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Well, enjoy. :)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (A Study in Characters)

The Bad:

Three villains they be, the Man, the Captain, and the One of the Sea.

The Captain is the most ruthless of the three, and a deep part of them all know it when they step onto his ship.

Maybe it's the teaspoons upon teaspoons of sugar in his tea that have made him so heartless...the Man tries to casually drink his cup(he pours it so neatly from the kettle, like a gentleman) and has to clench his jaw to prevent gagging, the sweetness causing his throat to seize up.

The One of the Sea is offered tea (sweetly, as if a nice treat for him, maybe remembrance of England) and he slaps outright at the cup, sending the china shattering on the wood floor like glass.

He gives no explanation, but it's easily reasoned that to him the tea would taste like everything else; salt-water, brine, and the bitter cold of something lost.

But the Captain already knows this.

Over the rim of his cup, he smiles.

"More sugar?"