The Downward Spiral

Chapter One: Loss of Innocence

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters of Naruto. I am only borrowing them to tell a story and I'm using them because without them this story would lose its punch or meaning.

Author's note: This story is a dark Naruto fan fic with depressing situations and is like the Nine Inch Nails album the title is taken from. Rape, suicide, character deaths, and really dark thoughts lie ahead.

Sakura was looking at the same sight she had seen before, the sight of Uchiha Sasuke's back as he walked away from her life again. The first time was like her world crumbling before her as she begged him not to go and he all he did was tell her thanks and he left without a word. Now it was different because she was strong enough to stop it and she knew that somewhere deep down inside of him, he had some feelings for her. Today was the day she would give up the most sacred thing a woman had for the man she loved deep down in her heart. An apology was offered to Naruto in her mind as she realized that she had lead him to believe he had a chance with her if he brought back Sasuke. What was worse was that she had encouraged his beliefs by telling him that she would give up her virginity to him if e brought Sasuke back. It was a cruel thing to do, but at the time she didn't care and when she later gained a conscious she didn't have the courage to tell him the truth. The truth was that she had masturbated to Sasuke every night dreaming of this day, the day when he would make her a woman. That's why she had chased him to the damp dark cavern that had long since been devoid of any life forms, despite the water that dripped from the gray stalagmites that could nurture any life form. The lighting only came from the candles that were placed in the few dry spots, which made the room very dim, but she could make out his features.

"I thought that idiot would find me," said Sasuke, showing that he knew she was there despite her attempts to conceal herself. "Something tells me he's not as dumb as he was when we last met, but you've been stuck to an illusion."

"I know you have feelings for me," said Sakura taking a step forward. "You try hiding them, but I know they're still there despite your attempts to severe them. I'm stronger now Sasuke. I won't be as much of a burden as you thought and I can use my charm on Naruto to get Konoha off your back while you hunt for Itachi."

"No I meant that you think you have as much a hold on Naruto as you use to," replied Sasuke with his back still turned towards her. "The thoughts of you two as anything more than friends is slipping from his mind thanks to the Hyuuga heiress. You're lucky she hasn't caught on to the fact that you're using him or else you would need Tsunade-sama to put you back together again. You may be strong, but that little Hinata isn't so little anymore as shown by her defeating most of my squad alongside Naruto."

"I don't care about consequences anymore Sasuke," said Sakura determined not to lose him. "The only thing I want is for you…."

"For me to what?"

"Please Sasuke! Please take me!"

"How very naughty of you," replied Sasuke in a playful tone. He was having the time of his life when he watched her squirm like that. "But you seem far too clean for my taste. I need a woman who can do dirty talk because it shows she doesn't have any care of proper etiquette."

"Fuck me Sasuke! PLEASE! I want to feel you inside of me right now."

"Oh, I love to hear that. Go on talk some more! Sell it to me!"

"I've been sticking a dildo in my pussy for two years, fantasizing about the day when it would be your cock that got shoved in my pussy. Please Sasuke; I want to feel your cock in my body!"

"I'll grant your wish," said Sasuke as he turned around.

Sakura's eyes poured over his body, taking in its beauty as she felt her body temperature rising dramatically. She admired how he had a soft and frail looking body that was like porcelain in way. His pale skins made him look like an angel come down from heaven and she felt the urge to hold him in her arms so badly. That cockatoo hair of his made him look so cool and went well with his frail looking complexion. It made him looked distinguished just like his noble blood decreed bringing him into a stark contrast between Naruto, who looked more like a soldier with his spiky, wild blond hair and his rippling muscles. She sighed as his name came into her thoughts. Poor Naruto. She had used him and had gotten him into situations before that could have killed him all so she could shack up with Sasuke. In her heart, she knew that she had never forgiven him for not bringing back Sasuke, even though she knew that it was Sasuke's fault. I'm a real bitch," thought Sakura. Now it's time for this bitch to get her reward and then later she can get her just deserts. Then she saw his eyes and terror shot through her body as she looked into his snake-like eyes.

"Sasuke…what's with your eyes," asked Sakura, her voice breaking up in terror.

"Sasuke forgot about me just as I had planned," replied Sasuke's body, but not in Sasuke's voice.


"Well now, you said you wanted to feel Sasuke-kun's cock inside of you," said Oro-Sasuke as he pulled off his yukata. The world seemed to spin around her, but she knew it was a genjutsu and released it.

"You bastard," she shouted as she rushed towards him with her fist ready to catch him in the jaw.

"Are you going to hurt Sasuke as well," asked Oro-Sasuke who just stood there. She hesitated and was immediately thrown against a wall before being beaten severely by Oro-Sasuke. "Well now, we're just going to lay back and let it all happen. After all, you'll still get what you wanted, what you nearly got Naruto killed for, and the one thing that you have personally killed for."

"I did it because I love Sasuke," replied Sakura, who was ashamed of having her crimes called out like that.

"There's an old saying. Never bull shit a bull shitter. You just wanted him to fuck your brains out."

He pinned her to the wall, despite her screams and pleads for him not to. He ripped her clothes off and used his tongue to lick all over her as he defiled her. The kunai in his hands fulfilled his sick sadistic pleasures as it cut into her flesh causing her to scream out. All she could think of was how she had deserved this, but also how much she wished it was really Sasuke.

Naruto's eyes searched the valley for Sasuke, going in the direction Sakura had told him to go, but he still didn't trust her. She had always made it apparent that his life was secondary to Sasuke's life, but he had found a way to get past that. He had accepted that she had lied about giving him her virginity, but it still pissed him off that she acted like she was for real about her offer. A long time ago he stopped being pussy whipped by her, but he didn't know how that had happened. Maybe it was because he was getting laid by other women in the village as soon as he became legal and a sex god. Taking out half the Akatsuki single handedly did a lot to his reputation, but he knew it was only sex, never a relationship. The Kyuubi in his stomach was preventing that and ever since it became known, most girls were just looking to be sex partners and nothing more. The only person who was still very close to him was Hinata, but he figured she was just so kind that she over looked that always.

Hyuuga Hinata. Still a virgin at nineteen, which was strange with a boyfriend like Kiba, but Kiba still seemed to be pissed at Naruto for some reason that escaped him. But my god was she cute as her long blue hair blew in with the barren valley as a back drop. She was cute with short blue hair, but as soon as she grew her hair out she looked down right beautiful. Her face had a frail beauty that was deceitful for she could take on powerful enemies. Naruto had no doubt that she could take on Neiji or Sakura, but she didn't brag about it because she was just not that kind of woman. So beautiful, but she was with Kiba now and out of his reach.

"Can you see him," asked Naruto to his constant partner in missions, Hinata.

"No, there's no one," replied Hinata. The stuttering had all but stopped.

"Fuck, I knew she sent me on some wild fucking goose chase," cursed Naruto. "I swear to fucking god I'm going to beat the shit out of her one of these days!"

It was probably an empty threat since he was really kind, even to those who still called him a monster, but sometimes he could have these streaks of sadism and rage that were a terrifying sight to behold. No one had faced the knife's edge of that rage and lived to tell about it.

"No you shouldn't it would only make people see you more for what they think you are than what you really are," said Hinata with a voice that leaked worry.

"Thanks Hinata, you're the best friend I have right now," said Naruto as he calmed down. "Take a look at that sunset."

"It's beautiful," said Hinata as she looked out at the sun going slowly below the horizon and the vibrant colors that came out. "Isn't it beautiful?"

"Pales in comparison to you though," replied Naruto and then he wondered why he had said that. They both blushed as soon as he had said that, Hinata for obvious reasons, and Naruto blushed because Hinata was Kiba's girl and he never made a move on another man's girl.

"Th-th-thanks Naruto-kun," said Hinata. For some reason that Naruto could not grasp, Hinata was always stuttering when he complimented her.

"Well let's get going before she decides to offer our lives up to Sasuke," laughed Naruto. He had no doubt in his mind that she would do that, but then again, so would anyone in love.

"Naruto you shouldn't say things like that," complained Hinata. Though she knew that what he said was probably true she could understand where it came from. She would do the same thing for Naruto even though he didn't know it, but everyone knew that her relationship with Kiba was mostly one sided.

"Yeah maybe I shouldn't," said Naruto. He looked back at the setting sun and then he smelled something. It smelled like blood, Sakura's blood.

"Sasuke," she said weakly as she saw Oro-Sasuke dressing, his back turned to her. She felt so bad and not just because of the pain. She felt bad that she had treated Naruto so cruelly only to gain something that was worthless.

"He's saying sorry right now, but I'm sure he enjoyed the show," said Oro-Sasuke as he exited the cave.

"Well, it seems like things are ripe for my idea," said the newest member of the Akatsuki to the leader.

"Yes things do look like they're headed to shit creek," replied the leader. "Do you really believe that we'll be able to offer Naruto something that will be enough to convince him to become one of us."

"We'll be offering him something that will mean the most to him, a place where he will be judged for whom he is and not what."

"It does seem logical and has a high probability of working," said Itachi in his own emotionless manner. "With him and Gaara working together, we can kiss those two demons good-bye, but who knew that the Shukaku was that powerful and that the jonin was more than just an average suna jonin."

"He is one of the Seven Sword masters," reminded Kisame, who was one of the same group. "I can't wait till we fight him."

"Naruto and Kakashi were a threat before, but now we have two new threats and both villages are becoming more of a problem," declared the Akatsuki leader.

"How did Kakashi get the mangekyou if it requires the death of a friend," asked Tobi, one of the new, more useless members of the Akatsuki.

"I don't know," replied Itachi. "I don't know how Orochimaru got control of my brother either."

"Why do we have to worry about that," asked the leader. "Just kill him and be done with it or let Naruto do that himself."

Author's note: For all my diehard fans, I'm thinking of putting Shenlong in this fan fic. If you don't want him just say so.