Author's Note: Not HBP compliant.

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You Know What They Say About Eavesdropping

by Silver Birch

"So," Ginny whispered, leaning conspiratorially closer to Hermione, "how is he, then?"

Severus's ears perked up at the question. Remaining hidden, he leaned closer. He didn't realize how certain he'd been of an exemplary response until he was stunned by Hermione's casual "so-so" hand gesture.

"I've had better."

All he saw was red. Before he could think better of it, he had stepped out of his hiding place, and Ginny blanched.

"You've had better?!" he demanded harshly.

Hermione swivelled to look at him; the face that greeted him was a laughing one.

"That will teach you to eavesdrop, won't it?"