Hey ya'll : Aikoflutist247 here with another story. I know I've taken the idea of Kingdom Hearts 2 set in boarding school, but hey, why not do it again? And this time with a new character?

Not that I have something against any of the characters, but I always imagine the guy I like with a girl I make up xP. So here it is.

Pairings: RoxasOC SoraKairi RikuOC HaynerOlette [Other pairings may be decided later

Just letting you all know, I have nothing against the pairing RoxasNamine or Namine, I just wanted to try something new. Also, I don't like yaoi/shounen ai. No offense, but every time my friend makes me read yaoi or watch it, my mind flashes to my guy friends doing that guy-on-guy stuff...and it's not pretty.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts II or any of its characters :[


"Do you like me?"

We were at school, at lunch, and my crush had asked to talk to me privately. I had my hopes high, thinking this was it. In any way, he was going to know my feelings. I started getting nervous when he asked to come here. But he made me even more nervous when he asked me that question.

"Of course I like you." I thought he was asking me if I liked him as a friend, but deep down, I knew what he was asking. I just answered it like this to lighten the mood a bit. I could feel the fretfulness in the air.

"No, I mean, do you like me in that way?"

I was silent, looking the other way. "Maybe." I heard him sigh in an impatient way, "Just kidding. Yes, I do like you. I really like you," I said to him, finally telling my feelings to my crush. I looked back at him with hope-filled eyes. He looked the other way. He was uncomfortable and I knew it. It was going to happen again. I gazed at him before saying, "you don't have to say yes. You can say 'no' to me." I kept my voice strong.

He took one long sigh before saying, "I think it's better we stay friends."

"Okay, I'm fine with that. I'll see you around." I walked away from him, toward my friends. I looked back at him from the corner of my eye to find that he was already walking toward another girl. 'His crush,' I thought, 'no doubt. No wonder he rejected me.'

I faced forward again. Tears started to form at the corners of my eyes. Even though I said I was fine, I wasn't. Is that all guys ever see in me? A friend only? This wasn't the only time that this has happened to me. I've confessed to all my crushes only to be a mere friend to them. Nonetheless, after being rejected numerous times, I got back on my feet and continued to live my life.

But this time, it'll be hard to stand back on my feet strong. I don't want to face the pain once more. I'm not going to fall for anyone anymore. I think this is a better choice for me. My best friend says otherwise, but I'm not going to be fooled. I'll continue living my life, sure, but…I'll just be what everyone wants me to be. A friend.

Deep down in myself, I hated my high school. I had so many rejections, and memories that I wished that never occurred. So, when my best friend and I got home, my mom surprised me by saying, "you're going to boarding school."