Same basic universe

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He stared at the broken girl that sat before him. Mussed pink hair brushed over covered shoulders as she watched the colors of the sunset melt together.

Slowly, he trudged across the deck, wary of breaking the rare peace that had befallen her. "Sakura...," hesistance was obvious in his voice. Thankfully, he was unable to shatter her peace as she barely acknowledge him. "Why...?"

Sakura's eyes never strayed from the melting sunset. She was fascinated by the way the colors blended together and poured across the sky, painting it with different emotions. "I love him. I really do, Naruto."

"No one doubts that, Sakura-chan." He replied quickly, running a hand through blond spikes. Naruto, in every way, was desperate to get across to her just how she was ruining her life. Reaching out, calloused fingers connected with the cotton, pushing lightly upon skin that he knew was bruised. Naruto drew his fingers back when seeing her lack of response.

It was too late.

She was already gone. She was already his.