You WHAT?!

"Alright class," Miss Akari. Yeah, remember her? She quit Hyoutei since she got tired of Gakuto's stupidity. "We have a new project."

Many kids groaned.

Miss Akari hated her job...

She sighed. "Your job is to take care of this," She took from a big brown cardboard box a hamster, "You will work in pairs."

A kid raised her hand. "Sensei, why can't we take care of something like fake babies? Why rats with no tails?"

"It's a hamster, stupid!" Another kid called.

"Settle down. I thought hamsters would be more fun." She smiled.

Niou smirked. "Who's the loser that has to be mom?" He said.

"Well you will have a male and female pairing, since there are more boys than girls, some boys will have to pick cards." She held out a hat. "Pink is for mom, blue is for dad. Now, everyone, go find a partner."

Everyone scrambled around to find a partner.

The only one left was Marui and Niou still sitting down at their desks.

Miss Akari smiled. "Marui-kun, Niou-kun, you guys can pair up."

Niou looked around for Yagyuu. He was next to a brown haired girl. Yagyuu gave him a shrug and a sympathetic look.

Miss Akari held out the hat.

Niou pull one out. Marui did the same.

"I got blue." Marui said.

Niou twitched. "I got pink..."

"Great," The teacher handed Niou a hamster. "They don't bite, don't worry. Now be a good mother and take care of her."

Niou raised an eyebrow. "Her?" He asked.

"Yes, this is a girl. Daisy." She said.

"How did you even remember her name? You got so many hamsters!" Niou cried.

Miss Akari pointed to the pink little collar. It said, "Daisy."

Niou frowned. He wanted the black one. He frowned even more when he saw Yagyuu with the black one, its name was Chuck. Seriously, why name a hamster Chuck? Why not... 'Captain Lazerbolt the Third'?

It was lunch time; Niou fed Daisy some hamster food provided by their teacher.

He saw Marui eat his cake. He frowned and said, "You know, you should take care of Daisy. I feel like this is my job."

Marui stared at Niou. "You sound like my mom."

Niou twitched. "Why am I taking care of our..." He shuddered. "Daughter. Why can't you take care of her?"

"Niou, stop nagging like my mom." Marui said as he took a bite out of his cake.

"That's it!" Niou put Daisy on Marui's lap. "You take care of her."

"Whatever." Marui said. He continued eating his cake.

"Remember to feed her. Don't kill her." Niou said.

"Marui... you WHAT?!" Niou shouted.

Marui popped his bubble. "Is it a bad thing?"

"YOU WHAT?!" Niou repeated one more time, this time louder.

"You're taking this really hard..." Marui said.

"That's because I wanted to make Yagyuu ditch that girl and be my partner..." Niou muttered. "You made my plan fail... AND you're a bad father."

"So I left Daisy alone in the classroom with a bag of chips and soup. Big deal!"

"It is a big deal! Soup? She can drown! If she eats the chips... she can get a stomachache!" Niou cried.

"...You are taking this a bit too real..."

"Also, it is 70 percent of your grade." Niou said. "BUT I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT."

Yagyuu came in with his "son". "Niou is taking this really hard isn't he?"

"Yagyuu... why didn't you let me be your partner?" Niou said.

Yagyuu pushed his glasses up. He remained quiet.

Marui popped his bubble again. "Daisy is right here." The hamster popped out of his shirt pocket.

"Ok, I will NEVER work with you again." Niou said.

"You're just a bad mom, huh Daisy?" He pet Daisy's head. The hamster cuddled him. "Awww... why didn't we just name him Jiroh?"

"Because Daisy is a girl." Yagyuu commented.


A few days later, Niou was never assigned a partner job without Yagyuu...

Marui bought Daisy for Jiroh... and he also renamed her Jiroh Jr.

Rikkaidai is such a lovable school...

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