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Summary: Kagome and her friend Sango are going to work at the castle where the long-dead Princess Kikyou recides. But what secrets, betrayal, and new love will greet there arrival at the castle?


A silvered haired boy who looked to be six, ran down the winding hallway, sliding around corners, gasping for more breath to continue running down the many hallways. His hair flew behind him and his amber eyes flashed with excitement and anticipation. As he rounded a final corner he ran directly into a very recognizeable figure.

"Inuyasha," another silver hair boy said, obviously older than the other but not by much, "why are you running?"

"Didn't you hear, Sesshoumaru? The heir was born! I'm going to go meet him." His voice came out in a wheezing rush. He put his hands on his knees in a futile attempt to regain his lost breath.

"He is still yet to be born, so why rush to hear the woman scream? You still have your lessons to attend to as well."

"But Sesshoumaru,"Inuyasha whined, "Why do I need to learn on the heir's birthday? It's way more important than school work."

"You will continue your lessons even if we are guests in another's castle and here for the birth of the new heir." Was the stern reply.

"Fine." came the grouchy response as Inuyasha stomped off in the opposite direction.

Later that same day

A dark haired woman sat with her young child in hand, stroking the baby face in a soothing motion. The dark strands of hair had already been present on the girl's head when she was born. The expected boy to become the heir was actually...a girl. The King was angry, he now had a girl. A girl was not a boy. The only way he would have an heir would be for this girl to marry. She would not be a heir but could be used to form an alliance with other strong kingdoms. That was all that consoled the King in his raging thoughts.

The dark haired woman knew how her husband felt. She knew she had not produced what he wanted, he wanted a heir, not a girl. She also knew that all her future now held was marriage and children, nothing spectacular. It may even hold disgrace.

King Inutaisho glided into the room gracefully and stood by the newly birthed child. He glanced at the child then at the new mother.

"What will you name this new heir?" He asked calmly.

The Human King, Arashi stared at him. How could the Demon King think that he would let a girl run the country? A girl as a heir? It was completely crazy.

"She will not be a heir! She will marry. There is no heir at this moment." Arashi stated, his voice getting angry.

Inutaisho nodded, then looked at the Queen to recieve her answer to his already asked question.

The Queen looked back.

"I'll name her..." She paused


7 years later

A small girl sat quietly at the frosted window, staring out calmly at the icy world beyond. Her needle work lay forgotten in her hands, the beginning of a peasant girl holding 2 white roses left unfinished. She ran her hands down the the window pane, watching how the area around her hand clouded when cold met warmth.

Her silken robe did not keep her entiely warm like the rough woolen one would have. But she needed to remain presentable, for the royal family that would be visiting. She knew that the Demon King of the Western Lands had two sons that would be accompanying him.

She hoped that the one closer to her age would be entertaining. The castle was boring during the long winters when the outside world was closed off from her.

Maybe her new brother or sister would be fun. Her Mother said that it was a boy. 'It has to be' was what she told Kikyou when she asked how she knew. Kikyou did not know why it had to be a boy but she wanted whatever her Mother wanted.

A light knock was sounded against her door as her Mother stepped in. Her deep purple robe was held in the back over her massive belly. THe baby would be born soon. Maybe in the next couple of days. She walked over to where Kikyou sat next to the frozen window. Her hand rested gently on Kikyou's thin shoulder.

"Let's go meet the your Father's guests."

Kikyou nodded and stood up to walk with her Mother out of the room.

The pregnant woman and the seven-year old girl walked down the hallway to the door that would lead to the grand hall. That's where she would glimpse the royal demon family. Kikyou could almost skip down the hallway in her excitement but her teachings had taught her o be calm and collected, not freely hopping down hallways to meet royal families.

They reached the door that led to the grand hallway where a servant in acceptable attire waited to open the door for them. The Queen nodded and walked through the open doorway.

Kikyou glanced curiously around, looking for where the royal demon family would be. She spotted them and immediately took in thier appearance. A tall, regal, white-haired man stood calmly in the center of the group of four, standing in an important fashion and quietly talking to her Father. Her Father glanced up when she and Mother walked in but immediately turned back to Inutaisho.

Kikyou glanced at the next tallest figure, a silver-haired boy who seemed to be in his late teens, stood off to the side, staring at nothing in particular yet not looking completely unobservant. His form already demanded respect even though he was obviously still a Prince. Next to him was a boy who seemed to be about twelve, was glaring at the tall figure next to him. His white hair fell just short of his mid-back and his blue outfit did not seem to be comfortable.

Kikyou gave a quiet giggle when the taller boy suddenly swung his arm to the side and smacked the younger one in the face. The younger boy's angry glare instantly turned to Kikyou but changed when he noticed who it was. Suprise and curiousity overtook his young features.

Kikyou in her Mother stood there a while longer, waiting for her Father to acknowledge her and her mother's presence. He finally looked up at them and nodded for them to walk over.

THere quiet steps seemed to be the only noise that made itself evident in the large room, as it rebounded of the walls in a gathered echo.

"Inutaisho, I think you will remember my wife, Ishi and my daughter, Kikyou."

Inutaisho nodded to each as thier names were said.

"In fact I, do. These are my sons, Sesshoumaru," he said, gesturing to the taller one, "and Inuyasha." he pointed to the younger one. The two boys bowed.

"Now that the greetings are over, Inutaisho, may we retire to the study to discuss are plans?" Arashi spoke to Inutaisho. He gave a brief nod and they walked off together.

Ishi knelt down beside her daughter and spoke in her ear.

" I want you to be nice and make friends. No fighting, right?"

"Right," Kikyou nodded. Ishi gave a slight bow to the two brothers and then left Kikyou alone in thier presence. Kikyou turned to the two brothers, not sure what to expect. But to her suprise her eyes fell upon nothing. They were gone.

In the study

"I see that you are considering my request." Arashi nodded towards the document in Inutaisho's clawed hand. Inutaisho gave a nod in reply. He stared at the document, deep in thought. After some minutes passed in quiet thinking, Inutaisho spoke.

"I will approve this request on one condition. Let it be Inuyasha and not Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha is more likely to accept this."

Arashi immediately nodded, knowing that the Demon King would not be swayed. They each signed the bottom of the document then left the quiet study to inform the ones concerning this document.

With Kikyou

Kikyou glanced around, hoping to easily find the two demon brothers, but nothing greeted her sight. She gave a slight sigh, then walked to the door, only to be stopped by a crash in the distance. 'That was in the direction of the library' she thought. She yanked the door open and hurried towards the sound of the second crash.

With the two demon brothers

"Why'da ya hit me in the face like that? I didn't do anything!" an adolescent voice cut the air.

"Your staring was becoming irritating. It needed to be stopped."

"That's not a very good reason!"

"It was amusing as well."

"Hey!" Inuyasha yelled as a book hit him in the face. He rubbed his injured nose and glared around. Only leather bound volumes greeted his sight.

"Quit hidin'! It's not fai-" he was stopped as another book hit him from behind, causing him to stumble into the precarious bookcase. His back rammed into the shelves causing a chain reaction. The book case moved in slow motion, tipping on it's edge towards the one sitting behind it. As it hit, the first crash was heard and then the second. The rows fell like dominos till they rested against the far wall and were stopped.

Inuyasha stared at the bookshelves, in awe at what he just saw. He snapped out of his shock when the library door slammed open. He instantly cried:

"It wasn't my fault!"

The figure in the door stood still, staring at the knocked over shelves. She looked from the shelves to Inuyasha then back. Her face reddened and a glare graced her face as she set it upon Inuyasha.

"What do you mean it's not your fault!?! Your the only one in the library! Do you know how long it will take to fix that?!?" her voice exploded in crashing waves, rushing over Inuyasha'a guilty face. He listend a few more minutes to her angry voice until it occured to him that it wasn't his fault. HE immediately sprung into action.

"I said it wasn't my fault! Sesshoumaru pushed me! Just because you cant see him doesn't mean he's not here!" He yelled back. As there argument and scolding continued, the adults arrived. Ishi immediately went to her daughter and stopped her yelling.

"Enough, Inuyasha." Inutaisho stated and Inuyasha immediately stopped. The two young children stared at the Demon King.

"We need to talk to you two, but preferably in a room without fallen books." He indicated the fallen shelves with a raised eyebrow. The two children wordlessly nodded as they left the room, glaring at each other with a vengeance.

The group of five walked down the hallway towards the study, there steps echoing ominously off the walls. They reached the doors of the study and stepped into the firelit room.

"Take a seat there."Arashi gestured to two leather seats for Inuyasha and Kikyou. "Now this is a very serious matter, and it will result in-" he was interrupted by Inuyasha's voice.

"But it wasn't my fault! Sesshoumaru pushed me! I fell int-" he stopped mid-sentence with a glare from Inutaisho.

"As I was saying, this serious matter will result in the union of are two kingdoms. You two are now bethrothed."

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