Author's Note

I just wanted to point out that someone has taken some of my ideas from this story. For my loyal readers, this plot and story is completely my idea. I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any of its characters, but this fanfiction was created by me, Jamila Valiente.

I made this story in 2007 and finished it in 2008.

If you have an account on Quizilla and you see a story similar to this one (it's called "Twilight High Kingdom Hearts"), it has different OCs and slightly different scenes, but in all technicality, it's the same as this story right here, written on and the original Don't Lie has stayed on this website for the last four years. Some parts are even copied from my own story, word for word.

I would like to thank Lesli for she pointed this out to me.

So in all honesty, I am completely pissed off that the user didn't even so much as credit me for any part of "their" story. So, just wanted to point this out to any reader. Well they credited me slightly, saying their story is BASED OFF my story, but essentially, most of the text in the chapters are WORD for WORD.

So I hope all my faithful readers know in their hearts that THIS story and the story on Quizilla is the same story, AND IT IS CREATED BY ME.