This is a story spinoff of my latest work Angela's Gift, so if you notice similarities and things of that nature, they are in for a purpose. If your not too angry with my views, I hope you read on with this, but if you are upset, turn away and know that I will not be offended by it.

Chapter 1: Chance of a Lifetime

Eragon stood next to Saphira as Angela approached them in the forest. Solembum was right beside her in human form with a sadistic grin plastered on his face.

"Good evening, friends," Angela smirked as Eragon turned to look at his dragon. "I have something for you."

What is it? Saphira asked curiously. She widened her eyes at the sorceress and nervously kneaded the ground below her paws. Saphira and Eragon were just taking a hike through the woods together until Angela stopped them. Neither the dragon nor the rider could comprehend the witch's intentions.

"I have found a few things that you two must know."

"What is that?" Eragon asked, raising his eyebrow. Solembum shook his head slowly and turned away as Angela let out a subtle chuckle.

"Well," said Angela, "the first thing you should know is that I have been working on something." She reached into the pockets of her silver tunic and pulled out two vials with blue liquid inside of them. The color reminded Eragon greatly of Saphira's scales, but quickly canceled the thought when he saw the top portion of the liquid begin to foam.

That is very…unique, Angela, Saphira attempted to comment, but the witch merely batted her words out of her mind with a swift flick of her wrist.

"These are not for design, Saphira," Angela explained. "These are for you."

"What?" Eragon stepped back at the same time Saphira did.

"Did I stutter, Eragon? These potions are both for you and your dragon."

But why? Saphira stepped closer and cautiously placed her right foreleg in front of her. What can it do?

"Saphira," Angela said happily. "This will change your lives forever." Eragon glared at Angela and stepped beside Saphira to place his marked palm against her left side. She shivered slightly at his touch but quickly regained her composure.

"Galbatorix is dead, Angela," Eragon stated. "Why would we want to change our strength even more with him out of the way?"

"Why does it always involve battles with you?" Eragon and Saphira turned to look at each other as Angela chuckled to herself. "Eragon, this is not some potion to make you stronger, or wiser for that matter."

Are you trying to offend my rider? Saphira asked sternly. Angela shook her head respectfully and set the thin bottles down on the ground.

"I have been doing some research on Solembum and managed to discover his changing abilities."

"You have confused me," Eragon admitted as he slid down next to Saphira to take a seat on the cold ground. "What does his changing have to do with us?"

"A lot, Eragon." Angela sighed and placed her right hand on Solembum's shoulder. "You are aware that he can change during any time, yes?"

"Of course."

"And you are aware that he can lead two different lives from two different species, yes?"

"Where are you going with this?"

"Eragon, this potion should allow you two to do the same as my friend." Eragon jumped back, smashing his head against Saphira's belly.

"What?" Eragon asked furiously. "Now why would I want to do that? I have no dream of living the life of a housecat."

Eragon, Saphira chimed in nervously. I do not think that we would be cats if we took this.

Well if you have a better idea, let me hear it. Saphira sighed and puffed out a small plume of grey smoke.

I do not know. Angela chuckled again and gently rolled the vials over to the two.

"You will not be between housecats, Rider," Angela explained. "I do think that you owe Solembum an apology for that insult."

"No insult taken," Solembum replied with a grin. "I do wish to see what happens, however."

"You will not unless we know what we are getting into!" Eragon shot back, forcing Solembum to lower his head slightly in embarrassment. "Angela, what will this do to us?"

"I have noticed the bond between you two to be quite strong."

Yes it is, Saphira replied, lying down next to her rider. Any fool could see that.

"Well, I do not deserve the title of 'fool' for my work." Angela sat down in front of Saphira and gently scooped up one of the bottles, twisting the cork plug off of the top as she sat. "Last night while you two were sleeping, I went in your quarters to pluck off one single scale."

I thought I was missing one, Saphira told Eragon. She looked to see one single grey spot by her right hind leg. Why did you take it?

"Well, it is very difficult for one to understand, but I will try my best. Solembum was born a warecat, but there have been some instances of mixed genes and traits that cause the same reaction. So, I took a trickle of Eragon's blood and mixed it with your grounded up scales to create the genes and traits; genes of human nature and traits of dragon instinct."

"Should it not be red with my blood in there?" Eragon asked. "Wait…how did you get that?"

"I used a needle to get one drop from your back," Angela gladly explained.

We will never sleep when Angela is near us, Saphira noted to Eragon, who nodded slightly in agreement. First my scales and then your blood? I think that she has gone mad.

"To answer your question, the liquid is sapphire because of a few other key ingredients that were needed for 'flavoring.' Do you really want to drink mashed up scale and human blood without any seasoning?"

"No I do not." Eragon crossed his arms and propped his head against Saphira's. He lifted his head up to look at her.

Why should we? He asked his dragon. She craned her neck down to look into his eyes.

You have always been one to look for adventure, little one. Perhaps this may quell your desires?

Perhaps. He sighed and uncrossed his arms. "So, what happens when we drink this?"

"Your species can shift just like Solembum. Upon any desire, you or Saphira could change forms from human to dragon." Saphira's eyes brightened as she turned away to look at the surrounding forest.

Really? She asked slowly. But Eragon is my rider. We cannot just automatically switch roles, can we?

"I do not understand," Angela replied quizzically. "What do you mean?"

It is my duty as dragon to protect him. Will this not change my place if we shift species?

"Perhaps you do not understand this one. Saphira, it does not reverse your species at the same time…like turning you human and him dragon at once. Instead, you will be given a choice in the matter. Both of you could be humans or both could be dragons. You can switch roles if you wish, but this was not designed to force that upon you."

"This is very strange," Eragon muttered. "You mean to tell me that I could be a dragon instead of riding one?"

"Far more than that, Eragon." The rider looked up at Saphira and placed his hand against her hide.

What do you think?

Do you really want to hear my opinion?

You are my dragon, are you not? Of course I want to hear.

Very well. Saphira sighed and turned to look him in the eye. I believe she is doing this for my kind, not for us.

Come again? Eragon asked her. She growled and laid her head down against his lap while Angela waited in front of her. What do you mean 'your kind'?

Eragon, think about this. Why else would she turn you into a dragon?

Why else would she turn you into a human?

Good point.

"Well?" Angela asked, setting the vials down on the ground in front of them. "Do you want to give this a try?" Saphira lifted her head off of Eragon's lap and slowly nodded it.

It would strengthen our bond more if we could experience what the other goes through. Besides, little one, with Galbatorix dead and Nasuada the new queen, what more is there fun to do anyway?

Fun? Since when was killing and fighting fun?

Pardon me, Saphira replied sadly. But we must look at this from a different perspective, Eragon. We can finally live at peace now, and what better way to celebrate it than to fly together instead of astride me? Eragon sighed and climbed up to his feet. He stepped over to the vials and placed one in each hand.

"Are you ready?" He placed the uncovered top of the vial in his left hand up against his lips.

"Bottoms up," Eragon grumbled. With one quick chug, the liquid was gone, leaving a clear glass bottle in place of the sapphire one. Angela smiled as Saphira opened her mouth up for Eragon to pour the other potion down her throat.

"It does not taste as bad as I envisioned," Eragon pointed out as the liquid rushed from the bottle onto Saphira's barbed tongue.

Actually, it is quite sweet. She licked her lips dry and then nuzzled Eragon's hand. Thank you for doing this with me, little one.

Do not thank me until this all works.

"Now for the second part of my news," Angela mentioned. "Eragon, I have heard you discuss matters of peaceful living several times with Saphira."

Yes, we talk of that a lot, Saphira pointed out.

"There is a nation that no one in this country has ever heard of before called America. Have you seen the strange streaks in the sky lately?"


"Yes. You have not seen those line-making clouds up in the air?"

I have once, Saphira explained. It was an awe inspiring sight, might I add.

"I know very little of this place, my friends, but I have heard that this country owns whatever makes those streaks."

"How did you hear of it?"

"I have met many great travelers in my journeys. They have told stories of carriages that actually ride without horses and numerous other great inventions as well."

"Why did these men come back?"

"Well," Angela sighed, "they did not live here, Eragon. They came in on a big vessel that they called a 'yacht.' It looked more like a warship to me, but to each is own, I suppose."

Wow, Saphira murmured with an amazed tone. So there is more out there than this.

"Eragon, I met a man that wanted me to go with him. He gave me these strangely marked pieces of paper and told me to 'fly out' and see him. Since I have no dragon, I must send you to do my bidding. I believe that he called these papers 'dinero' but I have never heard of that before."

"It is not in the old language," Eragon pointed out knowledgably. "Perhaps it is a language that this new nation uses?"

"Perhaps." Eragon looked down at the ground and then shifted his gaze to Saphira. "When will this potion start to work?" As soon as he asked, both he and Saphira crashed down to the ground unconscious.

"Congratulations my friends," Angela whispered while Solembum stepped towards her. He sighed as Angela reached in her pocket to pull out a large bundle of small green papers with the number 100 printed on the sides of it. Angela quickly took the elastic band off of the bundle and stuffed it inside of Eragon's tunic. "You will have the opportunity of a lifetime."