Chapter 8

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A void opened and Bulla landed on her face, the ground was hard and cold, she could hear nothing but faint beeps. She heard what sounded like keyboard typing but it stopped as soon as she heard it. "Oh My God, Bulla!" I was rolled over onto my back; hands touched my face and I felt water droplets on my face. "Bulla, Sweetie can you hear me? It's your mom" Slowly I opened my eyes, hovering over me was my mom, tears ran down her eyes. "Oh mom. It's really you!" I sprang up and wrapped my arms around her. "I'm really home!" "Yes, your home, I'm glad your back, I had gotten so worried, you were gone for so long." "Yea, it's a long story that I plan to tell you but first I have to do something." "Bulla, wh…" Bulla pulled them apart and stood up. "I'll be right back I promise, and then I'll tell you everything" she ran through the lab and out the door to the main lobby. As she rounded the corner she didn't see a women walk out of the employee break room and collided with her. "Oh, I'm so sorry I wasn't paying any attention" Bulla helped the woman stand back up, "its okay I'm fine, Oh Bulla your home, I'm glad your back your mom has been so worried since you left." "I know, I just saw here I'm glad you're not hurt…" She felt horrible she had no idea who this woman was, now that she thought about it she didn't know anyone that worked here minus a few that worked with her mom in the lab. She quickly glanced at her name badge, okay she is a greeter, "Ushina she whispered in a hushed voice, Oh My God, she has been working here for years then…ever since the tournament and I've never known it "Need something Bulla you look flushed?" "No, I'm fine" She hugged her suddenly, "I'm glad you got here safe, I'm sorry I never realized" "Bulla, what are you talking about dear?" "Remember the tournament, you were handed an address to an apartment in West City…." "Yes, but how did you know about that…Oh My God, Belinda, you are her, but how?" "Come with me Ushina I'm going to tell my mom everything, and I think you should know too" Ushina took Bulla's hand and together they walked into the lab.

They sat with Bulma and Bulla explained what happened after she activated the time machine, how she was hurt and found by Gohan, met Ushina at school and how she got the parts to fix the time machine at Capsule Corp. No detail was left out, except the feelings that were forming between Gohan and herself. When she was done Bulla asked Ushina what happened after she left. "Well Videl was declared victor because they couldn't find you, and then Goku and Vegeta took the ring, and well…" she stopped and looked at Bulma, unsure if she should continue. Bulma picked up from there. "Well you know what happened there dear at the tournament and with Majin Buu." "Yea, I do, well it's good to know that I didn't change history too much, so Ushina when did you get here?" "After things settled down and the world wasn't in a state of panic I made my way here, looking for the address I was given. I saw the 

apartment building number and walked in, I thought I was going to live with someone but when I went in I was given the room key and a note that said not to worry about rent or anything, Bulma had arranged me to stay in the room free of charge, and to not worry about being found by people I didn't want to see. I felt bad not paying for anything or helping her any so I applied for a job here and worked nights after school. I graduated from West City High and I now work full time here. Thank you Bulla because of you I was able to escape my father and create a wonderful life."

After they finished talking Bulla walked into her house. Trunks was sitting on the couch watching TV, "Hey Bro, anything good on?" Trunks jumped off the couch at the sound of her voice and hugged her. "Your back little sis, hope you didn't get into too much trouble since I couldn't watch you" he said as he messed up her hair with his hand. "You know Trunks you were cute when you were little what happened?" "No way…how little was I?" he looked at her half shocked half curious. "Let's just say you were this old" She held up eight fingers, "So you were my older, younger sister huh?" "Yep, pretty awesome but I only saw you two, three times so we really didn't hang out." "Yea but that's still pretty awesome, I met you before mom and dad even thought about you" "Trunks, please stop, I so don't need those images in my head." "True" "Oh Trunks, can you do me a favor? Can you not tell Goten about this?" He suddenly looked scared, "Why what did you do?" "Nothing I kind of lived with them for the entire time I was away and if they found out it might get awkward between us and I don't want that." "Sure sis, if you say so." "Okay, since that is taken care of have you seen dad?" "Yea, he's in the gravity room, he's been there since you left…and just between us he's been a mess since the first night you didn't come back…not that he would admit it or anything." "Okay, thanks Trunks"

Bulla ran out of the house and jumped off the balcony, she sprinted to the gravity room and debated if she should knock or not. "Nahh" She pushed the button and opened the door. "What do you want woman?!" "Nice to see you too dad, jeez, I thought you would be happy to see me again." Vegeta turned around to see his princess home again. A half smirk crossed his face as Bulla ran to him and hugged him. She knew he wouldn't break away, but she also knew that he would never have embraced her first. "Dad are you busy I have something I want to show you" She grabbed his hand and they walked to the backyard. "Now I know you've seen this before but now you'll know how." She flipped back a few feet and closed her eyes she focused her energy, it surged around her, she brought her fists up, her hair spiked up. Her eyes shot open as the transformation completed. Vegeta watched her with a shocked looked on his face. Trunks ran on the balcony when he felt the sudden power increase. Bulma saw it from the kitchen, water splattered over her, as she dropped the glass of water she was holding. Bulla felt a little hurt by the reaction Vegeta was giving her, she didn't feel happy and excited to show him anymore. She powered down and got the sudden urge to run away from her father. 

"Alright sis!" Trunks jumped over the rail and ran to her, "That was great now when we spare I can go all out!" He noticed the hurt look on her face, he saw Vegeta turning to walk away. Trunks whispered to her, "don't worry he isn't mad he did the same thing to me when I turned Super Saiyan on him." "Really?" "Yep" She felt a little better knowing that it wasn't her, but she also wondered if it was because he remembered, remembered the day she turned Super Saiyan at the tournament? "I'm going to go talk to him, Trunks okay?" "Go for it" Bulla ran to catch up with him. "Hey dad, wait up!" Vegeta stopped and turned around, "How, how is it possible?" "I found out how to transform while I was practicing for the tournament, I wasn't going to do it, but your blood pumps through my veins, I wanted to show everyone what I could do. "He smiled at her then turned away. "You're too sloppy I'll show you how to do it easier, how to not send your energy off in so many directions and to focus it towards you." She smiled and ran behind him. The two walked in the gravity room, closing the door behind them.

The End


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