Chapter 1

All the news papers said that Hary Potter had gradated from Hogwats. His fiends had to. I had jus gradauted from Mitchum Shchool in Russia also. I didn't know what I wanted to be after school so I decided to relax the summer off but then I herd about Hogwarts and hary gradated from their so I thought I should check it out too see if it was a niec place to find a job and I sent a letter asking about the jobs they had and also careers.

I got a response two days letter when a owl got killed by my cat Friskers. I fond the owl outside and its head was taken off and in my cats stojmach because I could see it poking out of her side. I didn't really care and I took the letter that was tiec around its tail and read it and it said that I should come vitst Hogerwarts

First of you should be wandering what my name is! My name is Felix Nikitin. I have blond hair but it is fake. My favoritte colour is white because it goes with any thing. I am a white person but I know a black person and his name is Randy. He is realy nice so what they say about black people isnt true.

I rode my broom to Hogerwats when the summer was over and it was raining so I got all wet. I walked in the school and a old man asked me if he could take my coat. I told him I wanted it back but he just hoong it up I thought he would take it! He said his name was Dumbdore.

I felt kind of comfortable and weird around him and then I saw him looking at my boobs threw my shirt because it was wet. It was a hiwte shirt and I had a bra from Victor's Secret on! I crossed my arms but it just smooshed them together!

Dumbdore coughed. I think he was elect!

"Felix you look cold." Dumbledore said.

"Yes do you have something warm I can wear?" I said.

"I know just the thing and its very warm!" Dumbedore winked at me. He got his wand out (it was the wooden one) and suddenly...