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The Fate of the Bandit

A sly figure brushed through the shadowy passages, turning into hallways at a silent trot. The quiet form seeming to be sneaking but not entirely trying to hide their presence. The unidentified figure shifted into a darkened room, the door never seeming to open or close as they slipped through.

"Kagura, have you found the location of the old hag?" the sly figured asked.

"No, but I have some leads. I believe that she is somewhere near the Kawaguchi Castle that Lady Kikyou once resided in. I may be able to detect more information with the new arrivals at the Castle. I heard a bit of gossip about the story but it did not provide much information." A young woman stepped out of the shadows, bowing as she spoke, her death bring fan tucked away.

"Good, I will finish what I started with that Filthy Hanyou, and find what happened to the rest of the Jewel." The dark figure nodded his approval at Kagura. She stepped out the window and in a flurry of wind, was flying away into the dark, moonless sky.

No one was left in the room when Kagura finally reached the horizon.


The bright sun peeked through the tightly shuddered windows, letting the person's sleeping inside that it was time to awaken from their slumber. A few rustled and sat up, used to waking up at this time, but many slept on, ignoring the waking world.

Sango sat up, her eyes blinking away the sleep fairly easily. She glanced at the huddled figure of Kagome, seemingly undisturbed by the noise that was beginning to fill the sleeping quarters. Sango started to reach out to wake her, when she remembered last time she did that.

Her wrist and forehead were sore for a week. She quietly told the woman sleeping on the otherside of Kagome, not to wake her, it was potentially dangerous and she was coming back with something better. The woman nodded and started warning others away from the sleeping Kagome.

Sango rushed to the closet at the end of the room and opened the dusty door. It screeched and protested at being pried open but she was desperate. Inside were alot of bug carcasses, a moldy bucket and a musty broom. Perfect.

Sango grabbed the broom and rushed back to Kagome and held the broom in front of her. A crowd of woman had gathered to watch the spectacle that was to happen. Sango grabbed the musty straws of the broom and reached the handle towards what she guessed was Kagome's side. A quick jab and retreat ensued as the broom handle quickly dug into Kagomes curled figure then left. When she did not respond, the handle was back, with a sharper jab.

Kagome shifted, reaching her hand out to swat threateningly at the object of her discomfort, but met empty air. Instead of stopping her hand after not feeling anything, she kept swinging, full force in her downward arc until her hand slammed into the wooden bedframe below.

"Ow!" Kagome cried as she rolled out of bed surprised and unhappy. Several woman from the gathered crowd chuckled at the antics of the two girls and the crowd quietly dispersed.

"Sango! What was that for? I was sleeping!" Kagome was instantly awake from her tumble and seething.

"That's exactly the reason why I did it. Remember when I woke you last time without the stick? My forehead had that mark for weeks even if the pain went away in one!" Sango retorted.

Kagome just glared, knowing full well that Sango was right and that it was usually painful to wake her up, but still, did she have to jab so hard?

She grumbled as she dressed into her attire for the day, quickly for she knew Hazuki would be there any moment and that it was important that everyone was dressed, with beds made and ready for directions when she arrived in the morning.

Kagome made her bed as well as she could in the next few seconds then scrambled to stand in front of it as Hazuki entered the room. Her sharp shoulders, straight and proper while her narrowed eyes searched for faults as she walked down the aisle between the different beds.

"Your clothing is rumpled, but that is no worry for you will get uniforms so that this Castle wil remain presentable along with it's staff." She turned sharply and looked at Kagome's bed.

"Fix the wrinkled mess. I said to make your bed, not make it then sleep in it again." A few woman chuckled at the comment and Hazuki gave a thin smile.

"As punishment for your...inability to make your own bedding, you will make everyone elses bed tomorrow so that you'll get plenty of practice.

"But that's not fair to Kagome! This is work, not a slave camp." Sango protested.

"Oh, but it is all but fair, you are getting paid and if you do not follow my rules then your pay may remain with me." Hazuki glared at Sango, daring her to question her authority. And Sango did dare, but was cut off by Kagome stepping in front of her.

"Miss Hazuki, do not worry, I will perform your request tomorrow morning as soon as possible." Kagome bowed and remained in front of Sango.

"I had no doubts to begin with Miss Kagome, but I will gain some if your friend here decides to give me any." Hazuki gave Sango a sharp glare then turned directly on her heel and marched to the front of the room.

"Today, we will seperate into teams of various numbers, depending on the room, each team getting a different room to start with. Team one and two will work on the chambers requested for the coming Lords. Teams three through seven will clean various room that I assign. Teams eight and nine will begin on the kitchen and Team ten, will begin on the facilities." She glanced around as if to ask for questions then spoke again.

"Team one will be..." Hazuki continued on while the group before her chatted quietly with one another, listening for their given names and what teams they would be assigned to. Sango glared at Hazuki, already guessing what Team she would be on while Kagome glanced around at the chatting woman, catching slips of thier chatter.

"I heard Lady Kikyou slept in the grandest room on the tallest part of the castle for her protection." One woman spoke loudly.

"I had this very handsome man come up to me the other day, he was so charming and gallant and asked ever so politely if I would bear his children." A cute young woman said to her friend.

"Do you think the Lords' will be handsome? I heard Lord Sesshoumaru was so graceful but so cold and that Lord Kouga is brash but very handsome." another woman asked her friend.

Kagome listened to thier chatter until she was awoken from her trance by the calling of her name.

"Team six is made up of, Tayamo Hitomi, Katuki Suzume, and Higurashi Kagome. You will work out in the gardens, uprooting the various weeds and clearing the overgrown flowers."

Kagome walked forward and waved back at Sango, mouthing good luck. Sango nodded and awaited her fate. She continued glaring at Hazuki until her name was called for Team ten and she was the only name called.

"Since there are no more available people Miss Sango, you will be cleaning the facilities yourself." she grinned maliciously at Sango. "and the mops are all in use but we still have small scrubbing hand brushes for you to use."

Sango just glared at her in contempt, then turned on her heel and marched towards the door, stepping through then slamming it shut as she headed towards the area where the cleaning tools were temporarily kept.


Kagome followed the two woman in her group to the small clearing in the courtyard. They had been assigned this small plot of land by the large wall. Kagome slipped on her thick leather gloves and began work instantly while Hitomi and Suzume chatted easily, taking thier time to begin work.

The sun passed across the sky as the many woman throughout the castle worked at their asigned jobs. Kagome wiped the sweat on her brow as the sun let it's rays beat down across her clothed back.

A bell clanged from the direction of the kitchen, letting the surrounding workers know that it was time to stop and eat. Kagome stood up, listening to the other two woman chatter aimlessly on, exchanging gossip at a rate almost unintelligible. Almost.

"That Sango girl should mind her own business. Hazuki had every right to punish her but didn't. It's disappointing that Hazuki's so soft-hearted. An iron fist is exctly what that girl Sango needs." Suzume whined to Hitomi.

"I completely agree."She dropped her voice to a point that she thought Kagome couldn't hear."Kagome deserved her punishment, did you see hhow rumpled she was. Very unladylike! Not like I'd expect that from a simple village girl."

"Speaking of simple, did you see that girl, Kaori,?" The gossip continued, moving on past the subject of Sango and Kagome, much to Kagome's relief. She didn't think she could handle much more of thier gossip but neither could she handle a confrontation.

The three arrived at the kitchen and stood in the serving line, ready to be fed. Kagome reached the front and extended her bowl for the food. The girl serving, smiled and gave her some bread and meat. She nodded her thanks then wandered off to find Sango.

She wandered around the small clusters of woman and girls, looking for the familiar face of her friend. Not recognizing anyone, she sat down to eat her food. Her first taste was bland and unfufilling. Maybe she could collect some herbs she saw on the side of the road on the way here. She stood then strode up to Hazuki.

"Miss Hazuki, may I leave the castle grounds to collect herbs, then return immediately after my small collection is complete." Kagome bowed while saying this, hoping to gain her acceptance of her request.

Hazuki eyed her, appraising her for deceit. Not seeming to detect any, she nodded sharply then turned away. Kagome smiled and bowed then hurried away towards the exit.


The sun shed it's light, warmly across the forest leaves, scattering it's burning gaze among the many plants below on the forest floor. Kagome stepped lightly through the many plants, selecting the herbs she recognized and wanted. She was only a bit off the road and coould find her way back.

But every plant she picked, made her take another unconscious step forward, leading her away from her well-known path. When her arms were full of herbs she wanted, she turned around, fully expecting to see the travelled road. But only tres and shrubbery greeted her gaze.

A small pull of panic began to build up inside her chest and she swivelled around, looking for familiar landmarks. But she recognized nothing. As she started to panic, her gaze rested on a small thinning of the trees. She stepped towards that, relief flooding her very being.

She jogged forward, herbs in hand, towards the clearing ahead where the road appeared to lie. As she stepped through the last bit of trees, a house not a road met her sight. The house was small and had a bit of smoke curling through a hole in the roof. Kagome stepped forward, unknowing of what awaited her inside the hut.

But even as she stepped forwards, something new caught her gaze. It was tree, unsurrounded by others. It was fairly large, but that's not what caught her attention. A small scrap of fabric was fluttering from the other side.

Kagome glanced from the hut to the tree, but curiousity won and she stepped towards the tree, almost tip-toeing to the otherside. What she saw there was not what was expected.

There, pinned to the tree by a solid arrow, was a silver-haired boy, his red outfit, fluttering in the breeze, his silver hair catching the wind. She even saw the ears on his head twitch at her approach. She could see the rise and fall of his chest, even though an arrow was stuck through his heart.

There before her, was a silver-haired demon.


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