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Alice POV

"I can't believe you were doing it again!" I can hear Rosalie shouting at Emmett. Oh no. Not another one of their many pointless arguments.

"Why am I never enough? What did that woman have that I didn't?!"

"Oh come on, Rosalie. I've been with you for over 70 years. If I wanted to leave don't you think I would've left you by now? Stop being so insecure. I was just inspectin' the merchandise."

I shuddered and rolled my eyes when I heard him say that. Emmett was never really the sensitive type. Thank Carlisle that I have Jasper.

As Jasper walked past me, I quietly told him to go into the living room and diffuse the argument before it got out of hand and the whole living room got destroyed again, including Edward's stupid piano. I refuse to go into mourning – again- because the stupid thing got destroyed.

After Jasper's failed attempts to break up what looked like World War III, I decided it was time to intervene. I walked downstairs to find Rosalie pouting on the couch, looking thunderous while Emmett just looked sheepishly up at me when I appeared.

"Oh Rosalie, stop worrying about what Emmett does when you're not around. Trust me, he's done much worse…umm…I meant, how about a Girl's Night?"

Rosalie's face instantly lit up. "I'll call Bella…and you know who you have to call!"

"Aro!!" We both squealed together in delight.

Edward came thundering down the stairs. "No, no, no, no, NO! There's no way in hell that you're inviting Aro! What about Bella? She hasn't been changed yet!"

I scoffed at him. "Don't worry, silly, all of us forget about simple things like work when it's Girl's Night!"

I ran over to my hot pink fluffy phonebook and picked it up. I whipped out my pink Razr and began dialling Aro's number. After the first few rings, Aro picked up.

"Aro darling!" I squealed!

"Alice, is that you? Hey girlfriend! How you been?!"

"Well, Emmett messed up again so we decided to have a Girl's Night. And guess who's tonight's V.I.V? YOU ARE!"

Aro gasped in delight. "Me? Really? Tonight's Very Important Vampire? I'll get the first plane over there. By then I'll have packed all the essentials like my manicure set, my Chip and Pepper jeans and my Coach bag. You KNOW I can't get anywhere without it. Who's daddy's favourite bag? YOU ARE!"

That's what I love about Aro. He's so hip with the trends.