Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga

Angelic Memories

Chapter 1: Were we started.

It all started back then. I was a young graduate starting out. Believing I could take on anything. Fresh out of college, fresh for the world to break apart. I was distant though. I guess it was because life taught me that people were a bit edgy toward the different, and I was very different.

I guess it was a joke at first. Coming in one day a girl and leaving a boy. I didn't care. My parents would tell me I was special. What bullshit that was. Special, more like a total freak. No one would want to play with the girl that's a boy too, a hermaphrodite. I guess at middle school I stopped. Besides it's much harder to put on the ruse of a boy when you have developing breasts. By high school the freak was a faded memory and since I moved to a college in another state I could just start anew. I decided to give up on the idea of socializing and went ahead and pursued my studies.

I guess pursuing my studies paying off in the end. I was top in all my classes and without friends I didn't have to bother with keeping up with them. Well after graduating top of my class I was asked to join a medical group that was studying Cuvier Syndrome. Why did I take the offer? It had nothing to do with me. No one I was close to was actually affected by it. I could probably go off and be an under-appreciated doctor. Well, I guess I took it to prove myself. I needed to prove myself to the world that so shunned me. So I packed up and went off for the research center in wherever.

When I arrived at the research center the next day I was greeted by an older woman. She looked around her late thirties. She had graying hair that lay flat but seem to spread as the reached down to shoulder length. She greeted me with a soft voice. "Hello, you must be Jenna. I am Arlene. I am the head of this project. It is a pleasure to meet you. Why don't you go acquaint with the others. They are in the next room." She left me alone afterwards. I went into the next room and appeared to be a cafeteria. There were four people. The tallest man had dark skin and short black hair and his nametag read Aron Erans. The shortest man had pale skin and hair, the opposite of the first one and his nametag read Shinji Kanewa. The Third man had glasses and blond hair and nametag read David Keystone. The only woman had long blond hair that she placed over her right shoulder and her nametag read Nancy Parkens. Shinji was the first to talk. "Konichiwa! I am Shinji, you call me Ji okay. I'm still little weak in English. What's you name?" A strange accent, I guess he's from Japan.

"I am Jenna." I didn't plan on giving my whole life to this guy.

"No more?" Ji asked.

"No more…" I can tell he was going to get on my nerves. The next person to talk was Nancy.

"Don't mind him. You'll learn to ignore him fast. I'm Nancy. That's Aron and that's David. You must have met Arlene, the director, right?" I nodded to the question. "Not much of a talker, are ya?" Indeed, I'm not. I left them to go to my own room. I felt tired, so I climbed into the stiff bed and went to sleep.

I didn't sleep well, but I suppose it was my first night. The first night of many. I herd knocking at my door. "Jenna, we are all gathering at the main room. Please get ready and be there soon." I didn't recognize the voice, David's voice, back then. I got ready and headed to the main room as instructed. Arlene greeted us when we arrived.

"It is great to see that all of you have decided to come and help the world. As we all know Cuvier Syndrome is caused by bad data, well this bad data can and will hurt the environment, and last I checked we needed that…Bah, I know a bad joke when I tell one. I just want to say thank you. I need young minds like you're since mine is getting old and withering to dust." Was she trying to be a terrible comedian? Why should the director bother with joking? It's seemed so unprofessional back then.