Disclaimerthingy: Galliel and Oceanna belong to Mediaworld I suppose but since I'm in America and have never even seen an episode of "The New Adventures of Ocean Girl" the people and planets in this story are probably nothing like the ones Mediaworld owns. No money is being made, anyway.

Stormy says: All I know of the Ocean Girl cartoon I learned from the Mediaworld site plus an mp3 of the opening theme song and later a movie file of the opening. The cartoon itself may be good or not, but those tidbits were pretty interesting. So here's my spin on OG, Oceanna, real-Neri and purple-hair-Neri. Our story begins long before the time of the Promised One...

Tiara's Choice 1
The murals had been on the palace walls as long as Tiara could remember. Each year they grew, as the life of Oceanna went on and more discoveries and triumphs needed to be recorded. Twenty years of a planet's life in cut stone and carving in the walls of the palace. The first picture was of the landing and the ceremony naming the planet. This was the only one Tiara herself was in, the ceremony when her mother named her the first princess of Oceanna. It was a lot to live up to, as was being the grand-daughter of Neri herself. Neri the real legend, the princess who had united the peoples of the Lapis planet and Earth and begun the expansion to the stars.
Tiara leaned against the wall, her eyes on the sky outside the arched windows. The sun was setting, and the doctors hadn't given her any news in a while. It would be a tragedy, but not enough to carve into the walls, if the wizard-knight Galiel died from the bite of a serpent. Worst for Tiara, because Galiel was a friend and she didn't have friends to spare.
They had known each other as long as they could remember. In school Galiel had always been the quiet older student who answer every question but only sometimes bothered. He had brought her flowers, once, for the first day of the greening season.
But the time Tiara had really noticed him had been at her coronation two years before. Neri had come from Lapis to attend it, one of her last journeys. Tiara had been hugely impressed by the ancient, beautiful matriarch. Neri had come to see the new planet and to offer the help of her handmaiden, an old woman named Laeka who had very strong foreseeing powers.
Laeka's ancient voice had intoned, "This is a world of magic, but magic will be its downfall as all power draws greed to it." And here her eyes had flickered up and looked straight at Galiel. "But in the time of darkness when confusion and war shadow this beautiful world, there will be a hero. The Promised One will emerge from the people and will bring a new age and save... our ocean..."
The scribes were writing down every word.
Tiara wondered. Time of darkness? And the way Laeka had glanced up at Galiel... the old foreseer was almost blind and Tiara was certain she hadn't meant to look at anyone in particular, and probably didn't know she had. But Galiel had noticed. And other people had noticed too, from the whispers going around the room.
Tiara had stepped forward to break the gossip. "Hear that? When this world is most in danger, it will have a hero. The Promised one!"
"The Promised One!" echoed the shout.
There, carved in the mosaic walls was the visit of Neri and Laeka. Tiara leaned her forehead on her grandmother's image, trying to draw strength and calm into herself. Neri and Laeka were both passed now, both had spoken comforting words with their last breaths, trying to keep their people from despair at being without them.
A swish of hinges was the door opening; Tiara whirled to see the royal doctor standing in the hallway.
"How is he?" she asked quickly.
"Not well, my queen. His fever is high, I... don't think he will last the night.
Tiara swayed on her feet. Part of her cried that Oceanna couldn't lose its best wizard, and part of her cried for the sweet, strange young man who was her friend. "Is there... nothing left to do?"
"I hesitate to even suggest it but... the crystals of life have never been used to heal a single person, but they are the only thing I can think of that might save him."
"I have to think." Tiara moved to the windows, and looked steadily at the ocean beyond.
A string of plaintive notes chimed in her mind, perfect and sad. They took the form of a question: What will you do?
Tiara welcomed the voice of the sacred whale. "I need to use the crystals. At least one." She breathed. Her voice was softer than a whisper, but the sacred whale heard her thoughts. "Galiel is important to all of Oceanna, and to me. I'll do everything I can to save him."
Mandrool sent acceptance, and Tiara knew that when she came to the temple of the crystals the doors would open for her. The sacred whales never judged human decisions, only offered advice and choices.
Tiara said aloud, "I'll get one of the crystals."
She hurried up the stairs that curved like vine tendrils through the palace. The crystals' temple was a small room holding only the four crystals in their gold and silver setting. The walls of the room were made of water falling from above. Only the royal family could part the curtains of water and get inside.
Tiara braced herself and wrapped her hands around one of the crystals. The clear stone hummed and pricked her hands as if it were slightly electric and releasing extra charge into her body. The crystal shaft was as long as her forearm and heavy; she had to carry it cradled close to her chest. Holding it, she was afraid. The crystals kept and balanced all life on Oceanna. What right did she have to use their power to save one life, however important? But how could she not?
The queen of Oceanna brought the crystal back to the doctors, and her friend.