The Seigaku Regulars Hate Mary Sues

A little something that I decided to post, for one of my friends. I'm sorry if Ryoma sounds OoC, but he's just reciting. xD

x The Seigaku Regulars Hate Mary Sues

I, Echizen Ryoma, have been dragged into telling all of you today about something that is very important. (Or so my sempai-tachi want me to convince you to believe.)

No, I am not here to tell you that we are all gay. That is definitely not true. Some of us are bi.

But anyway, I'm off-topic. And not enjoying having to speak this much, but I have no choice. (Fuji-sempai, I'm going to kill you later.)

As this is for an 'important manner', Fuji-sempai decided that I, being the Prince of Tennis, would have to come inform all of you...

That we all hate Mary Sues. (And self-inserts as well, while I'm at it.)

No, I don't have a twin sister that can do all the abilities that I can do. See how the anime is called 'Prince of Tennis' and not 'Princess of Tennis'?

And Tezuka-buchou would not fall head over heels over some girl and start showing actual emotion.

Do you realise how many foreigners actually move to Japan to live? Not very many. It's highly unlikely that a foreigner would suddenly move into Japan for no apparent reason.

All of the Seigaku regulars will not fall for the same person. I'm sorry, but many of us have different tastes in lovers. Or are dating each other already, and really don't care about some random girl.

There is a reason that only guys are on our tennis team - Because it's a boy's tennis team. Ryuzaki-sensei would not let any girl on this team just because she has 'amazing tennis abilities'. If she did, she could go play on the girl's tennis team.

Is it really normal for somebody to be able to play tennis better than Tezuka-buchou? Or me, for that matter? I'm sorry, but there's a reason why buchou is the captain of the tennis club.

Please don't make up siblings for me. I enjoy being an only child.

There's nothing more on my script, so I'm going to leave now.

And Fuji-sempai, don't grope me when I'm saying the speech that you made me give. x owari

x x x

The end.

Flame away xD -awinchan