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Chapter 6... Brightness / Blackout

"It says here that the 'Thundercross' is the sign of the 'Wichitan demon'. He originated from, surprise surprise, Wichita, Kansas. It even has the Triquetra in it, but doesn't say anything about the Wichitan demon. Weird. Shouldn't they all be about the same demon?"

Sam stretched his legs on the bed, resting his head back and pondering, the dusty old book with its yellow pages between his nimble hands.

Dean came out of the bathroom, wiping his head with the towel, and slipping on a shirt, responding, "Well, at least we know it's the right guy this time. Otherwise why would he have made a run for it in the first place?"

"Hmm," was all Sam said.

"Well, I'm sure we'll figure it out Sam. I gotta run, see you in the evening?"

"And where the hell are you going?"

"Uhh… out."

"With who?" Sam laid the book to his side and stood on his knees, glaring at his brother.

"Someone okay! Jeesh Sam, we've been in Chicago for like a month. Can't a guy socialize a little? And if I remember correctly, I didn't freak out when I was a woman…"

"That's cause you were the one who went out that time as well!"

"Like that changes things. Talk about double standards!" He shook his head.

Sam just rolled his eyes. Dean was about to leave, and opened the door, when Sam said, "What's her name?"

"Eh… Mindy, I think?"

"She's a whore, isn't she?" And then he fell to the bed with his head down and looked back up, and started, overdramatically, "Oh Jesus! It's finally happened! My brother has succumbed to the ultimate sin of flesh and lust! Mama said this day would come! Why God! Why!"

"Oh shaddup," he said, closing the door.

"What about the fucking carnival!" Sam screamed, but Dean didn't care.

The night was slightly cooler than yesterdays. Sam toed forward and backward idly, thinking, waiting, outside the shining lights of the carnival. Many people were going inside and coming out. The main gate, made especially for the carnival, was fashioned like those in the time of English kings, with fake steel bars between every opening, where men in glimmering suits of armors and equally fake smiles accepted tickets.

He'd gone to Lilyvinin the morning and picked up the passes. The lady who'd given them to him apparently knew nothing more than, "They're for May Wannabee and were by 98.1." So he didn't pester her any more.

What's the worst that could happen, he thought.

Lost in thought, he was slightly taken aback when he saw Matt arrive, his hair not so wet today, and wavier than the last time. He smiled when he saw her, and Sam smiled back.

"Thanks for coming," Sam stammered.

"No problem," Matt said, genuinely happy.

They walked together through one of the gates, and just before they crossed inside, Sam glanced back at the forest on the other side of the carnival. It was dark and covered in complete shade, and Sam shivered impulsively.

Matt noticed. "Feeling cold? Here, have my jacket…" He said, then started taking off his navy blue jacket.

"No, I'm alright," Sam replied, as they walked casually to the lined up stalls offering everything from hot dogs and cotton candy, to games with huge teddy bears and goldfishes as prizes.

"Want me to win you a bear?" Matt asked, beaming and pointing to the stall where one had to shoot at moving ducks.

"Nah, I'm not much for stuffed animals." Sam shrugged, and Matt just mumbled a 'oh' in disappointment.

They walked into a big crowd then, and Sam spotted a man a few meters ahead in a top hat and velvet suit, announcing something to the audience. It was then he noticed the whole carnival was on a dusty ground, which extended into a grass near the stage where the man spoke. The carnival along with the rides continued on behind the man, and there was a wind mill (possibly fake) right behind the stage.

He wasn't paying real attention to the announcer though; he just pretended to be interested, as Matt looked on. After a few idle moments, Sam walked away to the back, and Matt followed, abruptly.

Sam then asked, without gazing back at Matt, "Did you find any book about that sign I showed you?"

"I found one, it seemed pretty relevant," he replied, trying to sound helpful.

Sam couldn't help but turn around, he knew, even if amongst the hundreds of people, that someone was watching him. Suddenly, there was a flash in the distance, in the background of the sparkling colourful Ferris wheel lights, perhaps just an illusion. The sounds, the waves, the laughter, the cries, and then the flash. Again.

"Mm-hmm," was all he could reply with.

"You seem distracted… Is something wrong?"

Sam held his hand for a second, and said, "Come along with me, will you?"

He had to get out of here.

It could have just been paranoia, but Sam knew for sure, that he was being targeted.

He started walking to the entrance gates, briskly.

"Sam? Sam! Where are we going?"

"We have to leave."

He looked back again, another flash. Then another. It all seemed either too real, or too imaginary at that moment. And if Sam could have stopped his moving feet, he would have. But before he knew it, he had reached the gate, and before he could exit, he had crashed into someone.

"Where do you think you're going!" Screeched the voice, and Sam stared up quickly, petrified. It was a jester, a clown, he was wearing an orange costume and juggling bowling pins. His makeup was coloured to look like that of a smiling clown, but Sam just found it menacing.

He let out a frustrated yelp, and ran sideways, into the first tent he saw.

He looked back while still running at the closed black curtains then, and ahead at the dim fluorescent lights.

And then the mirrors. Lined ahead, in a maze.

It was the House of Mirrors.

How could have been so stupid and scared?! You're a grown man for crying out loud.

He walked ahead, not wanting to go outside for a while, taking slow steps. Calculated steps. It was dead silent as he passed the mirrors, one by one, each showing him a different form of himself, but not the real him, just an illusion again and again.

And then out of nowhere, a sing-song voice asked, "Oh Sam… Come out come out wherever you are…"

Sam turned around to face more mirrors.

"Matt?" He asked, confused, in a tiny voice.

The voice just cackled in response.

The sound of the club was too loud and her body was too close for him to have felt the dim vibration of the cell phone.

So John left a message.

"Dean, see you soon."

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