Ramos. Suave. Passionate. Possessive. Whatever he wanted, he took. Whatever he took, he kept. And Sasha was no exception.

Everyone at the school knew that it would only be some time after Sasha and Ramos left school that they'd end up together. They'd live life as well as they could in the place called the Bronx: have three kids and have to bury one before he graduated.

But the only one who refused to accept that was D'anjou. Kind. Smart. Gentlemanly. Whatever he did, he did it to get out of the Bronx. And to bring Sasha with him out of there.

D'anjou was the flip side of Ramos, his complete opposite. While Ramos' touch set her on fire, D'anjou could calm her, even soothe her, when she was most troubled.

Before Mr. Dulaine appeared with the crazy idea of teaching them how to dance, Ramos and D'anjou would not even talk to each other. Gradually, they became courteous. Sasha talked to D'anjou about getting out and she listened to Ramos' raps. Then their cold courtesy changed into an inferno of emotions after Mr. Dulaine paired both of them with Sasha.

Both of them loved her. She knew it the instant that Ramos agreed to D'anjou's plan. If it wasn't for her, the tormented, unloved girl, neither would care for the other. But she brought them together. It didn't matter that they were as different as night and day. All that mattered was that they loved her and she loved them both.