"Here, Anko, try this."

"Eh, I don't like sweets, sensei."

"Take the dango."


"Take it now or I'll make you take it!"

"Are you threatening me? That's child abuse!"

"You're my student, I could string you up in the trees and it's not child abuse, take the dango."

"I don't want it! And I'll tell Hokage-sama, he was your sensei, right? I bet he'll box your ears in!"

"But I was a good student and ate what was given to me."

"I'll bet you weren't! Jiraiya-san said you were the worst behaved on your team."

"Don't you listen to Jiraiya, he'll pollute your mind with his stupidness, now, eat the dango."


"I promise you'll like it."

"That's what you said about the last thing you made me eat."

"Consider this as part of your training."

"What? Eating dango?"

"Yes, if you do I'll only make you run six laps around Konoha instead of twelve."

"What! Laps?"

"You have to train those weak muscles of yours."

"And how will eating sweets help that?"

"Just try it, please, for me."

"I don't think so."

"You would disobey your sensei?"

"Damn right I would!"

"Don't use such language."

"Or what?"

"Or I'll make you eat this dango."

"You'd do that anyway!"

"Exactly, so why resist?"

"I don't want to eat the dango!"

"Just take it!"


"Dare you talk back to your sensei!"

"Hey! Get away from me-!"

"Open your mouth."


"Fine then."


"Chew it."




"Now, was that so difficult?"


"Don't back-talk to your sensei."

"You asked..."

"What was that?"


"Well, what did you think?"

"I hated it!"

"Well, at least you tried it, I guess I'll have to eat the rest of it all by myself..."



"I want some!"

"Ohoho! Now you want me to give you sweets? After all that whining and complaining..."

"Please, O wise and knowledgable sensei."

"Ah, I see you've mastered the secret ninja art of sucking-up."

"I learn only from the best."

"Ahaha! Fine, here."

"Thank you sensei...Do I still have to run laps?"

"That would depend on how you answer this next question."


"What did you really think of the dango?"

"...It was pretty good."

"Ok, you only have to run five laps."

"Five? Are you serious?"

"You should consider yourself lucky, Jiraiya's making his team run eight."

"Yeah but Jiraiya-san's stupid."

"You learn quickly! For that, no laps tonight, but you'd better be prepared tomorrow morning first thing."

"Alright, alright..."