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Chapter 5

"Are we ready?" Harry asked nervously. They had half an hour left, but Harry wasn't willing to wait any longer.

"You better apparate under the cloak." Hermione said nervously. "We'll give you a few minutes then apparate too."

"OK." Harry said, and swung the cloak over his shoulders. "Remember the plan, Ginny." He added.

"I know." Her tone told him she still wasn't happy with her role, but he didn't have time to worry about that. It had been his idea that Ginny should be the one to get to Teddy and disapparate, while Ron and Hermione helped Harry with the kidnapper. He knew she was mad, and he knew she was just as capable as he, Ron and Hermione were, but he couldn't help it.

They'd sent an owl to Seamus, knowing that they'd already be there by the time the Magical Law Enforcement wizards arrived. They knew it wasn't the right way to do it, new they were putting themselves in danger.

But Harry wasn't willing to risk Teddy. If going alone was the best way to assure his safety, that's what he'd do.

Harry thought fleetingly of several things; how his parents had, one by one, stood in front of him to save him, how Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had ran through the great hall, six years ago, screaming for their son, how Mrs Weasley had lost it when Bellatrix Lestrange had almost killed her daughter, and dived into a duel, how Sirius had risked everything to be with Harry, be close, just in case.

And for the first time he fully understood. Right now, he knew he'd do anything to protect Teddy Lupin, to find him, to save him.

Even die.

"OK, I'm going." Harry said, and turned on the spot.

When he could see again, he was looking at a dirty, run down house. The ivy climbing the walls, which must have given the place it's name, was dead, brown and crumbling. The windows were boarded up.

Harry walked to the door, aimed his wand at it under the cloak. The door opened, but it creaked, and Harry paused, hoping the person or people inside hadn't heard. When there was no sound from within, however, he walked into the house, wondering fearfully if he had come to the wrong place.

He expected to be jinxed, knew he was protected under the cloak. And looked desperatly around for some sign of Teddy. It was such a sketchy plan, so hard to work out. If he could just grab Teddy under the cloak, disapparate...

"I suggest you remove the cloak, Mr. Potter." A voice said in the shadows, and Harry froze. "I know you've come in...did you think I wouldn't make sure I would be magically alerted to your presence?"

Harry hesitated. It was practically suicide to reveal himself.

"If you want the boy back, Potter, I suggest you do as I say."

Harry pulled the cloak off of himself, ready to dive out of the way of a curse if he had to, but none came. He stuffed the cloak down the front of his robes, then glanced around the room.

He couldn't see Teddy.

"Don't you think you should come out of the shadows?" Harry said, hoping he sounded braver than he felt. Where the hell was Teddy?

The man obediently stepped forward, and Harry was confused, because he didn't recognise him.

He had long brown hair, tied back, and bit of beard growing on his face. Grey robes, that looked more tattered than Lupin's had ever been.

"Who are you?" Harry asked blankly, and the man smiled.

"One moment, then I'll explain everything." The man aimed his wand at the door, and it closed, locked. "Just in case you thought you could sneak more people in."

"What about Teddy?"

"Let me answer your first question." The man replied. "I am Edward Yaxley."

"Yaxley?" Harry repeated. The name was horribly familiar to him, but he knew this man was too young, too unfamiliar... "Yaxley's in prison, he's in Azkaban -"

"Yaxley's my father." The man said quietly. "My fool of a mother took my away from my father when I was small, disgusted by his activities with the Dark Lord. When my father broke out of Azkaban, he found us, told me that I could join the death eaters...I wanted nothing more than to do so. My mother, however, was determined I wouldn't. She took me away, controlled me with the imperious curse until you defeated the Dark Lord." Digust and anger was evident in his voice, but his eyes were blank. Empty. Dead.

"Then why -?"

"Listen." Yaxley snapped. "When my father was arrested again, my mother let me free. I never forgave her, and was determined to bring back the Dark Lord, release my father. It took me years to realise how I could return the Dark Lord, but I know, now."

"You can't. No one can bring him back now, he's dead." Harry replied. "No spell can bring back the dead." Or he'd have tried it himself, wouldn't he?

"If I killed you, he'd be back." Yaxley whispered.

"No he wouldn't. It doesn't work like that."

It was a ridiculous idea, but Harry saw the madness in Yaxley's eyes, and realised the man in front of him really believed it would work.

"Now, you will stand still, Mr. Potter, and let me kill you. The boy will be delivered back to his grandmother. I do not wish to hurt him. I do not need to kill him."

Harry thought fleetingly how riduculous it was for this man to talk about not needing to kill someone. When had Voldemort ever cared about where someone needed to be killed? Why would his supporter care.

Harry was trying to think fast. He wasn't going to stand still and let himself get killed, not unless he knew for certain it would make sure Teddy stayed safe. If he moved, fought, would Yaxley killed Teddy, though?

He could hear bangs, suddenly, and realised Ron, Hermione and Ginny must be trying to break through the door.

"You were supposed to come alone!" Yaxley screamed, and looked at the door. While Yaxley was distracted, Harry shot a stunning spell at him. Yaxley fell heavily to the floor, and Harry darted around the room, looking for Teddy, until something nearby exploded. Yaxley had awakened, and missed Harry with a curse.

Harry dodged another killing curse, shot another stunning back. He'd never used the killing curse, and never planned to. He hadn't even used one on Voldemort, he wasn't going to now.

"You're going to die, Harry Potter." Yaxley screamed. "I am going to kill you! I will kill your friends, I will kill the boy! You dare fight me!" More curses, one after the other, and Harry was terrified one would hit Teddy, where ever he was. A crash behind Harry told him the door had given away at last.

"Find Teddy!" He yelled, sending stunning spells, disarming spells, anything he could think of.

Ron and Hermione were doing the same, and somehow Yaxley was avoiding them all. Dust was rising due to the movement, and one of Yaxley's curses hit the ceiling.

Large chunks of plaster and wood rained down on them, as the house began to fall apart.

"Teddy!" Harry screamed, whirling round. He saw Ginny through the dust, and was relieved to see she was carrying Teddy, until he realised the boy was lifeless in her arms.

"He's alive." Ginny yelled. And then; "Behind you!" Harry ducked just in time, the flash of light hit the floor instead.

"Get out!" Harry shouted. "Ginny, get out, get out, get out!"

A large piece of the ceiling hit Yaxley, who crumpled to the floor. Harry stood, just stared. Was he dead? Was that really how it was going to end?

Somehow, it didn't seem right. Didn't seem enough.

Ron was satisfied, however, and began pulling Hermione through the rubble, as Harry sprinted towards Ginny. The whole house was collapsing around them, several things hit Harry, bouncing off his shoulders and back, but Ginny was near the door, watching, making sure he got through OK.

"Get out!" He yelled again, and he saw Teddy stir. He's alive, he's alive, he's alive.

He was distracted, didn't see the big hole in front of him until it was too late to stop running; something had broke through the floor, creating a hole in the worn floorboards, into the basement bellow. Harry fell, grabbed the sides to stop himself falling all the way down. He tried to pull himself up, desperately, but he couldn't. His wand was on the floor, he'd dropped it, and it was right in front of him. But he daren't let go, even with one hand, to pick it up. He couldn't think of any spell to help him, anyway. His mind blank, as he clung desperately to the splintered floorboards.

Was he going to die? Was he going to fall through the hole to the basement below and be crushed? Was this really how it was all going to end, after everything else he'd escaped?

And suddenly, he saw Ginny throw Teddy at Hermione, who had already reached her, and run towards him, Harry, dodging falling objects, broken floorboards, and he yelled at her to get out one more time, knowing she'd ignore him.

She grabbed him, pulled at him, and somehow, between them, he was out of the hole.

"We're going to talk about this later!" He yelled at her, and when she'd put her arms over her head to protect it, he put his own arm over hers, as though to protect her more. Together, they ran, out of the house, into the overgrown garden, where Ron and Hermione were waiting with a half-conscious Teddy.

Harry turned back to the ruin of the house as ministry wizards apparated around them.

"Harry!" Seamus yelled angrily. "What are you playing at? This was stupid, Harry!"

"I think he's dead. Inside. Got crushed." Harry called back, then turned to Teddy. "Is he OK?"

"He was knocked out when I found him." Ginny panted.

"I told you to get out." Harry said to Ginny. "You could have got yourself killed."

"Well I didn't. We all got out of there alive, Harry." Ginny replied. "We should get Teddy checked over." She added, indicating a medi-wizard walking over to them.

"Harry?" Teddy was completly awake now, and started stirring in Hermione's arms. "Harry!" He looked terrified, twisting so he could look around. Harry gently lifted him from Hermione, and held him close. Teddy fisted his hands tightly in the front of Harry's robes.

"You're OK. You're OK now, he's gone."

"He scared me." Teddy said. "He's crazy, Harry." He tightened his grip on Harry, and his knuckles turned white.

"Yeah, I noticed." Harry murmured.

"He made me bang my head." Teddy added, and once again looked around. He wasn't crying. He looked terrified, but nowhere close to tears.

The kid amazed Harry.

"He's gone now." Harry said quickly. "He destroyed the house, I think he got killed."

"Oh." Teddy said. He stopped looking around, but didn't relax. He still clung tensly to Harry, as the medi-wizard reached them.

"Are you going to let me make sure you're OK?" The wizard asked Teddy gently, and Teddy pressed himself closer to Harry.

"It's OK." Harry said softly, and, even though it was the last thing he wanted to do, he losened his grip on Teddy. "I'm not going anywhere, I promise. You're safe now, Teddy, you're OK." Teddy let himself be sat onto a hovering board to be checked over, while Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione hovered close.

"He's fine." The medi-wizard announced. "He's tired, and in shock, but the bump on the head was the only injury. I've fixed it."

"Thank you." Ginny said, as Harry picked Teddy back up. "Can we go home now."

"Yes. I believe the Law Enforcement wizards wish to speak to you and the boy tomorrow, but you can go."

Harry was holding Teddy tightly, so tightly he was surprised he wasn't hurting the child. Teddy, however, seemed a little more relaxed.

"Uh, Mrs. Potter?" The medi-wizard said quietly to Ginny. "You might want to put him straight to bed, give him a potion so he doesn't dream. I think he needs to sleep properly, undisturbed."

"Yeah, we will." Ginny nodded. "Thanks."

She moved over to Harry, put her hand on his arm. Together they disapparated.

Teddy was safe, Teddy was whole. That was all that mattered.

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