Chapter Twenty-Six – Reflections.

Peter, Sylar, Clair, Joel and Matt turned around quickly as the Puppet Master smile. He walked in front of the door blocking their only way out, the other man did the same.

"Well, looks like we have more then expected." The Puppet Master said looking at Jade. Jade eyes watched him angrily, knowing what he was going to do and she can't stop it. "Looks like this is going to be more fun then I thought." Jade started shacking her head and fighting with the restraints.

The other man walked out in front of the Puppet Master. He swung out at Peter who was out in front. He ducked out of the way and he swung again this time Matt caught his hand and pushed him away but the man got right back up and lunged for them.

Sylar moved one finger and threw the man against the wall, when he hit it all the pictures and the stuff on the shelf fell on top of him. He got up slowly and looked at Sylar. He moved his hands like a blue field was forming, like the one around Jade, but he wasn't quick enough Sylar opened the door and threw him out.

The shield around Jade started to fade when the man wasn't in the room, but it was slow. She could feel it getting weaker but she couldn't use her abilities yet, she waited for the right moment. The Puppet Master started to clap his hand.

"You're very powerful." He said to Sylar. Sylar didn't respond he watched the man as he moved slowly towards him. "Go a head, make the first move." Sylar rose his had to throw the Puppet Mater against the wall, but he raised his hand sending it back at Sylar throwing everyone else against the wall.

Jade watched helplessly, the ropes were started to loosen but she couldn't yet slip her hands out and the shield was still too strong for her to use her powers. She looked over at the mirror in the corner of the room wishing Matt could read her mind and make Mike look in it.

Mike made his way over to where Peter and Sylar were. He thought to himself it was a shame they wouldn't want to help him, they had such power with them on his side he could get whatever he wanted. He knew hurting them would hurt Jade.

"I thought you guy would put up more of a fight." Mike said with a disappointing sigh.

"You want a fight fine." Peter said. He watched him get up the he was gone. He looked around turning his back to the others. Joel saw this as his chance, he got up fast and went next to the Puppet Master, but, before Joel could do anything he turned around and put his hand in front of his face.

"You're under my control now!" Mike said. Joel's arms went to his side and he looked like a zombie, his eyes were blank and his face hand no emotion. They had never seen the faces of the people that The Puppet Master hypnotized. They looked so empty it was sad. "Deal with them."

Joel started to walk towards them. They all knew if he touched any of them they would fall dead unless he touched them again they would stay dead and under The Puppet Masters control that wasn't likely.

"Joel, snap out of it!" Peter yelled trying to get through to him but it was like nobody was home. "I hate to do this." The next thing they knew Joel was against the wall then out on the floor. Peter was still invisible. Matt went and checked on Joel to make sure he wasn't dead. Clair quietly made her way over to Jade, while Peter and Sylar kept the Puppet Master occupied.

She noticed the light blue tinged and placed her hand on it to see if it would hurt her but all she felt was a shock. She jumped in and started to untie Jade. When one of Jades hands were free she ripped the tape off her mouth, it stung but she didn't care she was the only one who knew how to stop him.

Clair struggled with the rope, the knot was difficult and she couldn't get it to budge. Jade watched Mike throw Sylar and Peter around, she didn't worry about Peter much he could heal but Sylar was more vulnerable.

"Hurry up!" Jade said frantically. Finally she felt the rope loosen, she bolted from the chair. Peter and Sylar were tired from fighting, bruised and bloody but the kept getting back up. The Puppet master laughed, not have a scratch on him. Jade ripped the sheet off of the mirror.

Jade pushed the mirror down on the ground and it broke into pieces. She ran in to the bath room and tried to take if off the hinges but it wouldn't budge and she wanted to save her energy. She hit the middle of the mirror so that it would brake but not shatter so they were big pieces like the other mirror.

"Dad." She called out. He turned around and she smiled at him. She lifted her hand up slowly and the broken pieces fallowed. The surrounded the Puppet Master, every where he looked there was a piece and his reflection looking back at him.

They watched as he kept turning around frantically. He started to yell for her to stop but she didn't, he stopped and just staired at one piece, he look scared but the reflection didn't. The reflection seemed to be laughing. It reached out and grabbed him pulling him in and he was gone.

The glass fell to the floor and shattered. Sylar and Peter got up slowly, amazed at what they just saw. Peter helped Sylar up, since he wasn't hurt.

"What just happened?" Matt asked looking at Jade with Joel next to him. Jade shook her head.

"Is he gone?" Clair asked.

"I hope so." Jade said. She walked over to Sylar and saw how bruised and bloody he was. She reached for his hand and he laced his fingers in hers. She moved stray hairs out of his face and kissed his forehead.

"Are you okay?" He shook his head.

"I'm fine now." She smiled. They walked out of the trashed apartment and out to the cold welcoming breeze from out side. They were all quiet.

"So." Clair started. "What do we do now?" Jade let out small laugh. She brought Sylars hand up to her mouth and kissed it softly.

"We go back to the way things were." Everyone looked at her, back to the way things were that would mean Sylar and Jade would go back to killing people and possibly them. "But first I need a vacation!"