"I love you." His voice whispered in my ear.

I smiled. "Not as much as I love you." I teased.

"Bella, come on what is it?!"

A very unsophisticated snort exploded from me from that moment as I looked into his amber eyes. Edward hates surprises. I had recently discovered that Edward's birthday was coming up -tomorrow- and that he was doing all he could to hide that fact from me, but Alice- God bless her- wanted me to suprise him since I am the only one who can.

"If I told you before tomorrow, I would have to kill you." I laughed at the stupidity of the statement, but Edward just looked at me in a whipped puppy manner.

"Bella-bell." My eyes opened wide. NO! NO! NO!

Bella just ignore him! I screamed in my head. He was doing that smoldering thing with his eyes and my heart was collapsing under his gaze.

"No! Not fair! Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, stop being such a baby and just except the fact that your family and I love you enough to give you a suprise!"

He closed his eyes and I looked away, relieved that I had kept my promise.

"Edward, if you promise to be good I will give you my gift to you." I looked up at him, the silly excited expression on his face making me laugh. "Will you be good?"

He looked at me playfully, "Am I ever not?"

I roll my eyes at his remark and crawl under my bed to find the little box I had hidden in the corner before he came over yesterday.

"What are you doing?"

"Playing hide and seek!" I laugh, but when I go to crawl out, I find that I am stuck. "Edward?"


"I think I'm stuck."

"Isabella Marie Swan, what did I tell you about playing under your bed?" His mock seriousness immatated Charlie's voice.

"Ed-ward!" My voice did this wierd whimper giggle noise as I said his name."Help me!"

He lifted the bed over me revealing the dirty floor beneath it. Note to self: Vacuum under bed!

"There you are my little dust bunny." He said as he helped me off the floor, still holding the bed above us. "Wow! You really need to clean down there."

"Fine I guess I'll just throw this away." I walk over to the trash and dump the little box into it as he sets the bed down to see what I am doing.

He grabs the box from the trash and opens it to find a CD and another little box. He quickly thanks me for the CD, but I can tell he is much more interested in the smaller box. He lifts the lid to find a small butterfly encased in amber on which I had ingraved the words Never leave me and had the store fill in with black ink.

"Oh Bella" He placed the box on the bed gently and pulled me to him, kissing the top of my head lightly. "Bella, I will never leave you. Never ever again."

And with that he kissed me on the lips, proof enough that what he said was true.