Author's note: I saw Ultimatum last night, and it was basically amazing. I'm even more in love with Jason than ever. Sigh. Anyway, seeing it provoked me into a drabble-writing frenzy today; I'll not be posting them all at once because I have a lot and don't want to overwhelm anyone. My method: Open dictionary to a random page, search the page for a word that strikes me, and write a drabble with that word in mind. I usually try to use the first word I see, but it doesn't always work out.

This drabble is from Nikki's point of view in Ultimatum. Word: Blank.

I stare at him across the table, my inner psychologist scrutinizing the sharp planes of his face, searching. "You really don't remember anything?" The surprise in my tone is evident.

Jason levels those cool eyes, the color of ice or rain, at me, his expression calculating, expectant. Blank. He gazes at me for a moment.

"No." Dismissive.