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Chapter 3

The week of Rin's bloodiness had been a most busy one for Sesshomaru as many demons from all over were enticed to her scent, and try as they might no matter where they chose to hide there was always at least three demons around the corner waiting on them.

"How much longer till this ends?" an irritated inu youkai asked the wind demon as he vanquished another paltry demon in his path.

"She should be finished by now, let me ask and check," Kagura replied as she approached Rin so they could check on her bleeding.

"It seems you're done, we can finally press on now," Kagura sighed as she thought about reaching the fortress and at long last, killing that venomous hanyou.

"Do you mind if I take a bath though? Kami-sama alone knows when next that will happen," the young ningen chuckled lightly.

"I would verify with your Lord before I go gallivanting off into trouble."

"Okay. You may join me if you like," she said before skipping off to talk to Sesshomaru. The idea danced about in her mind for a while before she considered it. After all, the girl did say 'when next' she will get and opportunity to cleanse herself, why not grasp it now?

"What is that you say?" the youkai asked his companion as she threw off his train of thought. If she had to interrupt him like that, it better had be something of importance.

"I would like to know if I may take a bath before we leave, and Lady Kagura may be joining me," she replied with soft innocence.

"Jaken," he cried out but once before the toad was eagerly by his side.

"Hai Sesshomaru-sama," the toad curtseyed before his master.

"Accompany Rin and our 'guest' to the hot springs please, they would like to freshen themselves before we press on."

"WAHH—of course sire," Jaken shrieked before biting back his tongue.

Why do I always get stuck babysitting?

"C'mon Jaken, chin up!" Rin bubbled as she held the hiki in her arms and whisked them away to the hot springs. As she passed Lady Kagura propped against a tree, she relayed the message.

"Let's go," she said casually. Kagura watched Rin in amusement and soon followed suit to the girl marching to the beat of her own drum.


"You may be our guard, but it doesn't mean you're entitled to watch, so go," Kagura said with a deathly glare.

"I'm not afraid of you," the cocky youkai replied, until he received another snarl and soon scurried into the safety of the bushes where he could play Rin's guardian and stay safe from Kagura's wrath.

"Ah!" the young ningen sighed as her body made contact with the warmth of the spring waters. "This is heavenly, ne?" Kagura simply grunted her remark and allowed the hot waters to soothe her aching joints and muscles. She hadn't realized how tired she was until the healing powers of the spring took its effect.

"Lady Kagura, you brought your clothes to change, no?" During Rin's period Kagura had often made stops to various villages nearby their hiding spots so she could gather more items and clothing for their travels; there was only so much of her kimono that she could tear apart, and she was in dire need of a new one.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, they're hung behind a tree somewhere," she dismissed and returned to her thoughts. The bath was just what she needed, but the interference that came with it could have been done without. Suddenly she felt a ripple of small waves beat against her chest and soon felt the heat of another nearby her.

"Lady Kagura, am I disturbing you?" Rin asked ever so politely.

"Very much so," Kagura replied wryly, more aggravated than ever that her thoughts were continually disturbed.

"Oh, gomen-nasai then," and Rin kept her distance from the demon that shunned her. She never meant to hurt the girl's feelings; all she'd wanted was some peace and quiet, but realizing that all the girl really wanted was someone to talk to at that point, Kagura slowly opened her eyes and turned her attention to Rin.

"What do you want?" she asked coolly.

"Oh, umm…I just wanted to thank you again, for helping me with my…err…problem," she said bashfully.

"You're welcome," was the simple reply.

"And…um…I was just wondering…why do you want to kill Naraku so badly? Isn't he your master, your creator? I can't imagine ever wanting to hurt Lord Sesshomaru or Lord Jaken!"

"Have Lord Sesshomaru or Lord Jaken ever tried to hurt you, kill you, and abuse you in the most sickening ways possible?" Kagura asked with an icy tone to it. Saying it out loud made her recall all those horrid moments back at the fortress, and she was ever gladder to be here than even a few miles from that cursed palace anytime.

"No," the girl replied solemnly and bowed her head in shame of such a naïve question. Why else would anyone want to escape the place they called home? She did it, and couldn't be happier with Sesshomaru and Jaken, no matter how nomadic her lifestyle became.

"I shall leave you to your bath then," Rin spoke up and rose to dry and dress herself. With her newfound peace Kagura resumed to her musing. Then, she heard a rustle in the bushes behind her.

So that's what a female demon looks like. She's so…voluptuous, so much different than what I've seen. This part human species of women demons…quite intriguing.

As Jaken mulled over the anatomy of the wind demon, he never saw the rock that was sent soaring through the air, aimed directly at his forehead. Kagura looked back not once as she already knew who was watching her as she carefully aimed her weapon.

"Hentai," she spat out.


"Where is Kagura?" Sesshomaru demanded as he saw Rin come sulking from the forest, her cheerful spirit clearly diminished from whence she entered.

"Still in the spring. I left her alone to be in her thoughts," the ningen answered despondently as she proceeded to pack away her things.

"Stay here with Ah Un, I will return shortly," he said with death in his voice as he ventured forth to deal with his demon problem.


It doesn't hurt as bad as before. Hopefully it'll heal in time for me to gather enough strength to kill the bastard. I'll make him pay for every tear he made me shed, every thrust he made unwanted, every blow he gave unnecessarily…Naraku, I will make you pay!

As Kagura contemplated her revenge and allowed her wounds to heal, another rustle could be heard from the bushes where Jaken hid.

"Pathetic toad," Sesshomaru scoffed as he picked up the unconscious youkai and flung him elsewhere, then proceeded to collect Kagura.

"Back for more huh?" Kagura whispered to herself as she reached down for another rock, ready to take aim. She pitched it harder this time in hopes of keeping him down for the count, but she heard a 'thud' instead and turned around to find it in the clutches of the almighty Sesshomaru.

"Get out," he ordered as he allowed the rock to crumble into its dirt constituents beneath his fingertips. Kagura froze for a moment as eyes the shade of a summer's wine met with those as fierce and brilliant as the sun itself. She quickly gathered herself before finally speaking.

"Excuse me then whilst I exit the water," she stated composedly.

"Privacy is a privilege, one you do not have here," he replied frigidly. How insensitive can the man be?

"I see. I'm sure you take great pleasure in seeing Rin this exposed as well," she retorted as she stepped out of the spring. As fast as the words escaped her lips, Sesshomaru was there to make her eat them back as he pinned her by her neck to a tree, eyes blazing red like the fires of a war, and the temperament to match.

"You will take back those words," he hissed to her beneath clenched teeth, his inner youkai struggling to break free and tear apart the audacious demon limb by precious limb.

"I shall not take back what I meant," she managed to say as he was steadily forcing all the air out of her system.

"Then I shall make you pay for your impudence," he snarled baring his fangs for her to see as the proximity between their faces increased.

"Do with me as you wish," she surrendered and her body fell limp in his hands.

It was nothing new to her, this sort of abuse. She didn't know what to expect, but it couldn't possibly be anything she hadn't felt before. He saw it in her eyes, the defeat and relinquish of herself onto him. They were empty pools now shadowed behind a tinge of red. Her head slumped to the side, giving him a view of the damage he had done to her a week past; the burn was still quite raw, and for a youkai this should have healed days ago, yet here it still was. And this wound caused him to look at the rest of her body, and there he saw many more marks painted across her ivory skin, the water against the bruises shining like an array of black, blue and purple coloured diamonds under the light of the moon. The woman had suffered greatly, and gazing upon her body again he could see why.

Her beauty was undeniable, her skin a smooth white perfection. She was graced by the gods with a full bosom and lean torso; oh how Naraku had adored her body. She was built, and her strength was emulated in the tone of her legs and arms, showing anyone she was a force to be reckoned with. His eyes then roamed from the sleekness of her body to the weight he held in his grasp.

Her hair was out, and it clung to her neck with its dampness. Her bangs framed her face nicely and helped in giving it a heart-shaped manifest. Her cheeks were pale with her sorrow, yet her lips remained the same lush shade of red as ever. How tempting it was to want to touch them with his fingertips, and love them with his own! He understood now why she gave up without a fight, and no matter how much his inner youkai wanted a sample of what this wind demon had to offer with her creamy finesse, Sesshomaru wanted nothing to do with Naraku's battered love slave.

"Go," he merely said as he walked off and began to unclothe.

It took a second to register that he wasn't going to harm her, and another to see that he was preparing to take a bath himself.

"You're still here?" he inquired still looking straight ahead as his armor fell to the floor, then his haori. He paused before removing his hakamas, and turned his head slightly but once to send Kagura high-tailing it out of the forest with her clothes in her hands shielding herself from the cold wind. When all was clear he completed his disrobing and entered the soothing waters, content with the moment's peace he has for the while.


"Kagura hasn't returned as yet you say? Well, well, well," and he released a sinister chuckled. He petted one his prized insects before speaking to it again.

"Go find you dear sister and tell me of her whereabouts. Better yet, if she's with that dog Sesshomaru, lead them to me, for I have a lovely surprise for them both," and another deep ominous laugh was heard as the insects buzzed off to their destination.

"Are you sure you want to bring them now?" Hakudoushi asked with much curiosity.

"Why not? My powers are almost at its peak, and that dog was never a threat to me. However, I have a special something in store for the bitch when she arrives, and if she thinks she's going to use Sesshomaru to her advantage, she's dead wrong!"


All those bruises…no wonder she was so desperate to escape and kill him. She has been a valuable asset thus far, yet I can't help but feel this sense of underlying betrayal. This Sesshomaru has never fully trusted in anyone but himself, and he isn't about to start now.

As Sesshomaru continued his mulling his elfin ears caught a faint buzzing sound emanated a few meters from where he sat in the spring. It was undoubtedly one of Naraku's cursed insects, the saimyosho, but why would they make themselves so known to his presence? Every instinct he had told him to seek them out and destroy them, yet there was a nudging at the back of his mind telling him to let them pass and see what happens. Now Sesshomaru's not one to disobey instincts, but the nudging became unbearable and so he complied this once.


Kagura saw the poor ningen huddled under the warmth of the fire, a sullen air masking her once cherry façade. Guilt churned in the pits of her stomach knowing that she was the cause of the girl's unhappiness. She reminded her of Kanna now with those rich chocolate orbs reduced to a dismal brown, and it made her sick.

"Rin," she said softly as she precariously approached the girl. Rin neither flinched nor acknowledged Kagura's presence when she sat by her.

"Please listen to me Rin; I'm sorry for making you feel unwanted at the springs there. It's just, I had a lot on my mind that I really wanted to clear up…I'm not accustom to this, this kind of nice treatment. Hell I'll be damned if I get even a nod from anyone in the castle…" She felt her words fall on deft ears; the girl was blatantly giving her a hard time.

"What do you want me to do, crawl on my knees and beg for forgiveness damn it? Why am I even fighting this down, I shouldn't have to explain myself to a child, much less a human! I've stated my apology whether you accept it or not!" Kagura raged.

"Then it isn't a true apology is it?" Rin whispered, finally giving Kagura the attention she was begrudgingly asking for. "Don't worry about it Lady Kagura I understand. All grown-ups want to be alone sometimes. Lord Sesshomaru does it, even my parents did it, though for good," Rin said as she began to trail off into her despondent thoughts of a broken childhood.

"I didn't mean it like that." Kagura sighed before she continued, choosing her words wisely before she spoke again. "Hai, grown-ups do want to be alone sometimes, but it doesn't mean that we don't want you there. Rin I'm terribly sorry for ever making you feel that way." Never had Kagura spoken to someone with such sincerity and concern as she did to Rin in that moment and the girl felt her heart warm upon hearing Kagura's genuine words.

"You're forgiven," and she flung her arms around the woman's neck. Taken aback at first, Kagura soon welcomed the foreign gesture and allowed a petit smile to grace her lips. Neither woman knew that Sesshomaru was bearing witness to this affectionate exchange that made him quite perturbed, but neither cared as they permitted this newfound friendship to blossom.


A chilly night air soon fell over carrying with it many dangers in the howl of its eerie wind. Kagura had just found an inner peace to dream when her spider insignia began to burn her tremendously, which meant only one thing...Naraku, or one of his puppets, was close. She had to investigate the matter, but would Sesshomaru notice her absence? She feared his acute senses would reveal her departure immediately, but he appeared to be sleeping and so she made her hasty move however risky it was.

She rose gently and allowed her powers to elevate her so as not to disturb the grass anymore. Without another sound she was swept away by the winds and carried out onto the fields where she saw him.

"I see you have found me," the inauspicious voice said as the wind youkai landed before him.

"Rather it is you that has found me. So why haven't you killed me yet?" she replied with a serious tone. That infamous low chuckle broke the passivity of the night and violently stirred every drop of blood coursing through her veins.

"My dear puppet, why would you ever think I want to kill you? I want you to come back, and bring your new friends too," he said with a revolting smile. It disgusted her almost as much as the toxic miasma engulfing his body. This wasn't him, yet the aura was so overwhelming…the clock was ticking on her, she needed to act fast.

"Don't worry Naraku, we will come. And we will defeat you!"

"Ah, yes, you have the help of Sesshomaru now. I quiver with fear," he mocked.

"How did you find me?" she asked, rendering him free from his scandalous laughter.

"You haven't realized yet? Do you recall wearing an orchid-scented perfume?" The very thought chilled her to the bone.

Was it really poisonous all along?

As though reading her mind the puppet ran a cold finger along her jaw line and said ever so gently, "Need not worry my dear Kagura, it's not lethal. But it is quite the handy tracking device won't you agree? Or have you been too busy plotting your revenge with that son of a bitch that you haven't noticed the saimyosho lurking around?"

"Bastard," and she slapped the hand away from her face.

"Now, now Kagura, be nice. Besides, you should've been more aware of your surroundings. You wouldn't want Sesshomaru thinking you're conspiring with me, would you?"

"Why would he think such a thing? I've been nothing but loyal to him and his comrades!" she strongly protested.

"Why don't you ask him yourself," and his turned his gaze to the inu youkai standing no more than 10 feet away. Kagura's eyes soon followed suit and before she could blink, the puppet before her was diminished to its foul components. He recoiled his whip of light and focused his death glare on the frightened woman before him.

"Treacherous whore!" he growled before directing the power of the Toukijin towards her. Without delay Kagura took to the skies and barely escaped the wrath of his sword. Excuses will do her no good now; she needed some distance between them before she could do such.

The forest; I could use the cluster as a decoy till I think up of something. How could I have fallen for Naraku's trap? He lured me there into talking to him, knowing well that Sesshomaru would sense his dark aura. He truly played me like one of his marionettes…never again!

Using her steel-tipped fan and the might of the wind Kagura hacked away at random trees leaving behind an array of debris, all of which could not compare to the strength of the Toukijin.

It's no use, his anger is fueling his strength. I have to talk to him somehow!

"Sesshomaru please let me explain!" she bellowed as she conjured the spirits of the fallen warriors of the forest as bait for the demon, but he permitted nothing to slow him down.

"Kami help me," she silently prayed as she hopped off her giant feather and took to the ground, weapon in hand prepared to defend herself till the end. He came fierce and unrelenting; her fan would not be able to take much more of his attacks. She summoned a wind tunnel between them in hopes of distracting him long enough to manage a blow, but his whip of light soon took care of that as it blazed through the wind slicing the sleeve of her kimono right off her shoulder. Before she could think of another ploy he had her bound against a tree, the Toukijin pointing directly at her throat.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't carve you from head to toe this very instant," he coldly stated with golden orbs of maddening fury.

"Because we were both tricked by Naraku. I would never scheme against someone who has offered to help me like this." Her mind was racing feverishly, and her heart did not differ, but she kept her voice as steady and somber as possible. His gaze was enough to puncture a hole through her very eyes, but they seemed to speak the truth, for as her body trembled those crimson pools remained resolute.

His inner youkai, it's taking over. Does this mean this is it, this is how I'm going to die?

Her worst fears escalated as her world slowed to bear witness to the raising of his sword towards her. It came crashing down in one swift motion, tearing apart the youkai that crept behind Kagura. So consumed with fear she didn't even sense the creature approaching and was ever more grateful that Sesshomaru saved her, but it didn't disregard the fact that it baffled rather than elated her.

"Why did you save me?" she whistled out to him. He had already begun walking off to their campsite when her question halted his steps. "Am I still that valuable to you?" He abruptly turned around and started stoutly towards her. His actions caused her to back away and soon she found herself supporting against the strength of the oak practically embedded into her back as Sesshomaru closed the void between them.

What is he going to—

But her thoughts were immediately disrupted as she felt a warm tongue dancing about in her mouth, greedily fighting hers for dominance. Unsure at first she eventually complied to his actions as she couldn't deny the warmth it brought to her. The kiss was rough but never savage; it seemed his inner youkai was daring him all along to taste her, experience the heat of a woman again regardless of who she was. But in the back of his mind Sesshomaru knew he would hold no regrets about choosing her to couple with, as she has deemed herself worthy of the affair.

The lust he stirred had her drunken in his touch. She continually wondered why he was doing this, to her especially, and then a notion transpired.

He's no different to Naraku. He just wants a good fuck…all of them, that's all they'll ever want…fucking bastards!

She wept inwardly afraid to expose her revelation unto him, for he may just as well hurt her even worse than Naraku. He felt her body retreat to his affection, shuddering slightly even at the softest of touches. No, this wasn't out of bliss, but pure fear of what he was doing. And then he remembered, the bruises, her body falling limply into his arms earlier that day; she thought he was going to rape her, and it disgusted him to the core. He held her jaw firmly ensuring that her focus was on him as he icily said, "I am not Naraku." The severity of his voice, the steely and aghast look in his eyes told Kagura he was telling the truth. Yes this sudden display of affection was triggered by a primal urge, but it didn't mean he'd make her suffer for his release. She nodded in apprehension and returned his brutal kisses with those of her own.

The passion that roamed between them now was exhilarating, nothing that Kagura had ever felt before. This is what Naraku almost stripped from her, and who would've thought that a cold-hearted nomad like Sesshomaru would be the one to restore these feelings. His hands roamed wildly over her bosom, cupping her breasts as he teased the soft flesh behind the fabric. A genuine moan escaped her lips, the driving force of his pleasing them both. Soon Kagura found herself truly entangled in the act as her hands began fingering every strand of silver finesse atop the head of this most handsome youkai. Sesshomaru took to her neck now, nursing the still healing bruises with his tongue, taking his ministrations even further as he nipped the shoulder he bared moments ago.

How could a man with such an arctic interior be so tender in his caress? These questions and more became nothing more than a blurred memory as sheer bliss enveloped the wind demon, her bottom lip sore from her constant gnawing on it. She wanted more of this pleasure, hell she was ravenous for it, and so she began to take matters into her own hands. So focused on his teasing he hadn't initially realized that his armor was slipping off his shoulders and torso until he felt the weight removed. He was thankful for her initiative, but he did not appreciate her dominating the scene. Without warning he plunged them onto the floor, his mokomoko expanding beneath them like a fur bed. Kagura flushed at the erotic execution, a burning for more of his loving bubbling within the depths of her stomach. He hovered over her, crushing her mouth with his and ravishing everything good about her with hot kisses. Trailing them along her clavicle he removed the remaining sleeve of her kimono as he inched closer to her newly exposed breasts. Her heart skipped a beat; she had faith that he wouldn't hurt her, but the pain and disgust of what Naraku did to her panged at the back of her head.

Relax, so far nothing but pure ecstasy has happened…relax…

He took a nipple under his hot breath, sending a multitude of shivers all over her body.

"Kami Sesshomaru," she echoed in his ear as her newly found grip tightened on his head. His tongue danced all over the small mound, reducing it to its soft pink self whilst simultaneously twirling the other with his fingertips. The man was a genius at foreplay! Those fingers soon traveled down the contour of her muscular legs, embracing the tension he brought with his light caress. At last, they reached their destination, but before he could even approach her womanhood her knees bucked under his hand. It infuriated him that she would even think that his touch would be in any similitude to that of Naraku's, but he reminded himself to be patient with the woman, for he could never fathom the damage she underwent.

"Kagura," he called out to her. The woman's eyes were glistening with fear as she inwardly braced herself for his reprimand. "I won't hurt you. Look into my eyes…I won't hurt you." She kept her focus on him and allowed herself to get lost in his golden pools, until she felt an unimaginable sensation emanated from below. He had carefully delved a finger in, hitting the right spot on his first try. Her body arched back in response and soon the slow motion of his finger into her began until she climaxed. She was unbelievably responsive for someone that had been battered during sex countless times, and he wanted to keep it that way. Kagura hadn't known when his hakamas came off, just when his knees nudged open her legs and his breath was on her lips once again as he said, "look at me, I won't hurt you."

He entered slowly so that her walls can adjust to his size. She winced but once, after all he was bigger than Naraku, but when he thrust again all pain subsided and her dark world was reformed into a place of pleasure and endless rapture. Their bodies moved more fluid as the pace increased, Kagura chanting his name like a mantra as the orgasm crept upon them both, shattering everything evil Kagura ever thought of a coupling. Sesshomaru made her a new woman, showed her that it was possible to be physically loved. The only question left was would he ever show her emotional love?

They lay in each others arms resting for a while before deciding to return to the campsite; the almighty Sesshomaru was actually cuddling after sex. Kagura was making him soft, but how was this possible? He'd never loved a woman other than his mother, and even then the love was limited. His heart never belonged to anyone, although Rin has found a way to secure a place for herself in it. Rin…the only thing that meant something to him. He didn't know when exactly it happened, but all he knew was that this little girl, and remarkably this ningen girl, became a part of his world and he never wanted her to leave. And pondering her origins he saw the connection between her and the dismal soul draped across his chest. They both had a broken past filled with abuse and misfortune, one which they were dying to escape. And here they both found their saviour…in him. There was no such thing he would have in exchange for Rin's life, and now he found himself sharing that same vow with Kagura. Tonight she filled a void he hadn't known was empty inside him, and it scared him greatly.


"Aww, they made love," Hakudoushi mimicked as he watched the display through Kanna's mirror.

"Ungrateful bitch! How dare she moan his name and not mine!" Naraku snarled as he reached out to break the glass before him until Hakudoushi's hand blocked his path.

"Now, now, no need to get so edgy. If I didn't know any better I'd say you were jealous of the whore and her puppy."

"Don't insult me," Naraku replied with death in his voice.

"What about the girl he left behind?"

"Hmm?" His question caught Naraku off-guard. "What about the girl?"

"When all is said and done Kagura's just another bed warmer to the inu. But that girl…firstly she's human, and a human traveling with Sesshomaru. Since when did he take a liking to their kind?"

"I see. Get the girl, get the dog. Oh Hakudoushi your malevolent mind never ceases to amaze me!" and Naraku lightly tousled some lavender locks between his fingers.

I'm sure she'll be a lot more responsive than Kanna any day. I can just taste the terror in her already…

"I think this is working more and more to my advantage, won't you agree? I just keep getting better surprises in store for them when they finally arrive. Muah ha ha ha!" Naraku bellowed, releasing a blood-curdling laugh of sheer insanity which echoed throughout the fortress.

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