I'm sorry this is not a chapter BUT I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS ANGRY BEFORE.


This story, oh yes, if you read it you will see it's like MINE in almost ANY way, and it couldnt piss me off any more. I am SO angry. I told that girl to delete it, and if she doesnt, I'll go to the people to get it off right now.

I'm so frustrated!!! How the hell can someone STEAL A STORY!? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!?

It's called Harry Potter and the Magic of the Shinobi, by someone called Radiza-Saiyajin-Goddes. Well she's not a goddess to me! She's a fucking thief! That's MY STORY! Mine! My ideas!!

People, please, get her out. Get that story off of Help me, cause I wanna write stories without them getting STOLEN so that you, AND ME, can enjoy them!!

On a slightly happier note, I'm almost finished with chapter 4, and for the ones following Impossible love, I'm almost done with chapter 11 for that one.