Captive Love

SUMMARY: Desperate to break free from the reigns of her master, Naraku, Kagura seeks aid in the cold-blooded Sesshomaru as her only means of escape, truly a last resort. But what starts off as a business ordeal quickly blossoms into a passionate love affair…

RATING: M- for adult content, adult language, violence, adult scenes.

Author's note: Yeah ppls, P.O.J.A here trying a thing again. I have just been so inspired these days I wrote, well, started writing five new stories (three Inu, two TMM) and these past three weeks I've be so engrossed in adult swim (getting four hours of sleep each day lol) I just got completely hyped and wrote till sunrise—no shit! Speaking of, lemme know what you think of this fic k. Note: Kagura, Naraku, Sess…they're all adults between the ages of 24-30, pick a year. Rin though definitely is 12 years old. You're support is always wanted so please R & R and enjoy. Arigato.

Chapter 1

Kagura has been enslaved by Naraku since the day she was incarnated. Being one of his main and 'close' incarnations, she thought she held some sort of power among the other, lesser demons in his fortress. She thought wrong. When Hakudoushi was born, Kagura became nothing more than another old, useless part lost from Naraku, for it was quite clear that Hakudoushi was stronger than her. But for now she served some purpose.

"Naraku, I implore, I can't do this again, not so soon. I'm terribly sore and tired…please," Kagura plead as the tears streamed down her dirt-filled face and landed on the shackles that bound her hands to the freezing prison she now called home. On hearing of her plot to escape the fortress and possibly overthrow him by his ever faithful spawn Kanna, Naraku had Kagura incarcerated, only to be released to do his bidding.

"Now, now, Kagura, you know the price of treason. You should be grateful," he said as he knelt down beside her, holding her face to look directly into his, "had you not been such a beautiful woman, you would've been dead by now," and he let out a deep sinister laugh as he began caressing her face.

He then kissed saline lips wet from her sorrow, and savoured them like sugar coated candy. Her kimono was tethered, mostly because he grappled with her clothing in many previous impatient attempts to satisfy his needs hastily. She just sat back against the walls of her icy prison, and lay there pitifully whilst Naraku forced himself onto her. He began trailing his kisses from her mouth to her neck, softer than usual. He moved like a lover but his touch was still predatory: raw, vicious, vulgar. No matter how he dressed it up, the act will forever be the same--rape. He pealed off the sleeves of her dress and began kissing her shoulders, and then moved down to her breasts where he suckled like a hummingbird eager to retrieve the sweet nectar from its host flower. The peaks of her nipples hardened under his touch, but Kagura remained silent, expressionless; she felt nothing.

She was too quiet for Naraku's liking. He was being gentler this time, wanting her to enjoy this as much as he is, and she showed her gratitude with malicious tranquility. He stepped away from her a bit and watched the blank face she wore. It angered him greatly, and he slapped her hard across her face letting her know that.

"Apparently you like the rough treatment," he spat out at her. Immediately she was broken free from her state of self-hypnosis as she gently rubbed her reddening cheek.

"Worthless bitch, you will please me, you hear me!" he growled at her, choking her against the very wall she rested on.

The more she winced, the more she aroused him. Then, he flung her like a rag doll on the floor and abandoned the idea of foreplay completely as his manhood began throbbing with each tear she shed. If she didn't want to be satisfied, like hell he would allow himself to suffer for her lack of sexual appetite. Ripping off her clothes he sprawled her legs apart and dug two fingers into her, ensuring his lubrication before he entered her. When she cried out in pain and the tears began rolling again, he held his crotch hard to ease the ache, and delved deeper and deeper unable to control his hunger. Finally, she was wet enough, but before he entered he wanted a taste of what she had to offer. He traced the contours of her inner thigh with his tongue and when he reached his prize, he flicked his tongue on the soft flesh before he bit down on it, wanting her to pay for her deception and disloyalty. She screamed out loud; he couldn't take it anymore. In one swift motion he disrobed and thrust himself into her, hard and fast. He moaned with delight, she moaned in grief and pain.

She wanted to shove him off, but his body enveloped hers; she couldn't move no matter how badly she wanted to. He held her right thigh up, clasping the leg around his waist as he climaxed. As he felt her tighten, so did he as the orgasm slowly took over. With one last thrust he emptied himself in her and lay atop of her in their final position, exhausted, but most importantly, pleased. He has his cheek to hers; he saw how her lips trembled and felt the tears streaming down again as they landed on his face. With his thumb he gently wiped her eyes dry, even cleaning some of the muck from her face, and gave her one last bitter kiss, ravaging her tongue in his mouth and biting down hard on her bottom lip as he broke their moment.

"Thanks for the fuck," he whispered sensually into her ear as he rose and began clothing himself. "I'll have Kanna bring you some new clothes; there's nothing more you can do with that piece of cloth you have," he said referring to the tattered kimono on the floor.

Kagura said nothing, just stayed there on the cold ground exactly the way he left her. Disgusted at how pathetically she lay there, Naraku stormed out of the dungeon leaving Kagura behind to rot in the darkness. Feeling his dark aura fading she knew she was alone at last, and then she curled herself into a ball and just wept. Her heart bled as her 'precious flower' withered petal by petal. He had hurt her, more emotionally than physically. He stole her dignity as a woman, destroyed her ability to truly love a man and know what it's like to have those feelings returned.

"Somebody help me please," she whimpered to herself. Her voice was now hoarse and her larynx was as sore as her private region. She was nothing more than an object to him, to be used when he wanted, how he wanted. She needed to escape, but how? Look where her first attempt had left her.

"Somebody, anybody, please save me," she cried out softly one last time to the night sky as she gazed upon it from the floor through the one, barred window in her cellar. Beneath that same starry sky though, somewhere out there, rested her saviour…


"Lord Sesshomaru, may we rest here for the night please? We've been traveling two days straight and my butt is starting to hurt from riding Ah Un for so long," Rin begged as she rested on her stomach atop the beast's back.

"Maybe you should get your ass on the ground and walk like the rest of us; then it probably wouldn't hurt as much," Jaken grumbled under his breath. Unfortunately for him, it was not Rin who heard him, but Lord Sesshomaru himself. The demon just shot him a fierce warning glance this once, but it was enough to put Jaken into a minor cardiac arrest.

"We'll stop here," Sesshomaru said in that authoritative tone of his. Rin was more than relieved and showed her appreciation by rushing down and hugging him tightly before scurrying off in search of fire wood. He still hadn't gotten use to the idea of physical affection like that, but coming from Rin it meant a great deal and thus he permitted her to do so. "Why don't you make yourself useful for a change and help the girl gather wood you futile ball of cells," Sesshomaru said before going off into the fields.

I know deep down inside he really cares Jaken thought, eyes full of beady tears as he went into the forest himself to help Rin.

Sensing he was alas alone, Sesshomaru allowed himself to recuperate form their odyssey and began thinking about their destined task ahead…so close yet still out of reach.

There's something eccentric about the night air tonight. It reeks of Naraku even though his miasma is not present. I will find the bastard soon…I'm coming for you.

"Lord Sesshomaru, will this be enough firewood?" Rin asked as she struggled to keep the huge bundle she carried from toppling over. He gave a quick smile, one of the cute rare ones Rin saw, especially of lately, and nodded his approval before returning to his thoughts.

"Is Lord Sesshomaru okay Lord Jaken?" Rin secretly asked him when he came near her, holding one measly stick I might add.

"Isn't he always, why do you ask?" he replied confused as he threw his 'contribution' into the fire.

"I don't know, he seems…different than before. Or maybe it's just me."

"Maybe it is just you. Now, you asked for the rest, take it before you anger the Lord," Jaken scolded.

"Alright. Goodnight Lord Jaken, rest well," she said as she spread a blanket onto the ground and proceeded to sleep.

"You too Rin," Jaken replied admirably. Though the little runt often caused him to get into a great deal of trouble with Lord Sesshomaru, she was a darling nonetheless. And what a fine young woman she was growing into, not once losing her respect for her guardians. Sesshomaru noticed how well she was growing too, which made him worrisome. For the first time in his years had he cared for someone the way he now cared for Rin. She was his pride and joy, and nothing would tear them apart. Nothing.


The next day, Kanna came in to visit her disloyal kin and she bore gifts; undoubted Naraku sent her, most likely let her inform Kagura of her next assignment.

"This is for you," she said, holding a beautiful royal blue kimono donned in a nighttime design with gold stars and a crescent moon. It also came equipped with a beaded feather like what Kagura wore, but the bead was the same color as the kimono. Kagura sat up and hesitantly accepted. Then, she saw Kanna produce a pair of keys which she used to unlock the chains that bound Kagura.

"You reek, so Naraku said to let you take a shower before setting off," she said in her usual innocent voice. But behind that child-like demeanor lays a powerful demon, so destructive and full of evil. Kagura watched her sister watch her back in her typical blank expressionless face (that's where Kagura learnt it to use on Naraku), and wondered why Kanna, and how she could stay so dedicated to Naraku knowing that after he is able to transform into a full demon, she becomes dust to the wind, or even food for his power.

"How could you Kanna?" she asked aloud.

"How could you Kagura? Your bath water is waiting on you," and without another word Kanna left the dungeon as easily as she entered. It took her a while to stand up, seeing that it had been a while since she'd been off her feet and not on her back. When she recuperated, she crept out slowly, adjusting to the light first, and then left for the bathroom. In the shower she tried her hardest to scrub off Naraku's scent off of her, his touch, his everything. But no matter how hard or rough she rubbed and scraped at, he couldn't leave her. She just melted whilst the water ran down her back, and then quickly caught herself as she knew Kanna was watching her every move through that cursed mirror of hers. Not once did Kagura think that that same device would be used against her after the countless times she used it against the enemy. When her bath was complete and she stepped out, Kanna produced another gift for her, perfume.

"Use it when you've finished dressing," the child said before departing to Naraku's side.

Why would he give me perfume? What the hell is he trying to do, is it toxic?

She sprayed some on the floor, but the wood didn't burn.

Okay, it's not acidic. There's no way this can be ordinary perfume.

She then found a nearby plant in her old room. Naraku allowed her to dress there seeing that all her necessary cosmetics were there. She feed some of the liquid to the demonic plant, but nothing happened to it. It didn't shrivel, wilt, grow stronger, nothing. Skeptical at first she eventually sprayed herself with the sweet scent of orchids. She then entered his room and waited for her orders. He wasn't there at first, but when he appeared Kagura bowed down low in respect of her master. He smiled a malevolent smile as he watched his love slave display his due reverence.

"You may rise Kagura," he told her and she did as told. "My puppet, I have been told that there's a frog demon destroying a village not too far from this very fortress, possibly hoarding shards of the Shikon. You know what you must do."

"Hai master Naraku," she spoke seriously.

"Smile why don't you?" he asked her before she left, causing her to double back and make sure she heard right.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" she inquired inoffensively. Without warning Naraku slapped her across her face again with such a force it brought her down.

"You heard me; don't play games with me Kagura, you're already testing my patience greatly." He gazed upon his victim rubbing her cheek with a confused look as she soaked up every word her uttered. He bent down to her and gripped her face in his strong hands and forced a smile onto her mouth.

"Much better," he said as he rose and turned his attention to the view outside his screened window. "What are you waiting on, you have a task to complete." Kagura rose as quickly as she could and released her feather into the air, sailing towards her next mission.

"Pathetic isn't she?" Hakudoushi said, coming from the shadows of Naraku's room.

"Humph, but she has her uses."

"There's always Kanna you know, so faithful, so loving, so beautiful…" Hakudoushi said with a lust in his voice.

"When your time comes you could have her; hopefully by then she won't try to betray you like the whore I have now."

"Aren't you going to have the saimyosho follow her?"

"Oh don't worry my dear spawn they will do their job when the time is right." They then both laughed ominously at the thought before going about their business.

She defeated the monster with two blows of her dragon dance and settled to the ground to collect the shard the creature beheld.

All this drama for one measly shard; how degrading!

Before she released her feather to return to the fortress, she felt a demonic energy nearby and decided to seek it out. If it is another shard-hoarding demon, hopefully this one will be more of a challenge than the last one. She hid in the silhouette of the forest where the demon scent carried her, until she felt its strongest point. Still she remained concealed; better to surprise the enemy…makes for a better kill. Before she could scope the ground for it she heard a voice, a child's voice from beneath her.

"Lord Jaken, come find me," the child bellowed to her companion whilst hiding behind the tree Kagura hid atop of. She felt no demonic aura coming from her, but the toad that followed her had a scent, though not the one she hunted. No, this one was much too weak.

"Rin, come out wherever you are please. Lord Sesshomaru would appreciate you staying nearby the meadows and out of danger," Jaken pleaded.

"Okay…tag you're it, catch me if you can then Lord Jaken," the young girl said as she hit the toad and ran off into the fields.

Did I hear right, did he say Sesshomaru? He must be the aura I felt.

In hot pursuit Kagura scanned the meadows from the comfort of her hiding spot. There, she saw him propped on a tree, intensely gazing out at the bright morning, engrossed in his own world. When Rin approached he turned to see the young human girl zoom past him trying to escape from Jaken, and she was winning.

Was that a smile I saw just creep up on his face? The almighty Sesshomaru, has feelings for a…a human? He cares for no one but himself; since when? Surely he must be under some sort of spell!

As Kagura studied the seductive demon in all his glory, she suddenly felt his gaze upon her. He had not moved an inch from where he sat, but he watched her intently from the corner of his eyes. Rin called out his name yet he paid her no mind until she cried out in desperation for his help. Kagura took that as her cue for an escape before he catches her and possibly tried to kill her. She knew he would be an excellent accomplice if she was to ever become free, but she remembered how he turned down an alliance with her numerous occasions before this. But as she watched him with the girl, she found a new motive for him to join her. If he truly cares about the brat, he'll have more of a reason to want to kill Naraku…but all in due time.

"How did you get stuck in that hole Lord Jaken?" Rin asked inquisitively as Sesshomaru, after rescuing his right hand man, tossed him aside to Rin and returned to his nesting spot by the tree.

"Trying to catch you," Jaken said dazed.

"Be careful next time," Rin said as she kissed the booboo he received on his head when Sesshomaru threw him away.

"Let's go," Sesshomaru ordered his clan as he felt Kagura's demonic air drift with the wind she carried. There's only one place she could be headed now--Naraku's fortress--and if he ever wanted to find him, now was his chance. Rin gathered Ah Un by their reins and walked beside them, still giving her bum a rest and stretching her legs despite her morning workout with Jaken. Sesshomaru watched his girl walking her pet, and seeing him watching her she gave him a quick smile which was warmly returned. But his blissful mood was soon clouded as he concentrated on his task ahead…follow the wind demon, and kill Naraku!