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Hinata sat on the coach and smiled up at the pacing Neji.

She watched him pause to glance at his watch then furrowed his brows.

"We're just going to lunch! How much makeup are you planning to cake on?" he yelled at the closed door of his room. There was no reply and after a second he turned with an exasperated look towards Hinata.

She couldn't help the laugh that bubbled up from her. They'd been waiting for half an hour for Ino to finish dressing so they could go for lunch and Neji was a very impatient person. She shrugged and turned as they heard the door knob moving.

"Finally." Neji muttered bitterly and glanced at the blonde in the dark pink top and white Capri's.

"Beauty takes time!" she said with a pout as she walked out towards the door.

"You're already beautiful from the time you roll out of bed, you don't need two hours to get ready!" Neji frowned and went after her. Hinata saw Ino soften and turn to face him.

"I left something in my room." She nearly coughed out and walked into her room chuckling. She walked over to her night stand and stood for a bit before walking back to the door as noisily as possible then erupted in a fit of coughing before walking back out.

She looked up to see a flustered Ino with her lipstick smeared and Neji looking at her amused.

"I think we got the point. You're coming out of your room."

Hinata blushed and picked up her jacket and pulled it over her dark blue floral top.

"Just wanted to give you two some privacy."

"And it was much appreciated." Ino smiled at her and she slung her own jack over her arm.

She started down the hall as Neji locked the door and they all moved on to the parking garage. They got in Neji's car and pulled out. Hinata sent a smile at the security guard at the gate as they drove out. The restaurant was a few minutes away and had valet parking. It was in the top of one of Konoha's tallest buildings and very exclusive. The lunch idea was a treat for them all. She hadn't been to such a fancy restaurant in a long time she felt almost nostalgic.

"Please, this way." the waiter smiled as he guided them to the reserved table at the large glass window overlooking the city. "Best seat in the house." He smiled proudly and pulled out the chair for Hinata as Neji got Ino's.

"Thank you." She smiled brightly and took the menu handed to her before the waiter moved off to get them water.

"This place is amazing. How'd you get reservations?" Ino said wondrously as she stared out the window.

Neji chuckled and sat back as he read his menu. Hinata glanced between the two as Ino continued to pester him on how he had managed to get the reservations.


*later that afternoon*

This would suit the bastard right.

Hayato Katsu glanced over his shoulder to see if the parking garage guard was still unconscious. He bulky body laid sprawled out on the ground a few feet away but he was motionless, he didn't even seemed to be breathing. He had managed to shove the man between two parked cars that were out of sight of the passing cars and any video cameras.

He gripped the pliers he had used to bash the man over his head as he turned the final bolt. With a satisfied smirk, he turned and closed the hood with a definite clunk. Finally, he would have his Hinata again.

There was no doubt in his mind that the man would hit 90. He seemed to be the type of man to like speed. He turned sharply and glanced but to see if there was any evidence of their struggle or if the guard was viewable from the parked car in anyway. He was lucky the bastard had planned to stop by to see her for a bit that afternoon while her friends were out. He'd planned this for two weeks now.

His smile broadened as he pulled over his hood and stalked out of the parking garage. He paused a moment to blow a shadowed kiss to a video camera over him, making sure to properly conceal his face. He then proceeded out the side door and pulled off his gloves and shoved them into his pockets but kept his shades and hood in place.

He didn't care if it was near sun set and he looked oddly suspicious. All he cared about now was that when that bastard finally left her apartment, he would never return. He was sure of it.

He had managed to get into her apartment the night before and checked her phone log and messages while she slept. It was a convenience that she had left it charging in the hall while she slept and her idiot of a cousin and her busty blonde friend didn't even realize. He had heard their quiet moans from their room and sneered in disgust.

He couldn't wait till she moved in with him and he was sure she would. After all, they would need their privacy and he refused to have witnesses to him taking her in every room and on any possible thing in every possible position.

Well, maybe the blonde might want to watch. Maybe he could have them both. A wishful smile crossed his lips before it fell and he remembered that he refused to share his Hinata with anyone, male or female.

He walked in a circle before boarding a bus heading uptown towards a large park where he had manage to stash a change of clothes. He wanted to be careful no one connected him to her yet. He wanted her to know the real him. Not his more violent alter personality.

Once again he found himself smiling.

The bastard was going to die tonight.


He smirked as she moaned into his mouth but continued his pleasant torture.

He ran his hand down her side slowly before finding the hem of her dress and snaking his hand underneath to the silky smooth skin of her thigh. She shivered and groaned herself against him. It was his turn to stifle and groan as her hips pressed against his hardened member. He opened his eyes to look up at her hooded eyes and pouting lips. She looked edible. He smirked more when she shifted away from him for a bit to try and grind herself against him again and he took the opportunity to run his fingers up the inside of her thigh to stop at the rub the slick material of her lace underwear.

"Ohhhhh…" she moaned and nearly jumped off the chair.

Sasuke chuckled softly and gripped her waist to keep her on top of him. He looked up at her against and stared as she stared back down at him.

"Please…." She whispered in a half moan but he didn't get a chance to reply as she pulled herself down quickly and caught his mouth with an intensity that made his whole body vibrate. He paused in shock for a moment then followed her lead as he ran his tongue slowly along her lips then nipped softly. He raised a brow as he her moan louder then pulled away. She looked down at him for a moment in dissatisfaction. In a second her hands were working under his shirt and pulling it up over his head.

He helped her a bit and watched as the shirt fell crumpled to the floor. He gripped the sides of her dress nearly ripped it off of her and in an instant she closed the distance between their two bodies and felt her grinding her hips against him.


His name sounded like velvet on her lips and he was gripped with the desire of hearing her scream it. He slid his hand up her stomach and pulled the lacy purple material down and lift his head to capture the soft pink tip in his mouth. She gritted her teeth and moaned as she grinded harder. He continued for another minute the pinched the other softly.

He paused a minute when he heard a frustrated groan then felt her pull away and started yanking at his pants. He lifted himself a bit so she would be able to pull it off and before he could re settle himself he felt her hands running along the length of his erection.

He released a ragged breath and closed his eyes as she ran her hand along it along it again then pulled it through the opening of his boxers and stroked it softy with her hands. He felt fire cursing through his veins as she shifted to be closer and tightened her grip. Just when he thought he couldn't take it anymore he felt her warm wet tongue flick across his tip and he snapped open his eyes to look down at the devious grin she had plastered across her face and in a second her mouth covered his tip and she was sucking gently while running her hands along the length.

He dropped his head back and watched the top of her head rotate slowly around the tip and when she started flicking her tongue over the sensitive point just below the tip he groaned quickly and sat up as he grabbed her shoulders and spun her underneath him. She smiled as he ripped the sides of underwear and threw them to the floor.

"Please Sasuke…." She groaned and wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled his head down for a smoldering kiss. He positioned himself as she ran her nails down his back. He half trusted and pushed the tip of him in and listened to her whimper his name. He pulled back and readied to push deeper when he heard the jingling of keys on the door.

"DAMMIT!" she half yelled and sprung up off the coach and grabbed their clothes. He watched in amusement as she picked up the most of it then grabbed the waist of his boxers and hauled him off the coach and pulled him to her room. He was chuckling by the time she slammed the door and dropped the clothes to face him.

"Now!" she demanded and shoved him to the bed then crawled on top. He didn't know whether to ogle at her intensity or pound himself into her with every bit of strength in his body. He opted for the second.

She gripped him and straddled his waist and she slid herself into position. Just as she was about to impale herself with every inch of his delicious length she heard Ino walking up to the door and knocked.

"Hinata?" she said in a nervous and worried voice. "Are you there? Are you ok?"

She released and harsh breath and pushed herself to drop to his side as he dropped his head to the bed in defeat.

"Yes." She said in a throaty yet irritated voice and he watched her stare at the door.

"Can I come in?" she said in an unsure voice.

"Give me a second."

Sasuke sat up and watched her walked to her bathroom for a robe then with a sigh her got up and walked in to shower as she went to the door. He grabbed a towel from the little pile on a table next to the shower and dropped his boxers and was about to step in when he heard a knock at the door.

"Sasuke." He heard Hinata called in a nervous voice and he wrapped the towel around his waist and barely had enough time to secure it before he hauled the door open and looked at her.

She looked slightly frightened and he wrapped his arms around her protectively before staring at the blushing Ino.

"Sorry if I interrupted something." She said quickly. "The manager caught us on our way in with a few officers. Someone murdered the Hoko the garage guard."

"What? When?" Sasuke asked as he stared at her. He tightened his grip on Hinata briefly and felt her turn to look at Ino in his arms.

"They say I must have been around 1:30 or so. After we came back from lunch and Neji and I went to visit my mom." She said grimly. "They want to ask you two some questions."

She gestured to the door where they heard Neji speaking softly to someone. Sasuke walked to the bed and bend to pick up his crumpled pants then turned to look at two of them. He watched as Ino smirked and sauntered out the door after passing Hinata a noticed nod of approval then watched as she blushed and followed her friend out the door. He joined the group a second later clad in only his slightly wrinkled jeans.

"Mr. Uchiha, around what time did you enter the building?"

"A little after 1."

"Ok." The officer said as he scribbled in a note book. "And did you see Mr. Dokstu?"


"Did he look fine?"


"Did he indicate any abnormal behavior?"


"Did you see anyone suspicious lurking around the garage?"


The question continued for another 20 minutes or so before he the officer nodded and closed his book.

"The security tapes are being examined as we speak but for your own security we recommend you stay somewhere else for a few days while we try and figure a motive and search the building for any possible threats."

"That's fine, thank you officer." Neji said finally from his seat on the coach. Sasuke mirrored his anger and worry but they bout decided to hide it from the women.

"I'll get some stuff pack for us." Ino finally said to Neji as the officer left. "Hinata you can stay with us at my place if you don't already have plans." She said and glanced at Sasuke.

"She'll stay with me." Sasuke said defiantly and glanced at Hinata. "If you want." He added a second later.

"I'd love to, thank you." She said with a faint smile. "I'll go get some stuff."

Sasuke nodded and sank on the coach besides Neji.

"What do you think?" Neji asked after a minute of mutual silence.

"There's no plausible motive unless he had someone with a really big grudge."

"Hm." Neji said and sank back into deep thought.

"Have there been any threats to anyone in this house?" Sasuke asked after another long moment of thought.

"Not that I know of and they both would tell me if there were."

"This makes no sense."

"I agree." Neji nodded and scratched his head.

"I want to see those tapes."

"Same here but I doubt the police would hand them over."

"Then we'll just do some recording of our own from now on."


"If the person was after one when you three go missing for a while they'll probably come looking for clues as to where. We'll set up hidden cameras in the hallways and in the apartment."

"I think I would know if anyone broke into the house. I check the doors regularly for signs of tamper."

"You never know. Maybe they have a key."


"On the contraire."

Neji frowned in thought as they both lapsed back into silence. After a few more minutes the girls returned from their rooms with their bags. Neji went to help Ino since she had packed for both of them and Sasuke held the larger of Hinata's two bags.

"I'll get that stuff tomorrow and give you a call." Sasuke said as they stood outside the doors waiting as Hinata locked the door.

Neji nodded and they dismissed the girls inquiring looks and continued down to the garage. They had barely cleared the elevator when they were overcome with the noise from the garage door.

"Miss Hyuuga! Is it true the death with cause of a hit man sent to kill you?"

"Sasuke is it true you had something to do with the murder!"

Sasuke put a protective arm around Hinata as she paused for a minute in surprise and led her gently to his car. He sent an irritated glance to the flashing lights of the camera then walked around to his side of the car and got in. He was even gladder for the dark tinting on the windows as he watched as Ino and Neji drove out in their cars. When he saw them safely passed the massive group of paparazzi he finally turned to the quiet Hinata.

"They never leave do they?"

"Not really." He sighed and leaned over to kiss her softly. "It's gonna be ok. Trust me."

"Ok." She said quietly and gave him a small smile and leaned over and gave him quick kiss. He smirked as he saw her blush a little as she pulled back. He was thinking the same thing.

"Wait till we get to my place to continue what was interrupted earlier."

He saw her blush guiltily and turned to look out the window. He stuck his key in the ignition and pulled out of the parking quickly and turned to leaving the building. He had to stop for a moment so the police could push the people far enough back for them to pass without hitting any one and soon he was making his way down the busy street.

"Are you ok?" he asked again as he pulled onto the highway.

"I don't know yet." She said quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"I have this funny feeling that something bad is gonna to happen."

"Your safe with me Hinata." He said assuring and tried to look as calm as he could.

He watched as she smiled then bent to play with the radio. He continued around a slight bend in the highway and frowned as the traffic started to slow and pressed the brakes.

He pressed it again.


The sound of her scream seemed to echo in his ears flowed by the loud scrapping of metal.

He felt them stop he opened his eyes to look over at her blurred figure. She didn't seem to be moving and in the corner of his eyes he could see the wicked orange dancing of a flame.

He felt himself moving barely but his eyes seemed to go dark.

It seemed an eternity the he saw a flicker of grass and he yanked at her seat belt and tried to push her out towards it.

He pulled himself out next and grabbed her and hauled her along the wet grass as far as he could. The car seemed to be following them and the wild orange movement seemed to spread. He could her sirens blaring some above them and just as he thought they might make it there was an earsplitting boom and everything went white for a moment before a definite black.

The cold grips of unconsciousness wrapped themselves around him.


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