starting to feel for Deidara?

She leaned towards him, and kissed his cheek. "Thanks. It means a lot that you don't even know him and you respect him."

"Respect him... right." Deidara said, getting slightly nervous. Was she thinking he was guilty?! It was obvious that Sakura did and that she didn't like him.

Deidara smiled when he noticed Ino had kissed him. He was in a much better mood now. He leaned into her slightly, as she wrapped her arms around him. "Thanks Ino."

Ino heard the door bell ring and then looked up at the door. She walked over to the door and opened it. She smiled and then looked back at Deidara as a man she had never seen before stood there.

"Yamanaka Ino?" he asked. "We are from the Kouta Insurance company, and we need to talk to you. Could you please come with us?" He asked.

Ino nodded and walked back into the house and then got dressed. She left with them and her eyes widened as they arrived at their head quarters. It was huge. Deidara followed in his car, just incase they weren't who they claimed to be and to protect Ino.

Ino walked into their office with them and was amazing. The building was huge, and even that was a bit of an understatement.

One of the men brought her into an interview room. "Now as you know, with settlements of his size, we need to make sure that there was no foul play?" The taller one asked.

Ino seemed confused. "What are you talking about?" She questioned as she looked down at the gold and diamond bracelet the doctor had given her. He had left it at the hospital for Ino knowing she'd get it the next day. Her eyes started to water once more.

"Foul play? Magnitude?" She asked. "What?"

"Ino... Chouji had a 50,000 dollar life insurance policy, and in which he left everything to you."

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