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For three days, three indescribably painful days I lay screaming in agony, not only from slowly becoming a vampire, but for my child, And for Edward, and what would become of us.

When I woke, I was disoriented, and dizzy. I stood up and took in my surroundings. It was then I realised that I had no recollection of how I got here, or where I was. The only thing I could remember was my name. Bella. But everything else was blank.

It was also obvious I was pregnant, seeing as my stomach was rather swollen.

I noticed a few things. Like how my vision was very clear, and even though I was only in the quiet forest, all the sounds and smells were so much clearer, easier to depict.

As I was looking around wondrously I heard a crack of a twig not too far away, I snapped my head around to stare at the man standing there.

"Bella?" the man questioned.

For some reason, I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right, that this wasn't how things were supposed to be. That my senses shouldn't be enhanced, that I shouldn't still be alive.

I turned and I ran. I ran fast, really fast.

As the leaves and bushes and tree's speed past in a flurry of green and brown, I wondered who the man, who was currently yelling my name and attempting to follow me, was.

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