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"Edward" I moaned, I didn't understand myself anymore, I was me. Unusual, but never this outlandish.

If you had asked me an hour ago if I would be doing this, my answer would most defiantly be no. I had subconsciously decided in my mind that I would not lose my virginity until I was married. Or at least engaged.

But at this exact moment in time I was pinned underneath my Boyfriend, Edward. Did I mention he was a vampire? Who could kill me at any moment? The reason why he has NEVER kissed me like he was kissing me now.

I felt his hand move slightly from its position on my right hip, tantalisingly slow as it made its way up and under my shirt; thank god I had not worn a bra to bed. I moaned loudly as his skilful fingers massaged my breast, while his tongue caressed my neck.

With every nerve in my body on fire, I pushed him off, and as he looked at me with confusion etched into those butterscotch eyes that I loved so much, I smirked and slipped my shirt off, then proceeded to pull himself back on top of me, his confusion fading away to eager admiration.

Our tongues continued to battle for dominancy, while our hands roamed each other's body, eager for more. I was getting frustrated at the fact that I was half naked, while Edward was still fully dressed.

I slipped my hands up, and under his shirt, and ran them along his smooth, marble, muscled chest, and circled my thumbs over his nipples, earning myself an appreciative moan from my companion. I took that as a signal to continue and started hastily undoing the buttons on his shirt. When his shirt was open from neck to waist I stared at his gloriously pale, cold chest.

He had paused and was watching me in fascination as I reached my head up to kiss him passionately on the lips, and at the same time pushing his shirt off his shoulders, and down his arms and carelessly threw it over over shoulder.

My fingers feverishly ran themselves from his lower back, all the up and over his shoulders, the slowly down his chest, circling his nipples like he had done mine earlier, as my hands continued their quest to his belt. As my hands passed over his stomach and abdomen he shuddered under my feather light touch.

My fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as the slid even further down and cupped the ever-rising bulge under Edwards's pants. As soon as I made contact with him he growled loudly, and rubbed himself against my leg, which elicited various sounds of pleasure from each of us.

As soon as my hands stopped trembling for long enough I quickly undid his belt and sent it flying across the room, and his pants soon followed as I un-zipped them, and with his help removed them completely.

Left in nothing but his boxers, he took control of the situation and slipped the hand that was resting on my back, holding me up, with my body pressed up against his, and lowering me back until I was lying flat, his boding never separating itself from mine.

His hand slid down my stomach, and down farther, and farther, until it reached the part of me that wanted the most attention. I moaned his name and screamed for more, my body bending towards his as he stroked the moist flesh between my legs.

Once again I arched against him when he slipped one of his cold fingers inside of me, and proceeded to push it in, then back out, slowly, a torture of pure bliss. He suddenly adjusted his position, and inserted another finger, his movements gradually gaining a rhythm with an ever increasing speed.

Just when I was about to come, he suddenly drew back, looking at me with an unrecognisable expression, cautious and questioning all at the same time. I realised that he was asking permission to proceed, to take his pleasure and give me mine, pleading with his eyes to let us be truly together as one.

"Come here" I demanded, pouting. He look remained on his face, but he did as commanded. And his face split into a wide when I started tugging on his boxers, he helped me pull them down, and kick them away.

'Its... huge' I thought to myself, I reckon he gathered my thoughts, because I heard him chuckle under his breath.

He took of my pants then my panties still looking cautious, looking for any hesitation, but, of course there was none. He moved himself, so he was lying fully on top of me and his manhood was positioned at my entrance. He pushed himself forward and pressed himself into me, pain cut through my body and I bit my lip to keep from crying out in pain.

He leaned down and pressed his forehead to mine "sorry, so sorry..." he whispered lovingly in my ear.

I waited a minute, breathing in his scent. I gave him a small nod, a signal to continue. He pushed himself out, and I lay there waiting, expecting it to be the same as the last time. But I was VERY surprised; he pulled back, and thrust his length back inside me, deeper than he had the first time.

I felt pure pleasure coarse through me and I moaned his name. He seemed to pause again, wondering if he had hurt me.

"Don't stop" I begged, "for god's sake don't stop!

And so he moved out, and back in, and back out as we each lost ourselves in the other, my cries mingled with his. Suddenly I felt him quickened his pace, and start moving harder. I moaned his name over and over again as I felt a build up of pleasure, and then all of a sudden I felt Edward spill his hot seed deep inside me, and at that moment we came together, lost in pure sensation.


"I love you" I whispered in the almost dark, caressing Edwards face, with the moon throwing a ghostly light across the room. "I will never leave you, ever" he promised. I smiled in contentment, I had never been happier. "Charlie's coming" he whispered so low that only I could hear him, sure enough I heard the front door open. "Bye, I love you" he whispered, with a kiss under my ear that made me shiver. And then he was gone. I heard Charlie coming up the stairs and opening the door to check on me as I drifted into oblivion, dreaming of my loves face.


"Briiiiiiiiiing" the alarm went off, ripping me up from my dream. I glanced sleepily towards my clock and was surprised to find that I was already late for school. But nothing could ruin my mood today; I was on a love high. I had a quick shower, and then threw on some clothes, not bothering to look at what I was wearing, and left for school. When I got to the full car park at forks high, I was expecting to see Edward waiting for me like he normally is, but he wasn't there. The rest of the day flew by without my noticing, what was there to notice without Edward there? When school finished I rushed past everyone and everything towards my car. I jumped in and headed for the Cullen's place. 'What was wrong?' I asked myself "what had happened?'

When I arrived, I immediately knew something was wrong. I walked up to the front door and pushed it open. Obviously they had been too preoccupied to notice, or smell me nearby.

"I will not tell you where she is!" I heard Edward boom.

"No need" snarled Victoria

"Bella..." Edward breathed, all his love and worry for me conveyed in 2 syllables

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