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Chapter One

First Day at Arcadia University

I sat in front of the finical aid counselor and the academics counselor and heard only the words "free ride," "schedule," and "your dorm." I already knew the information they were saying. I received full funding from Arcadia University. My schedule for my freshman year was filled with 18 hours of classes with three classes every day. And my roommate was Alice Cullen.

Half an hour later, I was inside my dorm, Lucian Hall #150, and wondered if I entered a different realm. Half side of the room looked like it had been attacked by pink paint while the other half was…empty. I dropped my box onto the long twin bed and spun around looking around.

There was two beds in the room, each the same in length though one was decked in pink sheets that seemed to be made from Egyptian cotton, two desks, two dressers, two closets, and a sink with mirror. The bathroom was a personal bathroom and was off to the right of the door.

"Well, well, look who arrived?"

I spun around and saw to blonde girls standing at the door, each leaning against the door post. Their make-up was over the top making them more like clowns and clothes that made the hoes or something with their low-cut boobs-about-to-pop-out tank tops and short mini-skirts. I watched as blonde #1 of them lifted her hand to lips and took a drag of her cigarette, they both had lit cigarettes hanging from their French manicure fingers.

"You're not supposed to smoke in the dorms," I noted, pointing at the cigarettes.

"You're not supposed to smoke in the dorms," mimicked the blonde #2 who hadn't taken a drag in front of me while Blonde #1 blew her smoke at me.

I coughed and turned my face away from it.

"So you're the poor girl who's sleeping where Rosalie Hale slept," said Blonde #1.

I just blinked at them, my body not moving from its position facing the pink adorned side.

"Where did you get your clothes from, Hallmark or something?" asked Blonde #2.

"You mean Wal-Mart," I corrected her, not needed to look down to know that my jeans and tee were from Old Navy.

"Whatev," said Blonde #2, taking a drag again and blew the smoke at me.

I coughed and tried to wave the smoke away.

"Jessica, Lauren," said another girl, covered in sweat, holding a pink IPod mini, "put out those cigarettes."

"Or what?" Blonde #2 said, leaning off the door post and shoved her face into the new girl's face.

The arrival just shifted her weight to lean on the other foot and folded her arms under her breasts while her face remained serious. One slender eyebrow arched.

The Blondes must have understood the look because they suddenly became mad.

"Fine," Blonde #1 snapped. "We just wanted to welcome the brat to the campus and inform her of the danger she entered onto as soon as she entered."

"What danger?" I asked, suddenly panicking.

"There's no danger," the new girl said to me, her hazel eyes kind, at the same time Blonde #2 said, "You know we're talking about your brother Edward, Alice."

"She isn't in any danger of my brother," said the girl who must have been my roommate because Blonde #2 called her Alice.

"Hell she isn't," Blonde #1 said.

The Blondes turned towards me.

"Edward Cullen has slept with every girl on campus that isn't related to him," Blonde #1 said, leaning in forward.

"Lauren!" my roommate said, looking panicked now.

"He's the type of guy who seems to be interested in you at first. He'll take you out on one date, then one party, get you drank, and screw you till you screaming your lunges sore. Then he'll drop you faster than last years fashion," Blonde #2 said, smiling evilly at me.


"You'll be just another notch in his bed post…or should I say…another girl with his semen?" Blonde #1 said.

"WHAT the HELL is going on here?"

The Blondes froze as I looked up to see my roommate smiling another blonde. This one though was dressed nicely, where the clothes hinted what she had instead of revealing it to the world. Her icy blue eyes held fire as she took note of the Blondes named Jessica and Lauren with their cigarettes still lit between their fingers and my pale face.

"They were just leaving, Rose," Alice said, smiling at the two.

The two glared at Alice and the new girl as they left the room, leaving an odor of smoke and to much perfume.

"Ugh," Alice said, smelling the smoke in the room and went for the air freshener that was on her desk. Spraying it around the room, the smell went away. Finally with a happy sigh and smile, she put the spray back down.

"What the hell were Dumb and Dumber doing here?" said the other girl, brushing her blonde tresses from out of her blue eyes that started to thaw out as she looked at me.

"They were giving the Edward history to my wonderful new roommate," Alice said, flopping down on her bed.

"Please, they spread the lies faster than a wildfire in a dry desert heat. You must be Bella," the new girl said, smiling. Her teeth were even and white, the perfect model for perfect teeth. "I'm Rosalie Hale, Alice's cousin."

"Isabella Swan, just call me Bella," I said, nodding in a form of a greeting.

"Edward is the big man on campus," Rosalie said, walking over to the sink and opened a mini-fridge that I didn't see earlier. "He has been known to be a great lover among girls on campus which causes girls to tend to turn against each other or turn and be evils to Edward."

"Rosalie is Edward and my cousin," Alice explained to me and caught one of the mineral waters Rosalie threw at her, "but we know for a fact that Edward hasn't screwed everyone."

"Edward is a great guy," Rosalie said, opening a bottle of water herself, "but you might want to stay away from him for now."

Rosalie's warning meet nothing when Edward Cullen comes to our dorm later that night. Alice and I were in our room, sitting on my bed which now had faded blue sheets. Alice helping me highlight needed information for a few of my classes. She was a sophomore and kept all her textbooks in case a freshman, like me, needed them for the classes. Only in my case, I didn't have to pay.

"No, no," she said, try to explain the F.O.I.L. system in algebra. "Here watch again." (AN: I know, FOIL everyone has learned but colleges do lots of quick reviews to make sure you remember everything from High School.)

"You know Alice, maybe you should let her show you the steps and correct her as she goes. It might be easier for her to get the steps."

We both looked up and I felt my heart flutter in my chest. He leaned casually against the door post, wearing a black polo shirt, fade jeans with holes at the knees, and worn and tattered black tennis shoes. His eyes were on me and were lovely light jade color, almost an emerald. His chair was auburn color, much lighter than mine, and was perfectly tousled as if he just woke up or just ran his hand through it before he entered the room.

"What are you doing here, Edward?" Alice asked, straightening from her slouch over my text book. "I thought you were at Emmett's pad?"

"I was," Edward said, his eyes flickering to Alice, "till Rosalie came by saying that she met the roommate my sister was staying with. Hi by the way," he said, smiling at me.

I just sat there, my pencil in my slack hand, and heard Alice mutter under her breath, "Rosalie's big mouth". I shook myself mentally and said "hey" back at him and the looked down at the text book, looking at the F.O.I.L. system again. I didn't need to fall for Mr. Big-guy-on-campus.

"Nice girl," Edward said, commenting about me.

"That "nice girl" is in the room," I muttered, rewriting the equation again, "and need to get this F.O.I.L. system down pat...again. So you need to depart."

Alice laughed and said to Edward, "You got told, brother."

"So I see," Edward said as I looked up at him from the corner of my eye, my head still bent.

He smiled slightly at me. Telling his sister that he would be back later, he left the room not before I spotted him wink slightly as he turned away. And I set it in my heart and mind, even if the rumors were false, I would do my best to stay out of Edward's bed. Even if it meant running away from him when I saw him.

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