I ewnret way for a wile on vicisation to see my granpda in Chinna in jajiel becjhuyse he once trid to kil the prime miinister! he says he will be out in a few moths sok ihj am vey exiled!! SURENDER CHINNA US RUSSAINS ARE OMING!! thias chapter was insprisd by trhe bourne uldimate!


I wo up during the night befcause theyere weras a noices by the window. IO looked out and it was Mr Snap e e on a broom tick topping at my window wthi a bouldrde,. "FELIX NIKIITIN!!!"

"What? I shouted at teh windo wnad I o[epejned it. He came in and thorgy the rock oyut tegh window and you could here a cars crashing outside. Opps said Mr sNape

""Felixn the Gark Lrod is planing on klingonging Dumblerdod. Dumblerdode is two weak to fighg him and he also sprined his onkle. Yu hav ea great power that is too far to speak of j, I cannot not expalin bwhat I am saying. You will have to toast me and do waht i say." Mr Snape lookd aroynbd my rooma dn at my bed Hey are those new bed s heets? He askd.

"Yeah i Gorrt them in Russia, that is wear im from."

"Are youy seure?"

"Of courfse I lifed there my whore life.""

Mrs nape shok his blkacj hair. "I once went ther anc styed in teh city of Helskinki." I told him i went on vacatation rhere. he smnield and asked wghere

"Just a fiends whome." It was the firsrt stime I saw msr snape ever smiel.

"Felini Nikitin, wil you come oiwth me pleras?" He said al charming and I sais yes and we left to dumbeldroere's ofice.

WE GOT TO DUMBLERDODERs office. inside Dumblerdodered was watcnign telegramps. He stoid up but then felled, reveling a cast waround his wankle. you could see signaotuers on it. "ouch!"

Mr Snape did a spel and Dumbledorderd flew back up ton ornt k oo the the couch he was sitering on. "ooh thanky ou mr Snape!." Mr Snape bowled like a chinapersn.

Dubmledroe seemd disapointd, and I bnew why - I puttered on three swweaters so he coudln see my memory gland.s but because i am busted, you coudl dse them selit. SUDENNLY I GOT A BAD PAIN. OUCH I shoted. i THEN FEL DOWN ON THE FLORE.

"Get Dr Douletle in herr now!!!!" Dumblerdod shitted. Mr Snape lookd fonfused and Dubmldored sayed "GO GET DR DOUELETTLE NOWWWWWwWWWWW!!!!!"

Mrz Snap ran quckly. Then he clam baky with a man who had masculwine brow hair and beuatilfjjfff ornge eyes.

"hi im dr doulettel" said dr doulettle

"hi im felix' felix said

wahts wong

oh my head hurst real bad, and i dont dknow why .d w.ol

ddr douytle,lete then toudhejd my head and i felt beterer and he lesrt and weenked at me. i felt hot .

"WE NEED TO CALL UPONZ RON WEAKZLEY and hary p otter.. FETCH HIM AT HIS VAN!!" dumbeldorerered showuted.

"Bu why?" i sasked.

"Because he is the only onw who an protecy YOU FEWLIX NIKTIN." from what mr snaped asks'