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Legend of the Promised One
Our Oceanna

Neri got up in time for lunch, after spending a few hours lying around in bed brooding. She found Miya again hiding in the kitchen.
"Miya? Are you supposed to be up?"
"I said I wanted food and to see you. Neanda said I should come."
"I'm glad you feel better. But I need food! I wish I could teach Micro to bring me breakfast in bed..." Neri hunted herself up a sandwich and went outside to sit in the sun and eat. Miya followed, and they sat against the wall. Reflection in the bronze made them look alike, fading Miya's pale skin to brown and dulling Neri's bright hair.
"It's so strange. The only person I know is dead. I'm not sure what will happen to me."
"Stay here." Neri suggested.
"I will have to. I don't know how to fly the ship, and I doubt any of you will. It was built two thousand years ago."
Neri shook her head, "Nobody on Oceanna could. Jobah might know someone. But Miya, if you could do anything what would it be? Where would you go?"
"I would stay here, but how can I? Will they ever... forgive me?"
That was a tough question. Neri sighed. "I think they will, if you live honestly from now on. You're really a good person! But I can't promise for everyone, only for me."
"Neanda too. He said he wanted me to live."
"There, see? Even Emi'll come around someday. Miya... Galiel said he wanted you to have a future. That's the last thing he said."
"A future." Miya said thoughtfully. She stood up and dusted off her hands, then lowered herself off the edge of the terrace. Neri heard water move and saw Miya's hands holding onto the edge.
After a few minutes of looking at those hands she had to see what was happening. When she looked, Miya's face was just below the water, like a reflection. She was smiling.
"I can do it! I can breathe now, really!" She grabbed Neri's hands and pulled. They had a short laughing tug-of-war that ended with Neri falling in. They sank together past the windows of the palace.
"Oceanna blessed you. You're forgiven, you belong here."
"Not Oceanna. You."
A ray disturbed by their noise came to look. It circled them once, unimpressed, and glided away.
"I didn't do anything." Neri said, "Well, maybe."
Miya laughed, leaning back in the water, her hair swirling above her.
"Truly! I'm just me. I didn't change into something amazing because I was part of amazing things."
"Did the other Neri? Change?"
"I don't know. Lady Neri did really great things but I'm not sure they mattered to her. She just wanted to be happy with her family so the story says. I wonder if she was a real girl or more like the goddess. I wonder if I could be like her. I'll never really know though."
"No. Even Galiel saw her only once. He just told me she was... very beautiful, and very old."
They were silent, Neri thinking of her ancestor and the oceans of Earth, Tiara's devotion to her planet, Galiel with nothing but life itself left to him, the native peoples of Oceanna the first time the Revalie appeared in their sky, of creation and destruction and change.
"Miya, will you help me take the crystals back to the temple? You know the way and I don't want to carry all of them."
"All right."

The journey was dreamlike, out of the cove and through the seaweed forest. This time the neon blue fish gathered around them to light the way.
"Will we see the sacred whale?"
"Yes. You're afraid?"
Miya nodded but hurried ahead. But Mandrool didn't appear. They went into the temple. Neri wanted to clean it up, clear the floor, make it perfect again. It would be wonderful to have holy days here, with lanterns swaying in the water and people dancing.
The pillar meant to hold the crystals was full of blown sand and debris, but nothing had grown on it. It took Neri and Miya a long time to scoop out the sand until it was clean. Then Neri put the crystals back, for the first time in two thousand years. They glowed and a ring of light spread through the water. Something was changing. Something would change. The beginning of a new age? The sacred whale sang welcome, to Oceanna, to the future.
"The future." Miya said.
The two girls raced for the surface and burst out into the sunlight in a spray of diamonds.

Of course, not everything was as perfect as the world seemed at that moment.
"You have to go back?"
"Yes, today." Jobah said, "Winter hit early-winter hits hard on Bandor-and I have to get back to help. I'm sorry."
"But..." Neri began, then stopped herself. Of course he had to leave. They were leaders. "What are you going to tell people about Galiel and... your sister?"
"The truth I guess. That she's staying on Oceanna for now and doesn't remember anything, and Galiel died well, almost making up for the things he did while he was alive. Our parents will come see her as soon as they can of course and I'll come back when I can. And not just to see Miya."
"I know. I... I care a lot about you. I wish I could come to Bandor and see your world for a while, but right now I can't. I'm their legend-and I have to take care of Miya. But later when people here don't need me so much..."
Jobah was smiling, "I understand. As soon as we can we'll see each other again and then, who knows?"
That was just what Neri had been trying to say. She nodded, "Right. Exactly."
"Thanks for the adventure." Jobah said, kissed her softly, and was gone.

That evening Neri swam out to the wide sea and rested there, floating. Above her clouds drifted, turning pink and gold as the sun set. Somewhere below stood the temple of the crystals and the sacred whale sang that all was well, all was well. Neri looked up, her hands cupping water, holding miniature reflections of the sky. And a voice that was Miya's, and Galiel's hiss, and Mandrool's song, whispered, Neri... thank you...
"Thank you." Neri whispered back to the ocean and the sky of her world.