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Chapter 1


Bulma stood up after hours of sitting in her lab working on a new invention. Bulla walked in holding a cup of coffee and a breakfast bar.

"Here I thought you might need this" She put both on the desk.

"I finished it" Bulma said picking up the coffee and taking a giant gulp.

"What is it?"

"It just happens to be a smaller time machine"

"Okay, now here's a question for you, what for?"

"What for? I'll tell you what it's for…I…so if something like the androids ever occur again then we don't have to worry about building one then."

"Whatever" she started to leave.

"Wait! Bulla, I have a favor to ask of you, you see I Haven't tested it yet, and well…"

"Oh no mom forget it, have Trunks do it"
"Come on, please if you do we can go shopping"

"Fine but only because that means I don't have to go with dad"

"Great, the design is simple just pin this to your hip and the watch to your arm, punch in the day month and year you want to go to, then press this here and off you go"

"Bulla followed the instructions she was given then pressed the button to activate the machine. She felt her body being pressed together and she felt weightless.


A girl sat alone in a dark room, a mans voice played in her mind "Why do you bother trying, you are useless, nothing but trash!"

"No, no I'm not"

"Stop trying to be something, you are not gifted, not anything in this world so stop pretending!"

Tears rolled down her face as she hugged herself closer. "I am nothing, I can not help anyone"


The sky opened up and Bulla fell from the hole. She saw as mountains came closer and closer to her but she didn't react soon enough and hit the top and tumbled down. Finally she stopped and lay unconscious on a ledge.


The girl listened as she heard two voices yell outside her door, they seemed to come from down the hall, towards the other bedroom. She could tell that now wasn't the time to leave her room. She got blamed for their problems every time they fought and this time would be no different. Before she fell asleep she prayed for the same since she was able, for God to take her away from this world.


Bulla opened her eyes, her vision was blurry and her whole body felt sore. "Am I dead? She tried to move but as she sat up she felt dizzy.

"You shouldn't move your injures are serious but it's good to see you up" she was pushed softly back onto her pillow.

"I'll be right back, let me get you something to eat"

Bulla closed her eyes again and tried to get them to refocus. "If I'm not dead then where am I?" She heard someone walk back in, she forced her body to sit up again, and this time the stranger helped to up. She turned to see who it was and was shocked with her discovery. "Gohan?!" she questioned herself, almost unsure if her mind was working properly.

"Huh, do I know you?"

Oh man did I say that out loud, how far back did I go anyway I just wanted to go back to yesterday, he looks my age?

Quickly she forced her mind to come up with an answer.

"I've seen you around school"

"Oh okay, so what's your name?"

"It's Bu…Belinda"

"Are you from around her or closer to the school?"

Now she started to panic, how was she suppose to answer him when she couldn't tell him she traveled through time?

"I…I don't remember"

"How do you not remember where you're from?"

She looked behind Gohan to see a little mini Goku standing in the doorway.

Oh my God …Goten was so cute when he was younger. Gohan turned and faced Goten, "Goten it's not nice to ask questions like that especially after all our friend here has been through"

"Oh sorry" he walked in and got a closer look at Bulla.

"It's okay"

He introduced himself than gave her a giant son grin'. He started asking questions but before he could get his answers a woman entered and told him to be quiet.

"Gohan told me you were up how are you felling?"

"Alright I guess, I could be worse."

"You got lucky that Gohan found you on his way home from school or you could be dead"

Gohan whispered something in his mother's ear.

"Well if that's the case then you're more then welcome to stay here until your memory returns or we found out who your parents are"

She ushered everyone out to give her some rest. Bulla didn't want to stay she wanted to find her teleporter and go back home. She looked at her wrist and saw it was missing she jumped out of bed and started searching the room for both pieces.


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