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That was exactly what she was right now. She was running away from everything she knew. She just wanted to be wanted, was that so bad?

Everyone had someone but her. It didn't make since! Plus she just found out that her so called 'inner Sakura' was really a fox demon sealed inside her.

How can so much happen in one day? The world seemed to hate her and everything in it as well. Was she meant to be truly alone?

The only person who would understand was….Gaara. He hated everything as well so what was the point of living?

She was 17 now and her closest friend was Sasuke. After she gave up on ever loving him he came to her for shelter and soon she was like his little sis.

It was weird but they both had no one. Her parents had died during the war and she had become distant, more distant than Gaara could ever be.

'Where are we going?' Hinna asked. It was 'inner Sakura's real name.

Some where far away from everything, Sasuke is covering for me.

It was natural now to talk to Hinna, she was always there no matter what. When her friends found out thy acted no differently, but still they all had someone and she didn't. How came someone live knowing there is no one for them in this world?

Before she knew it days had passed and the only thing keeping her alive was Hinna. The only thing that made matters worst was that Hinna was originally Shukaku's mate.

This was extremely bad, since Hinna was going into heat right now for the first time in 60 years! Sakura shuddered at the thought of having sex with Gaara out here in the desert……Sabaku?!!!

When the hell did I get here?

Sorry it was so short. Will be longer next time. Oh yah Sabaku means desert.