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Hey. Youhei. What are you eating?" Daichi asked.

"I'm Kouhei." the bluehead replied annoyed. "I'm eating Jell-O."


"Yes. Jell-O."

"That stuff is disgusting." Oota said joining them. "It's gelatin. Blech."

"It's really good!" Youhei said popping out of nowhere and glaring at Oota.

"It's disgusting!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Guys...Calm down what are you two arguing about?" Kajimoto said sighing. Being captian of this crazy team...did NOT have its perks.

"He said Jell-O was disgusting!" the twins said pointing at Oota.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions Youhei and Kouhei."

"...That doesn't make us feel any better."

"It wasn't supposed to doofus."

"Daichi. Please be quiet." Kajimoto said mentally ramming his head against a wall.

"So do you like Jell-O buchou?" Oota asked.

"It really doe-" Kajimoto was cut off by the twins glaring death at him. "I-" he was cut off again by a series of loud squeals.

"Omigosh Wakato-san!" A bunch of girls cried.

All the regulars rolled their eyes. Greaat. Wakato was here. Oh yay.

"By the way where's Reiji?" Daichi asked looking around.

"I don't know and I don't really care." Oota said.

The twins were about to say something, but they were cut off by the loud yelling again. Because Wakato was heading their way. Oh joy. More loud noise.

"Please. Please ladies." Wakato drawled out. "I have lunch to eat with my tennis team. I'll see you girls after school."

The girls squealed and ran off.

"How are you guys doing?" Wakato said after the girls ran off.

"Better until you came along." Daichi muttered.

"Where's Reiji?"

"No clue."

"Hmph. Then he's probably off trying to confess his undying love for sensei." Wakato smirked.

"Whatever. We could care less." Oota replied.

Kajimoto wondered why he had to be the buchou of this team. He wondered why he couldn't be Hyoutei's or Rikkai's. Life really stinks.

"You're eating Jell-O too?!" Daichi said extremely annoyed.

"Our mother packs us the same lunches. What are we to do?" Youhei replied annoyed. And Kouhei nodded looking equally annoyed.

"Oh. That stuff is amazing!" Wakato cried out.

"Isn't it?" the twins exclaimed.

"We should form a Jell-O lovers club!" Youhei cried out.

"We should!" Wakato said. "And we'll get a lot of members because of my fangirls and because Jell-O is just THAT awesome."

Kajimoto was ready to dig a grave for himself. Daichi and Oota just stared at the trio giggling about Jell-O.

Meanwhile, Reiji was in a broom closet somewhere moping because Hanamura-sensei rejected him. Poor Reiji. Her reason was because of the 'age difference.' But he knew(or guessed) that it was because she was madly in love with Sakaki-sensei of Hyoutei. He sobbed even more.

okay...I don't think this is really 'crack'. Just a drabble...Still weird though :D