This is my first fanfic, featuring kag x sess! Two fics, Laying amongst Dokatsu and Tales from the House of the moon inspired me to write.

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Unsaid - Chapter 1

There was a silent hum between them. Staring intently at the shades of grass dancing beneath her bare feet, dry tears flowed down her cheeks. She felt numb and distant from her body. Looking at Inuyasha, as if from a third person, she saw the heavy emotions that hung in the air as they stood still, waiting for it to fall; and she knew. She knew she was leaving so many things unsaid. She was breathing deeper instead. She opened her mouth, but she knew a hundred thousand words could not explain.

What we got is hard as hell, she thought to herself.

"It ... looks like it's over," Kagome finally whispered. The word 'over' rolled off her tongue like the bitter taste of defeat that she knew so well. She knew that when she got home, she'd have to sing herself to sleep, trying to take her mind off the situation at the time. She knew; she suddenly knew she was becoming a part of his past, becoming the part that didn't last. She was losing him and it was effortless, all in a moment's time. The time it took for her to find him would be the same amount of time that it took for her to lose him.

"You know ... at the beginning, I thought I was in over my head. But ... I'm glad that I was." She smiled politely back at him, as he stared politely right on through.

Inuyasha began, "Me too. I..."

There they stood, in what felt like a timeless moment, with the same cool breeze blowing gently on their backs. But that soon would disappear. Disappear from their memories as they would disappear from the earth, from history, from each other's lives.

"I'll be going then," Kagome said, as she turned her back to him and began to walk towards the well. This well, the cornerstone of their happiness, would be the same well that would end it. But to the well, it was a matter of indifference. Lovers separated by time, the hardest obstacle to overcome. But to time, love meant nothing. Love was not continuous like time; it would end the moment the people who shared the love did.

"Goodbye, Inuyasha" were her last words as she stepped into the well, feeling the rush of cold air and dim glow of blue light. She knew that she was back in her own time now. She knew that her job in Feudal Era was done, that the chapter had ended and that it was time for a new chapter to begin in her book of life.


Sighing as she trod out of the well, mental and physical fatigue overcame her and she barely made it to her bed. "Mom! I'm going to sleep," She yelled, not caring whether her mom had heard her or not.

"Okay, honey! I'll wake you up in time for dinner," her mom replied. Well, it seemed her mom had heard her. But recently, she'd felt like her words fell on deaf ears. Kagome sighed one last time, picturing Inuyasha sitting in a tree, with his legs dangling off the branches, and she fell into a well deserved slumber.

"Ah, I wonder how he's doing." Kagome fumbled, as she got ready for school.

"Um, Kagome? Can I talk to you for a second?" Souta stood at the door, uncertainty marring his face.

"What is it, Souta?" Kagome replied, while packing her school bag.

"You've been different ever since…" Souta trailed off, trying not to bring up a painful subject. "And I don't like this new you. You're always looking towards the well when you think people don't notice, but I do." Souta yelled as he ran from his sister's room, not wanting to hear the reply.

"Souta…" Kagome whispered, as she felt tears well up again. She had never meant to neglect her family, but now she was guilt-ridden as she thought of the holidays and birthday's she'd missed, and the memories she could've had.

Days passed, but Kagome just didn't find herself adjusting to a normal life. "It feels like I should be doing something. Saving someone or helping someone!" She groaned at the load of homework that she had to catch up on. She eyed it cautiously, trying to decide which subject was the easiest to start with. She wasn't feeling any better. 'Isn't time supposed to heal painful wounds?' Kagome thought, turning to face her ceiling. She liked her ceiling; it was blue with a hint of beige. Her ceiling was there to support her, to cover her from the painful torrents of emotions that would've overcome her.

'No. I can't let it end like this. I have to go back. That wasn't the goodbye I wanted. I need to see him one last time.' She thought, as her resolve quickly strengthened.

"Mom? Hey, could I talk to you?" Kagome asked during dinner, she stared at her plate, picking away the peas. "I know that I've missed a lot of family stuff and that you guys have missed me. And the truth is, I've missed you a lot too. But I feel like there's something I should be doing on the other side of that well. I know it sounds self-" But Kagome got cut off.

"Kagome dear, I know how you feel. Everybody has to go through that phase of self-discovery and I know that I can't force you to stay here and pretend to live a normal life, when you are so extraordinary." Her mom smiled. It was a smile reserved only for her daughter. "Now, eat."

When dinner was finished, she packed up and got ready to go. "Mom, Souta, Gramps, I promise, when I come back, I'll definitely be strong," Kagome whispered, giving each one a hug before walking out the door.


"Dammit!" Inuyasha yelled, as he barely dodged an attack from the transformed bear demon. "I won't lose to some furry cub!" Inuyasha yelled, as he retaliated, lunging at the bear with Tessaiga. "What do you want from me?!"

"Your inheritance, your sword," The bear growled back, trying to claw at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha jumped and slashed at the bear's ears, causing him to howl in pain. "Keh! As if I'd let you have it!"


Four figures wandered aimlessly around the forest, exploring. Rin happily danced around with Jaken while Sesshoumaru was perched in a tree, looking intently towards the east, Sesshoumaru's nose picked up the scent of Inuyasha's blood.

"Lord Sesshoumaru? What's wrong?" Rin questioned, tugging at Sesshoumaru's kimono.

"Nothing. Come, my half-brother and his foolish games have piqued my curiosity." Sesshoumaru placed Rin on Ah-Un as he ran, following the scent. 'I wonder who has the same ambitions as I. Perhaps an alliance to rid my brother could be in place,' he thought, as he finally reached the clearing.

"Wait for me, Sesshoumaru-sama!" Jaken yelled, as he scrambled after the two.


Sesshoumaru approached the clearing, seeing a red, oversized bear digging its paws into Inuyasha. The bear was surprisingly quick, despite his size. The fight continued for several minutes, but it was apparent who had the upper hand.

"I have found a way to wield the Tessaiga so that even those not intended will be able to make use of its power. With this, the Eastern Lands will become far more powerful," said the Bear, swatting Inuyasha like a fly. "You'll finally be able to meet your father now," The bear yelled, preparing for the finishing blow.

In the corner of Inuyasha's eye, he saw Kagome emerge from the well. He gave her his last smile as the Bear plunged his claws deep into Inuyasha's heart before beheading him. With one last effort, Inuyasha reached out to Kagome. "Kagome," was all she heard.

Time stopped. Yet again, it was another one of those timeless moments that would follow you to the ends of the earth. She lost a part of herself at that instant.

"No!" Kagome yelled, as she ran towards Inuyasha, tears flowing down her cheeks like rivers flowing to meet the ocean.

"Kagome!" Rin yelled, as she emerged from her hiding place to stop Kagome from running to her death.

Sesshoumaru dashed out to stop her, but it was too late.


The bear grabbed Rin and in one swift movement, slit her throat without a second's thought and slashed Kagome in the abdomen, while he made a quick movement to grab the Tessaiga before running off, his tail happily wagging in the distance. Sesshoumaru stared in disbelief, trying to mask his emotions. He swallowed hard.

'Rin…is dead,' he thought. His mind was blank. It was the first time since his childhood when such a strong surge of emotion threatened to erupt from every part of his body.

"YOU SICK BASTARD!" was the next thing heard. Even without her bow and arrows, Kagome ran towards Sesshoumaru, not knowing what to do, what to expect, what to feel. She tried to throw punches, but her bones and muscles just didn't seem to exist anymore. She pounded her fists against his chest, occasionally seeing a strand of silver hair through the tears of her eyes. "I hate you! I hate you! I hate ...! You were watching! Why didn't you save him?!" She quietly sobbed.

"You fool," Sesshoumaru threatened, staring in disbelief at Kagome, as he shoved her to the ground.

To be continued…


Well, gee. It feels like I'm killing off characters left and right, hehe. Anyway, I've already began working on the second chapter. Hope it'll be up in a day or two. (This time, for sure. It'll be up in a day or two.)

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