Eragon dashed out of his home and joyously leapt over to Thorn, startling the large red creature

This is the final chapter of United, but it is not the last of the series. I just am running out of steam for this entire book, so I cut this one to make room for Book Two: United We Stand. It's been a fun ride for this one, but my goal was to make a shorter chapter story than A.G anyways, considering I need to still work on A.G 2. Enjoy this, guys. You'll never guess the end.

Eragon dashed out of his home and joyously leapt over to Thorn, startling the large red creature.

"I'm a father!" Eragon wept proudly against the large dragon. "I...I am a father!" Thorn let out a snort and looked down at the rider.

You are also naked, Rider, and you're leaning against my leg. Eragon stepped back and quickly morphed into his dragon form, confusing Hazelnut greatly in doing so. She cautiously padded over to him, sniffing his side as if wondering how he did it.

Sorry Thorn, Eragon chuckled. I just had to tell someone!

Are the eggs healthy? Thorn asked. Eragon nodded his head and showed his teeth.

Yes, and so is our daughter. She was born live.


Sort of, he replied happily. We birthed the first hybrid, Thorn. She has human features, but her skin is almost your color and her wings are as black as mine.

A human with wings and scales? Impossible!

No, its flesh, I swear by it. Hazelnut stepped back and began wondering around the backyard, taking in curious glances from everything around her. Once she saw the pool, the young dragoness stopped and lowered her head for a closer look into the odd smelling water. Thorn looked over to her and let out a raspy growl.

Don't do it, Thorn, Eragon warned with a laugh. She may be young, but I doubt she's that stupid. Thorn snorted and padded over, completely ignoring the Rider's warning. Once he got close enough, the red dragon leapt towards Hazelnut in a futile attempt to push her in. Unknown to him, she was counting on it. At the last moment, the green dragoness took a step sideways, causing Thorn to miss completely and belly flop into the water with a surprised yelp. Once he emerged, his eyes fell on Hazelnut's before she turned her back to him and hiked up her tail after letting off a snobby snort and walking away. Told you. She was planning it.

How? Thorn asked. Eragon snickered and looked over to the young dragoness.

She has some immaturity as well, he inferred. It looks like you two may be getting along after all. Eragon smiled to himself and walked over towards the curious dragoness. He sat beside her and sent her the image of his eggs and daughter, receiving a congratulatory nuzzle rub. That was smooth with Thorn.

Thank you. Eragon tossed his head back and snorted when he heard her voice reside inside his head. What?

You spoke.

So? I've been able to the whole time. She let out a chuckle and leaned closer to Eragon. Everyone assumed I knew the language, but no one ever asked me if I did. I never speak unless asked. She was sly indeed. Between you and I, I prefer it this way. It will make that beast over there work twice as hard to interest me. tricked us? Eragon asked with a laugh. Bravo. She bowed humbly and turned her eyes over to Thorn.

I still watch him, she explained. I have a strange feeling on his personality.

He's just lazy, Eragon laughed out. You get used to it.

He'll just have to get used to me. Suddenly, Hazelnut walked away towards Thorn and lunged at him, causing another cry of shock and surprise to escape his throat.

What did you send her this time? Thorn growled as he rolled around on the floor with her.

I didn't send anything, Thorn, he assured. Just...err...have fun and look on the bright side. You're wrestling with a girl instead of me.

Yes, but the female wishes to kill me as well! Thorn exposed his neck in submission, but the dragoness refused his token and dove for it, playfully nibbling at his scaled flesh. Help me.

You're on your own, Eragon laughed out. When you see Murtagh, tell him his niece is waiting for him. With that said, Eragon turned his back and left the two dragons to duel behind him while he rushed back to Saphira only to see her sleeping soundly next to her eggs and new daughter, who were all nestled up against her warm belly.

Saphira? Eragon asked soothingly. An eye opened as confirmation that she was awake.

Yes, my love?

How you feeling? She slowly raised her head up to place her snout against Roselyn's frail small form, gently licking her with her tongue.

I'm the happiest female in the world, Eragon. She looked up and let off a comforting growl. My younglings are all very well.

I'm very glad of that. Eragon padded close to her and nuzzled her. We make a great family.

Speaking of which, don't forget about the minister. I want to get married to you.

So do I, Saphira, Eragon commented happily. He turned to rub his snout against Roselyn's hairy scalp. I love you more than anything else, darling. We made a great family. She smiled and placed her snout underneath Eragon's to bring his head up to hers.

You are to thank for it, Eragon. He smiled and propped the top of his head against hers for a loving nuzzle. You made me so glad I chose you as a mate. Eragon sighed and licked her cheek.

So have you, honey. Suddenly, the phone at their bedside went off, startling Roselyn into a sudden scream. Saphira tried to nuzzle the hybrid into comfortable silence while Eragon morphed into human form to pick up the phone.

"Yeah?" he asked. It was Wilson on the other line.

"Is there a television near you, Eragon?" Wilson asked. Eragon stepped down the hall to the main living room, grabbing the remote control. "You want to see this." He pressed the button to turn the television on and, once he did, his jaw dropped.

"We are live in San Diego just before the Mexican border where we have been witnessing the mobilization of American forces all around the fence line." The camera zoomed in to see a line of Abrams tanks driving down the highway towards the border. "Apparently, sources tell us that our President, Guillermo Valdez, has ordered that all forces be called back to the United States." Suddenly, the female reporter vanished to another one in front of the White House in D.C.

"It brings great sadness to report this," the male reporter said tearfully, "but for the first time in over fifty years, our President has just been shot!" Eragon dropped the phone in shock. The first man who helped him so much was almost killed...and he wasn't there to help like last time. "Valdez is listed in critical condition in an undisclosed location, leaving his Vice President, Wikenson to take command during his injury. Secret service agents witnessed four Hispanic suspects leave the scene with a scoped rifle in each hand. As retaliation, the Vice President, Charles Wikenson, has ordered total action on the Mexico border. May God be with us during this hard time." He reached down and placed the phone to his ear only to hear Wilson on the other end.

"We need you."

End of Book 1. Book two will be out after I complete A.G II: The Life of Bowen.