At the wedding, Harry and Ginny's wedding, that is, she had orchids in her hair. They were the brightest shade of magenta, matching the WWW's robes, and when I told her that she said that she had always thought that's why we wore them. She gave the orchids to me then, and I hardly knew how to handle such a flower.

The first time we kissed she tasted of spearmint and lemons, and when I told her that she gave me a glass of lemonade and said I reminded her of her mother. Then she kissed me again and said that now I tasted of spearmint and lemons as well, and I knew I'd never taste anything sweeter.

On our first date—our first proper date, that is—I brought her a small bouquet of orchids, and when I told her she was a flower still more beautiful she laughed and insisted that she could not be a flower because she didn't want to be looked at so very often. I looked at her then anyway, and the orchids were no match.

The day before our wedding I gave her back the orchids she had given me. I'd preserved them all that time, and when she asked me why I told her it was because they reminded me of her. She asked why I needed reminding, since I had her, and I told her that I hadn't known that I did have her at the time.

At the wedding, Luna's and my wedding, that is, she had orchids in her hair again, and we served only minted lemonade to drink. Now, I know that I do have her, and everything reminds me.