Hey everyone. After a long wait, I finally wrote the sequel. I know it may not be as funny as the first, but I'll try my best. I hope you like it. Here's chapter one.

Chapter One... Sugary Donuts And Tiny Bra's

Last Night…

They both ran hand in hand, laughing and yelling out wildly. They kept glancing back at each other, flirtatious and excited expressions planted on both their faces. As they dodged the speeding cars and bright red and yellow lights, they found their way into a dark alley. The girl pulled the boy closer, and his chest clashed with hers. They gazed into each others eyes and their lips met, but their private moment was immediately interrupted by a loud bang. At the sound, they both suddenly broke contact and looked around, wondering where the sound had come from. But aside from each other, they could see nothing in the darkness.

"Let's go from here," she said, the rush of adrenalin and joy drained from her voice.

The boy nodded, and just as they were about to leave, they heard a dull but loud humming noise. It was quick, and the girl turned back, as did the boy, and then there was a blinding white light. In a moment, the dark entity had engulfed him, and he fell to the floor, writhing in shock. The girl let out a yelp of fear, screaming, "Ryan! Ryan! Get up! Oh my god!"

He wasn't moving.

She bent down next to him; her voice now an array of broken sentences and sobs. As she was about to stand up to get help, his eyes opened, and he grabbed her arm. She looked back at him, relieved, but all the delight was drained from her face when she saw his eyes. They were both a startling and inky black. Their darkness was rimmed with a thin red line. He smiled, not warmly, but wickedly. She was frightened. She tried to stand up, but he wouldn't let her.

"Ry-Ryan… Are you alri-"

She couldn't finish the sentence. In that one second, he had plunged her onto the hard floor and cracked her skull. He then stood up, staring at her lifeless body, lying in a pool of blood. He didn't smile, but looked furious, and realized his neck was burning. Immediately, he felt it, a scar, which had etched itself onto his skin. He tried to touch it, and he could feel power radiating from it. He then looked up to the sky and said, "That's the last time you fuck with me, Winchester."

The Next Day…

"Honey, I'm home!" Yelled Dean, a smug smile on his face. He shut the door with his foot, balancing a box of donuts and two cups of coffee in his hands. He looked around the empty room, knowing Sam was in the bathroom.

Sam walked out, stomping the floor with his now delicate and tiny feet, shrieking, "Can you believe this?! I cannot believe this! Can you believe this!" He repeated, grunting in irritation.

Dean observed his brother, a short thin girl, who looked fresh out of high school. He had very long dark brown hair, a small nose, small ears, but a pretty face. Then he laughed. "What's not to believe, Samantha?"

At the mention of the name, Sam let out another groan of annoyance and rushed back inside the bathroom. Dean set the food on the table, all the while smirking. Almost instantly, he heard Sam from inside, "My boobs are so much smaller than yours!"

Dean let out a slight chuckle and said, "God's just replicating real life. Since my boobs were bigger, it must mean my di-"

Before he could conclude, Sam popped his head out the door and cut him off, "Don't say it. Don't even think it."

Dean chomped on the sugar donut noisily, as he heard Sam rummage within the other room. "None of your clothes fit me! They're all too baggy! Or slutty! I'm not walking out in broad daylight looking like a hooker."

Dean suddenly retorted, "Hey!"


"Yeah, well, you are right," Dean agreed, smiling.

Sam didn't find the situation very amusing. He came into the room; fell on the bed, staring at the ceiling. "We have to change me back."

Dean stood up, licking the white sugar that coated his lips, and replied, "What's the rush? I hear the mall's looking for a new car girl. It may be hard to get, but I'm sure you could cut it."

He grinned.

Sam turned over, his face now covered; thumping the bed rapidly with his petite hands.

Dean strolled over the bed, patted his brother on the back and said, "For what its worth, if you weren't my brother, and a dude who turned into a chick, I'd totally nail you."

Sam didn't turn around. "Dean, that is wrong on so many levels."

Dean relaxed over the pillows, beamed and said, "Oh, I know."

Well, thats all. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!