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A/N: Just a little ManJuu oneshot for my girlfriend. I don't particularly like the pairing, but I like this. I think it's the brackets. I have fun with them. Sorry if it makes it at all hard to follow, this was also kind of a test of a new writing style.

Juudai is starting to get on his nerves, hovering around and asking every five minutes when he'll have finished the homework they were set. Manjoume can never quite be sure if Juudai wants to copy his work or just have fun, since every now and again (when he's been getting a lot of detentions), Juudai will ask to copy his work, and Manjoume stopped counting Juudai's detentions on Tuesday. Juudai looks over Manjoume's shoulder at the work.

"Are you fi--"


He blinks, then flops down on the bed behind Manjoume, and Manjoume can feel chocolate eyes following every move he makes. He sighs.

"If you promise not to annoy me next time I'm doing homework, I'll stop for a while."

He looks round to see Juudai's reaction, and is tackled, his chair falling back. He winces as his head hits the floor, and shakes it slightly, clearing his vision enough that he can see Juudai hugging his neck and beaming up at him. He growls and pushes Juudai off, standing up and retrieving his chair from the floor, before being pushed onto his bed by the brunette.

Juudai nuzzles at his neck (and Manjoume can feel that Juudai's lips are still fixed in that idiotic smile as they brush against his skin), while Manjoume lays there, content to let Juudai be for a while. He wonders why he always does this, makes Juudai promise not to annoy him. Both of them know Juudai will do this every time Manjoume has work to finish, and both of them know it doesn't annoy him as much as he claims. He doesn't like to remember the time before this any more - it's become their routine for after classes. Manjoume attempts to finish his work and Juudai hovers above him, Manjoume makes him promise not to do it again, and they collapse on the bed, Juudai still so naive and hesitant no matter how many times it's happened. Both of them (even Juudai, as naive as he is) know that this won't last forever, that it probably won't even last the whole of the time they're at Duel Academia (they know they're breaking the rules, and being caught would split them sooner, but it just feels so right being together), but they don't care as long as they have the here and the now. Both of them know that if not by the time they've left Duel Academia, by the time they're, say, twenty, they'll probably have forgotten this and moved on, but for now they have each other, and they're content with that. This was never going to be something that lasted forever, this was never going to be a romance that lasted their whole lives (Juudai wouldn't mind, and Manjoume probably wouldn't either, but they're not stupid enough to think it could ever happen), and they know it'll end eventually, probably sooner than later. But they've never kidded themselves that it could ever last (because they don't want it to hurt when they say goodbye), and both of them (though they'll never tell the other because they agreed this isn't love) secretly hope that maybe this will last, secretly hope that this will be something that lasts forever. Both of them hope it's love (although nobody thinks Juudai knows what love is, and Manjoume says he doesn't believe in love), because this feels so right, but if it isn't, they have the here and now, and they have this little routine. And neither one will admit that (even if they don't love each other) they love the routine they have, because Juudai doesn't know what love is and Manjoume doesn't believe in love, but while it lasts, they have each other, and that's all they need.