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Alice Munro let out a slight gasp as she half-slipped for the third time on the slippery rocks. Her hand instinctively attempted to grasp onto something besides her, but failed. Still filled with terror and anxiety, due to some terrible scenes an eighteen-year-old girl should never see, she felt herself slipping, falling…

"Miss Munro, are you fine?"

A man's voice, warm and low, sent waves of relief into the young British girl. Next to her, a hand reached out to grasp hers, warm, gentle and strong. Alice, without a moment's hesitation, clung onto it as thought it was her lifeline.

She did not have to look up to know who was speaking. The man's voice, so well-loved, was more than familiar.


Tall and slender, the handsome young Mohican was an epitome of beauty and grace, with well-formed features, long, smooth black hair and warm, dark eyes. His intent eyes looked right at Alice keenly and tenderly, and Alice, at that moment, felt as though the whole world around them had shriveled up, leaving only the two of them behind.

"Come, Miss Munro. Let me carry you. The terrain here is too rough and dangerous for a girl like you."

Before Alice could protest, the young man had lifted her in his strong, well-muscled arms, and was carrying her on towards the shady, secluded area under where the waterfall danced about, fierce and graceful at the same time. No signs whatsoever of fatigue did he show, despite the fact that the group had been moving for hours on end without rest.

Wounding her arms around her neck, Alice leaned her head quietly on his shoulder, and shut her eyes.

Alice must have been an angel from the heavens, sent down to grace the world with her sweet beauty, innocence and gentle, quiet nature, or so Uncas thought. Even if she did possess a slightly timid nature at times. From the first moment he had set his eyes on her, Uncas had lost his heart to the young, gold-haired, blue-eyed woman. She rarely spoke much in his presence, although there were times when she had looked right into his eyes and smiled, sending waves of passion and desire right into his soul, something no other woman had ever done to him.

She had seen bloodshed and death. She had seen her own beloved father murdered by vengeful Magua. She had even almost come face-to-face with death, only to be saved by Uncas. Yet, she had never once complained nor cried. A sign of nothing less than true courage, despite the fact that she always acted like a passive, timid girl.

She now nestled her head into Uncas' chest, shifting slightly in his arms. Within him, his heart pounded more fiercely than the raging waves of an ocean. This was only the first time he had ever held Alice so closely to him; before this, they had only shared a few very brief, light touches, nothing more. Holding her so close was almost too good to be true, more like a dream, yet her now-relaxed breathing and warmth against Uncas told the Mohican that this was real.

And only Uncas, at that moment, knew the whole tumult of emotions which raged within him like an unconquerable fire.

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