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The Path We Walk

Epilogue: To Submit or not to, that is the Challenge

Everyone had gone back to their own homes giving Kagome her first moment of peace in a long while and she was taking full advantage of it. Kagome let out a sigh of pleasure as she sank further into the hot springs feeling her muscles start to relax.

Just what I needed. Kagome decided as she allowed herself to sink under the water before returning to the surface and ringing the extra water out of her hair. She let out a content sigh as she closed her eyes and rested back against the rocks that surrounded the springs, but a noise coming from in front of her had her eyes snapping back open.

Standing in front of her, in all of his-prettier than any man has a right to be-err taiyoukainess, was Sesshoumaru, Lord of the West. Kagome could only blink as she stared at him in shock momentarily forgetting she was currently naked in a hot springs with a very confusing taiyoukai in front of her. "Huh?" Oh great Kagome nice greeting...wait why is he here in the hot springs...umm I'm naked... Needless to say, Kagome's thought process was a little slow at the moment and before she could vocalize any of said thoughts, Sesshoumaru began to untie his obi.

That woke Kagome up and she shook her head, blinking at him for a moment. "Lord Sesshoumaru what are you doing?" Kagome wondered as she sank into the water until only her head remained above water.

"Miko even you can't be so innocent not to know." was Sesshoumaru's reply as he allowed the obi to fall to the ground and began working this ties open to his haori.

"Okay yeah I know what you are doing, why are you doing it?" Kagome mumbled scarcely breathing as she watched the haori fall to the floor, revealing his well toned torso and arms. Her cheeks began to heat as a blush covered her face and started making its way toward her chest.

"This Sesshoumaru wants to." Annoyed, Kagome snapped her gaze up to his face to yell about him about his odd responses lately, when a rustling of fabric stopped her and make her look down again. He was currently working to undo the strings keeping his hakama up.

Kagome was sure her entire body was now covered in a blush as she jumped and turned around but a moment before she heard the material hit the floor. "What are you doing Lord Sesshoumaru?" Kagome asked again as she felt movement in the water but continued to face away with the water up to her chin.

"This Sesshoumaru is taking a bath." Sesshoumaru replied, a slight growl in his voice. He wasn't angry, no it was another type of growl and it was currently having a great effect on Kagome.

This is not the time to be getting horny, no matter how sexy his growl is. Kagome chastised herself as she tried to push the current thoughts that were floating around her head out, sure that even in the water, this close Sesshoumaru would be able to smell her arousal and she did not need that at the moment. "Yes Lord Sesshoumaru I can see that, but why are you taking a bath with me?"

"This Sesshoumaru wants to."

That's it I'm gonna kill him! Kagome screamed mentally as she flung herself around, pointing her finger at him as though she was scolding a child. However, words were lost when she realized the taiyoukai was standing right behind her and all she could do was stare at him dumbly.

Shaking her head to clear the fog, Kagome turned to head around him to a safer side of the hot springs, but an arm shooting out and latching onto the rocks behind her stopped her process. Blinking at him, she turned and tried to go the other way, but again his arm blocked her movement.

"Lord Sesshoumaru what are you doing?" Kagome whispered, knowing he would hear her just fine, as she stared down at his arm that was still blocking her way.

"What does it look like miko?" Sesshoumaru wondered huskily and Kagome could feel his breath of the side of her face. She turned, wondering when he had gotten that close, and had but a moment to wonder what was going on before his lips crashed down on hers and her eyes began to flutter close of their own accord.

Before she realized what she was doing, her lips began moving against his on their own deepening the kiss as all thoughts left her dazed mind. A slight moan escaped her lips and Sesshoumaru smirked into the kiss before pulling back to look her in the eyes.

Slowly her eyes reopen and Kagome looked up at him as she ran her tongue across her lips wondering oddly about the feeling of loss. Then she remembered what had just happened and dropped into the water, diving under his arm and making her way across the springs.

"Why?" The whisper was so soft and muffled by her fingers which she was touching to her lips, that even he barely heard it.

"Why what?" Sesshoumaru questioned, not taking his eyes off of her lips briefly wishing to be her fingers.

"Why are you doing this? You hate humans and in case you have forgotten I am a human Lord Sesshoumaru." Kagome reminded him as she looked down at the water, a little bit worried he would realize what he was doing and be disgusted by her.

"This Sesshoumaru wanted to." he replied as he began to make his way over to her, however, the wave of anger rolling off her stopped him in his tracks.

"Kuso Sesshoumaru! That doesn't make any sense!" Kagome yelled as she raised her gaze to meet his, forgetting titles and the fact that they were both naked in a hot springs for a moment.

"Then this Sesshoumaru will make it simple miko." Sesshoumaru assured as he moved until he was almost touching her and leaned down to whisper into her ear. "I want you and that above all else," he paused allowing his hot breath to cover her ear causing her to shiver, "means I will get you Kagome."

Before she could respond, or even think, his lips were crashing down on hers again, a bit more forceful this time. He said my name! And he talked in first person. Her mind realized and she went to voice these, momentary forgetting that he was kissing her, and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue between her lips and take his first taste of her as one hand came up to cup the back of her neck and the other ran down her side.

He growled in approval as she threw caution to the wind and began to kiss him back, running her fingers through his long silky hair and pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.

"Milord!" Kagome screamed out in ecstasy as her arms tightened around his shoulders and her legs around his waist to prevent herself from falling over.

"I win." Sesshoumaru whispered in her ear turning into a growl at the end as his eyes began to bleed red and his fangs elongated. Before she could find her voice to respond, he sank his fangs into her shoulder causing her to cry out again in ecstasy, another wave of pleasure rolling off of her.

Finally getting her voice back, Kagome looked into his eyes and smiled. "Yes Lord Sesshoumaru you win, I submit." Kagome replied ignoring the blush that was spreading across her checks again.

"Again?" Kagome wondered in disbelief as Sesshoumaru began trailing kisses along her neck making his way to her breast. Had he been anyone else she could have swore he just chuckled, but as he closed his hot mouth around her peaked nipple, all thought left her mind and she moaned as she got ready for another round of taiyoukai love making.

"Rin wants to go in the hot springs with Kagome-chan." Rin decided as she and Shippo stopped outside the door to the springs.

Shippo listened for a moment before grabbing Rin's hand and starting away. "Not a good idea right now, Momma isn't alone at the moment." Shippo explained as he started toward the garden, thinking that would distract her.

"Who's in with her?" Rin wondered confused.

"Lord Sesshoumaru." Shippo whispered in her ear so only she could hear, though the squeal she gave probably alerted the entire castle.

"Now Rin will have a momma too!" Rin cheered as she grabbed Shippo and raced outside, spotting Jaken resting under a tree. "Master Jaken! Master Jaken! Guess what!" Rin yelled as she ran over to him.

Kagome awoke later in a rather large bed surrounded by furs and noticed, after wiping the sleep from her eyes, that it was now some time in the late evening. She sat up in bed, running her fingers through her hair to try and get some control over it as she looked around the room.

This isn't the room I've been staying in. Kagome realized, in fact the room was about three times the size of the guest room she had been using. Must be Sesshoumaru's room. she decided as she noticed the large mural of a giant white dog covering one of the walls.

As she gaze around the room, she spotted her large yellow bag off in a corner and could see the red cloth, that housed Inuyasha's sword, sticking up in the bag's opening. Tomorrow Kagome decided with a nod of her head before laying back against the bed. I will give him the sword tomorrow.

As she closed her eyes she briefly wondered why he hadn't asked about it yet, but figured he probably thought Inuyasha had taken it with him. Either way, now that she no longer needed it she would give it to its now rightful owner, her mate.


Haori-Japanese formal coat

Hakama-man's formal divided skirt

Obi-kimono sash


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