Hershey's Kiss : Twists


Edward and Roy are Finally living together and have a good live goin, but some surprising twists happen. Weddings, Kids, and Rapists… What will be come of the Fullmetal and Flame alchemists?


Mature Audiences only ….sorry


Weddings, Kids, Rapists…..just like in the summary

Maze Hughes is ALIVE in my story and so is Alfons Heidrich


Ed/Roy Al/Fletcher Winry/Russell

I do NOT own FMA in any way…Hey I rhymed !!!

(---Hershey's kiss---)

Getting Married in …WHAT?!?!

Today was a special day for Alphonse and Fletcher because they were getting married. But the sad thing was it wasn't really legal because the Fürhur didn't want same sex relationships.

Because of this they were going to have a fake wedding but if the Fürhur were to change his mind about this, they would be legally married.

" Hey Alphonse, are you ready?" Edward asked. He entered the small room were Alphonse was getting ready for his big day.

" yeah…dose this dress make me look fat?" Alphonse said with a striate face.

" …um… nope… I think you look very…er…pretty." Edward said.

(okay, by now your probally thinking 'wait isn't Al a guy in this fic?' and to aweser your question yes he is.)

ƒLÅšh ßå©K!!!

"okay, Winry, I dare u to um…Make out with that rock over there!" Edward said ask he pointed to a random rock.

" fine." Winry said as she picked um the poor defenseless rock.


" Alphonse and Edward, I dare you guys to ware dresses for your wedding instead of tuxedoes!" Winry said laughing

" um…okay!" Edward and Alphonse said.

ËñÐ øƒ ƒLÅšh ßå©K

Alphonse really regretted that day.

" so are you happy your getting married?" Edward said.

" Even though its not a real wedding Im still glad im getting married. And your going to walk me down the isle right?" Al asked. Since there Father wasn't there Edward was going to walk Al down the isle and Al would do the same for Edward.

" yes I am and don't worry. Its going to be great." Edward said as he herd the music start. " come on your gonna be late!" Then he grabed Al's hand and ran out the door to the ceremony.

(---Hershey's kiss---)

The wedding was to be held in Risimbol so they wouldn't be near the military.

There were only a few friends there to witness the wedding. (HA a few….more like every one they know…)

Russell Trigham( Fletcher's best man), Winry Trigham ( yes sadly she and Russell are married…poor Russell…one of al's brides maids too),Jake Tringham (they had a kid and hes the ring bearer), Pinako, Roy Mustang, Jean Havoc, Riza Havoc(married too), Maze Huges (ALIVE!), Gracia Hughes, Elyisa Hughes (Flower girl), Rose Thomas (another one of Al's brides maids), Noah( from the movie and one of Al's brides maids), And Alfons Heidrich ( from the movie and hes ALIVE too).

Alphonse was warring a white brides dress that fit his curves nicely.

( u make up what it looks like but it's a simple ((flat chested)) halter dress)

The music started and Elyisa walked down the isle with a basket of flower petals.

Then Winry and Russell came down the isle, then Rose with Roy(there just going down the isle cause rose dosnt like anyone but needed a guy that wasn't married), Then Noah and Alfons. They all got in there spots and waited for the bride

-cough-Alphonse-cough- to come down the isle with Edward.

Then Alphonse and Edward walked down the isle together with there arms conceited. When they reached the end Edward passed Alphonse to Fletcher and sat down by Roy.

Fletcher was wearing a tux but his hat thingy he usually wears was black.

The minister came in to view with the bible in his hands. " dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the bonding between to people who love each other."

He then motioned for Al and Fletcher to face each other. " do you Alphonse Margaret Elric take Fletcher James Trigham to be you lawfully wedded husband, Threw sickness and health as long as you both shall live?"

Al just smiled and said " I do."

" and do you Fletcher James Trigham Take Alphonse Margaret Elric to be you lawfully wedded er…husband, Threw sickness and heath as long as you both shall live?"

"I do" Fletcher said.

" I now pronounce you Husband and er…husband! You may now kiss the…um…dang it just kiss!" the minister said as left.

Alphonse and Fletcher kissed and everyone cheered. Then Fletcher picked Alphonse up bridle style and walked out to a car were they drove of to the After party.

(-----Hershey's Kiss-----)

The after party was really fun. The Bride –cough-Alphonse-cough- and Groom had there first dance. Then every one else got up to dance too.

Edward and Roy were dancing a slow dance with each other. Edward was resting his head on Roy's chest and Roy was laying his head on Edwards head.

" do you think this, this Marriage thing could happen with us?" Roy asked looking at Ed.

Edward shrugged. He thought about it alot and he was sure that he wanted to jump on Roy and scream 'Yes I want this to happen with us !!!' but he didn't want to sound to eager.

" I don't know…" he lied and he was mentally kicking him self.

Roy looked kind of disappointed. Hell he was depressed. He wanted to propose to Edward but what if he said no? 'agh! this is so frustrating. Maybe I'll just ask Alphonse to talk to Edward for me.' Roy thought.

The song ended and Roy asked " is it alright if I dance with Alphonse?"

Edward looked at Roy and said " um…ok" and Roy left.

Fletcher was dancing with Alphonse when Roy Came over. He tapped Alphonse on the shoulder and asked " may I have this dance" Alphonse accepted and told Fletcher he would dance with him later.

Alphonse then held on to Roy as they started to dance. He could tell something was wrong by the way Roy's facial expirations were.

"Roy what's wrong?" Al asked.

Roy sighed. He could never keep any thing from Alphonse. " I wanted to Propose to Edward-"

" oh mi god really?! I'm so happy for you!" Alphonse cried and he hugged Roy.

Roy then pulled Alphonse away and said " I need some help because I think he might say no."

" You want me to asked Nii-san if he would like getting married? and why do you think he'll say no?" Al asked

" yes. and Because I mentioned it to him and all he said was 'I don't know' and it looked like he really didn't want to. So would you?" Roy asked getting on his knees.

" ok I will be cause I want you guys to be happy." Al said and he kissed Roy's forehead and walked off to find Edward.

Roy was on his knees shocked. 'well Ed did say Al likes to be affectionate.'