Stay Awake

By: Rikku Minouke

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I know this one is uber short, but it's setting up for what's to come

Jerking awake, Botan sat panting under her comforter. A scuffling, scratching noise caught her attention and she narrowed her eyes trying to figure out what was causing it. When the sound of her coffee table moving across her wooden floor reached her ears, Botan pushed back the blanket and reached for the bat under her bed. Taking light steps, she approached her closed bedroom door, the wood grains digging into her palms.

With her back against the wall, she strained to listen for anymore noises. The squeak of metal made her focus on the turning doorknob. Holding in her breath, she watched as the door slowly opened. A hand came into view and right before she slammed the bat down as a head came through the crack.

"Oh Hiei!" the bat toppled from her hands as she took a step back.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing woman?" Hiei growled at the sound of the bat hitting the floor. "You couldn't hurt me with that."

"You're the one that came into MY house, might I remind you," she argued with him narrowing her eyes. Her only response was a grunt as he turned around. Botan's hand reached out to grab his arm and noticed his worn state. "You need a place to stay. Come on, you can sleep here tonight."

"I can't," Hiei ground his teeth together. Looking away from Botan, he refused to make any eye contact with the pink eyed woman in front of him.

"Like that's ever stopped you before," Botan rolled her eyes at her stubborn friend. "You've done this a million times."

"I can't sleep," his hand shook as Hiei ran it through his black hair turning his back to her. "What if I don't wake up again?"

Botan stood there staring at his back. These were the moments she lived to see. The moments when he would share a little about himself; when he'd ask her for help without really saying it. "Come here Hiei." His body stiffened at her calm command. "You can sleep in my bed tonight. Sleep and when you open your eyes, I'll be there waiting for you."

"If I close my eyes, who knows when the next time I might open them again," Hiei mumble and Botan placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Have you slept much since you've woke up?"

"Not really."

"Hiei please," Botan tugged him back into her room. "Trust me just this once. You can sleep and wake up in the morning. Then things will be back to normal."

"You're wrong…" but he let her drag him to her bed where he took off his shoes and laid down. Within minutes he was asleep and Botan lay on the other side of her big bed. She wished she could snuggle against him, but things weren't meant to be. Tomorrow he would be his cruel self and go back to his arrogant ways.