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The crimson eyes watched the oceans carefully, few boats could get onto the island without being spotted by the tall brown and tan bipedal crustacean. He stood tall and proud, even though he was rather battle scarred, and didn't seem to care either way.

His eyes softened faintly at the light drizzle that made rings ripple atop the oceans surface. They hardened a mere second later though and he sighed in a content manner.

Who was he?

Why he was the one and only Fury.

A Kabutops whose battles had been heard and talked about world wide.

He was a defender, killing those who deserved it.

Unbreakable and unwavering in his desire to help all.

Standing strong, even when everyone else would normally fall.

He jumped down to a lower rock, and seemingly without effort, for he had followed this path many times, he quickly jumped from rock to rock until his feet touch the forest floor beneath him.

Many say that Kabutops are slow... Well, Fury had trained, for years, each day getting faster and faster, untill his speed very well rivalled that of a Sycther.

Kabutops and Sycther were in a way distant relatives, while Kabutops were built for the sea, Sycther were built for the air, well, the jungle treetops at least.

But Fury loved land, something several of his kind thought unnatural, but that mattered not...

They were all dead now... Only he walked this land. As he had been brought back. Although, he had heard through Pokian gossip that several still lived deep beneath the ground, where nothing could get in or get out.

He raised a blade to block off some of the violent rays that iterfeered with his sight, what was that? A shadow flying in the distance...

It couldn't be... An Aerodactyl, but how? And how was it that this one was a Demon?

Better yet, why was it flying towards his island? Surely no one had sent it... Oh dear. For the love of all that is fight and fury!

A squall was carrying it quickly, and in his direction! Fury had to act fast!


Syc sensed the tension in Fury; she could smell him perspiring, as well as the adrenaline that now must have been flooding his bloodstream. Fear; she smelled pure and delicious fear. Perhaps it wasn't the frightened sort of helpless fear. It was more of a protective, slight fear, this excited Syclewind and her hunger for a decent kill. Perhaps this would be interesting.

The Aerodactyl began to fly faster, finally moving to dive.

Suddenly, the sky cleared, rain and drizzle ending as she swung at the Kabutops... The rain was gone and the sky now began to clear, sunlight now was beaming down, but the storm would still rage!

The Kabutops dodged, swiping at her. She was after all, merely an anciant Charizard relative.

Only fire didn't flow through her veins...

Darkness did. Anger also.

A flame that once burned bright.

But now it's gone and so is the light.

"You look like a warrior who has fought for his life and those of others as well..." She said in a rather angry fashion whilst gritting her teeth.

Those eyes sparkled with fury, "And my scars remind me that my past is real." he gave the Dactyl a quick "bring-it-on" gesture before jumping away from her incoming bulky tail; said tail had been used as a petty and unrestrained attempt to kill and/or crush him.

"I know not of the 'past' thing you speak of, whatever could it be?" she grunted and lashed out, only to be blocked by the blunt side of the Kabu's left blade. she lowered herself to a grounded standing position, this could require a new approach. But her patiance was wearing thinner even now.

His eyes caught the dull grey glint of a shackle with a few links of chain still dangling from the newly acknowledged threat's neck.

"It is what you've seen and done throughout the duration of your life... But alas, you would not know... You are shaded!" he yelled out sympathecly as he jumped up and kicked her in the ribs.

Her body went ridged. That wasn't, couldn't be true! The verbal blow followed by the hit to the ribs that hit her was worst than anything the Kabutops could have ever thrown at her, she needed to get away, and fast! She felt her thoughts grow fuzzy now.

She barely cared, this particulair Pokemon was probably way too tough to eat anyway, she turned and jumped. "I know not of back then, true. But I know now of this time. I'll leave you to this petty moss covered boulder in the ocean. Peh!"

You think you've bruised my pride?

I feel nothing deep inside.

She was angry, angry and yearning to tear something, anything apart; yeah, the flock of Swablu figured that out quickly enough. They only saw a flurry of black scaled flesh and red. Then all went into nothingness... Some of the spare mutilated corpses and limbs plunged into the icy waters below, and schools of Carvanha along with an occasional Sharpedo and Garados rose to the surface and begin to gulp down the dead birds. The sick pleased expression she wore told all, she couldn't care less, literary.

She was heartless; all that remained was an overflowing need to kill.

"Peh, shaded my ass... I can't be shaded can I?" She wondered breifly, asking herself alloud before shaking her head and glancing at her claws.

I'm blind.

If I can't see than I can't find...

What's happening to me?

Yet even as her doubt grew steadily and tied a knot in her chest, which had been a sudden change in her normal Shaded state, she still refused to let her confusion show.

Whatever it is that I have left behind.

I know it's some where in the depths of my tainted mind.

Her gaze caught on a sudden coppery glint in the rushing tides below. And she saw that the Kabutops was swimming below, water cascading off of its coppertoned carapace as it followed her shadow closely. Eyes stared at her, and she knew; he'd be a pesky pain in the ass the whole trip to the next island.

"Why must you follow me?" "Why not?"

"Why?" "'Cause." she became enraged. "Why?! Tell me you stupid, stupid bastard!"

"Temper, temper." he chided, and smirked, then frowned inside his mind. Demons have some of the worst tempers out there... He thought.

Why do you shout?

You should know what this is all about.

A growl of anger erupted from the depths of her throat. "Stop taunting me!" She roared out, and took off. "You don't remember your past, you can't believe this is the right way to live your life." he yelled out, just loud enough for the Aerodactyl to hear.

"Don't tell me about life, because I already know. And what I don't, I'll figure out on my own!" She roared back.

What is life?

All I know is strife.

Snatches of her memory came back to her now. Yet her memory before she had been tossed into that so called Shadow-Chamber was nothing more than flickering images, images she could barely grasp before they flitted away again, skittering out of her reach before she could quite examine them.

This infuriated her even further.

She glared at Fury before snorting and flying as fast and as far away as she could.

A yearning to die.

Shaded ones can never cry.

Fury cursed under his breath and then took a deep gulp of air, he dived beneath the water searching for the currents below. He grasped one and tried his best not to waver in his direction.

He was gaining, though he could only see her shadow he knew it was her, the one who was in need of help...

I see your pain.

In those eyes of raging rain.

He watched her shadow too closely, and didn't realize there was a wall of rock infront of him until he crashed right smack dab into it. Damnit! He felt the air escape his aqua-lungs and rose to the surface. He had crashed into an islands underwater base.

He watched the Aerodactyl land atop a boulder, she seemed confused. Her eyes kept darting around, finally settling on a nearby puddle that was from the rain that had only happened a few hours ago. He pondered her behavoir, he had heard her ask herself outloud a moment ago if she truely was Shaded, so she was in denile then? Or was it just confusion?

She seemed to study herself carefully, yet like she would a complete and total stranger, she realized now, she wasn't even all there anymore...

In shattered pieces and scattered shards.

I never knew life could be this hard.

She seemed half afraid to look her reflection in the eyes, for she feared she'd never be able to know anymore than the fact that she was a Demon.

She turned and let out an ear-splitting roar of agony. "Who, when, what, why, how, am I?!" She screeched and then scowled at her first jumble of words, it had made sense hadn't it? "Damn those humans I can't remember anything except for all the pain!"

Fury felt a twinge of pity, why had they just ruined such a creature? She could have been so much more kinder.

His eyes caught on a mark that was on the base of her muzzle, a 8-like shape with an X over it.

No fucking way!

She was the Bearer of the message and she had been revived only to become a Demon, holy Shellder! Man, humans were not half as bright as they thought they were.

Screw with life, and it will screw you back.

So I feel that this war needs a peaceful pact.

He inhaled sharply, now he had to help her out. She wasn't fated to forget all that she once knew and give in to the bloodlust.

He stepped onto the shore, water cascading from his tawny carapace. He was going to confront her and try to find a way to bring back the 'Dactyls inner Pokemon. He was going to try and flush out the Demon that held her soul in its rough grasp.

Bring it on, take your best shot.

Show me the power you've got.

He walked silently, like a Persian sneaking up to its prey, only he wasn't going to act with anywhere near that level of malice. At least, not if he could avoid doing so.

He hesitated, what was stopping the 'Dactyl from killing him?

For a moment he pondered, then shook his head and put one foot in front of the other. He'd put it all on faith and if he did die... So be it.

His gaze flickered back and forth, he wasn't putting down his guard just yet. He still felt as though he should take this matter in stride.

He coughed quietly and grimaced as the Aerodactyl twitched suddenly; scaring a Demon was not any better than covering yourself in freshly spilled blood and walking inside a cave full of blood-thirsty Zubat.

Now that he had a chance to get a closer veiw he realized how worn she looked; like him she was covered with the signs of past struggles.

Tattered and torn as her wings and skin was he thought she might be just as strong if not moreso than he himself.

Beaten, shaken and battered...

Crushed, scraped and shattered.

Mangled, scarred and tattered...

Crumbled, Tossed aside, and left scattered.

But perhaps in another's eyes it has never mattered...

"What is it?!" she snapped harshly, biting back fright.

Fury drew back, the Demon had killed, blood was splattered acrss her scaley hide.

As if reading his thoughts Syc then said, "Blood was spilled, but it was for my benefit..."

"Who do you think you are?" he asked. "Someone, I'm someone... At least, I think I am." she grumbled. "Can you remember anything at all?" "No," she whispered statling herself in the process. "Do you know, do you know wh-who I am?" Fury shook his head, then, nodded suddenly. "You are the Bearer of the Message, that much is true, I'm certain of it infact."

The female started twitching. She shook suddenly, "I'm about to do something I might or may not regret. Get away, before you get caught up in this mess!" She bellowed and slammed her tail down angerally. Her body shook with unrestrained rage, the pain was blinding her, all logical thought was wiped from her being. She had once more slipped into a unconcious rage filled state.

Fury backed up, he shouldn't have pushed the 'Dactyl quite so far.

A ball of light began forming in her throat, she let out a Hyperbeam, hitting him in the chest and the Kabutops was propelled upward, then suddenly she took to the air, batting him with her tail, and landing a blow to his side.

He was sent hurtling downwards, trying to regain his recently lost balance Fury flailed his limbs furiously, but only spun and finally crashed into the ground, his carapace crunching as he made contact with the ground below, the muddy soil had saved him from the impact partly, he was still alive, but he feared the destruction of anyone else who was nearby.

He was feeling the damage that had now taken it's sudden toll on him.

Pain coursed though his body, cringing he hoisted himself to his feet with his blades. His eyes scanned around him, a flapping sound making him look up towards the sky...

And he leaped to the right, rolling and then bringing himself to his feet, he'd just barely missed the roasting Dragonbreath that dried and hardened the muddy soil where he had previously stood just mere seconds ago.

Another Dragonbreath rained down and this time he got slightly singed while dodging the blast.

He gasped, his back was singed and his tail felt charred slightly, still there, just burnt and blistered.

Rapid blasts were flying now, not just at him but at everything else around the two.

Dodging wildly and half heartedly running to the water and jumping in.

The cold chill numbed most of the throbbing pain and Fury sighed in relief.

He hoped to wait out the Aerodactyl's unfocused rage filled attack, he dived down and began searching for something, he couldn't name it, for it wasn't quite clear, but he felt he'd know it when he had found it.

All he knew right now was that it would solve the overwhelming rage for a small amount of time, but was it enough to save the Demon?

Only time could truely tell...