Jack sat the staring at his cards blankly.

"Damnit" he thought to himself silently,

"I'm sorry fabrizio" Jack said with regret written all over his face,

"You bet everything we had" Fabrizio said before starting to curse at Jack in French but Jack didn't care as he sat there staring blankly out the window thinking what could have been.

"Put it in the wardrobe" Lovejoy said pointing the bellboy toward the walk in wardrobe.

"Do you want them all out miss?" Asked Trudy Roses personal maid,

"Yes" Rose said picking a picture up with faces all over it, "We need a bit of colour in this room" she added placing the painting down on the couch,

"There's truth but no logic, there fascinating" Rose said looking for another painting,

"What's the artist's name?" Trudy asked taking the painting of rose and placing it neatly on the couch with the other one.

"Something Picasso" Rose said walking across the room,

"Some thing Picasso" Rose said making her way across the room to a painting of a ballerina.

"He won't amount to a thing, trust me" Cal said making his appearance at the door.

"At least they were cheap" he said to Lovejoy.

Rose lay spread out on her large canopied bed staring numbly playing with her enormous engagement ring that was wrapped neatly around her finger.

What had happened to them? She asked her self as she let her eyes wonder to the large diamond placed on her finger,

They used to have fun, he used to tell her he, loved her but all of a sudden that all stopped. He didn't spend time with her anymore of talk to her it was always about 'Hockley steel' That seemed to be his life these day making sure he lived up to his father expectations. A knock at the door quickly awakened he from her thoughts she quickly sat up and turned her attention to the figure making there way towards her,

"Isn't it lovely" Ruth said as she made her way towards Roses bed,

"Yes it is" Rose said trying to keep the conversation to minimal talking as possible,

"Rose please you were like this the whole time in Paris, you've hardly said two words to Cal since we've been away what's wrong?" she questioned her daughter becoming frustrated.

"You wouldn't understand" Rose said turning her head,

"I won't if you don't talk to me but clearly that's not going to happen so get ready, its lunch time and with that Ruth made her way out of the room.

Rose let out a long exhausted groan as she fell back onto the bed, what was she going to do?

"Hello sweat pea" Cal said entering Roses sitting room via the promenade. Rose turned around to him as she did her necklace up,

"Shall we?" Rose said ignoring his greeting and making her way out of the room.

Call stood in the same spot for a moment wondering the exact same thing as Rose, 'What was happening to them?